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Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan PUHZ-W50VHA-BS Homeowner's Manual

Air source heat pump
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Ecodan® Air Source Heat Pump
Home Owner Guide


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  • Page 1 Ecodan® Air Source Heat Pump Home Owner Guide PUHZ-W50VHA-BS PUHZ-W85VHA-BS PUHZ-HW140VHA-BS / YHA-BS...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    • Control Strategy • RUNNING COSTS COMPONENT PARTS Key Parts • Running Costs • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION SPECIFICATION Time Clock Set-Up/ Patterns PUHZ-W50VHA-BS • • Domestic Hot Water Immersion Heater • PUHZ-W85VHA-BS • Legionnaires Disease PUHZ-HW140VHA-BS / YHA-BS • • FAQ’s •...
  • Page 3: Heat Pump Overview

    Heat Pump Boiler Overview A heat pump works in a similar way to that of a domestic fridge, although in re- verse. Heat is moved from one source to another. The outdoor based Ecodan exploits the physical properties of a refrigerant to heat water that flows into the dwelling to the radiators/ under-floor heating and the hot water cylinder for hot water usage.
  • Page 4: How A Heat Pump Works

    How a heat pump works The heat pump essentially works the same way as your refrigerator but in reverse. The Ecodan® is hermetically sealed (no refrigeration piping involved) with R410A refrigerant, the cycle it completes to produce heat is known as the vapour- compression refrigeration cycle: The first phase begins with the refrigerant being cold and low pressure.
  • Page 5: Room Thermostat

    Room Thermostat The aim of the thermostat is to control the room temperature, although one model used will vary from one home to another its function will not. This is the homeowner’s connection to the heat pump boiler. The room thermostat and the time clock (both supplied by 3rd party manufacturers.) are the 2 main con- trols for the home owner to use.
  • Page 6: Component Parts

    Component Parts Main Home Owner Controls The installed Ecodan® will include several key parts. Some of their func- tions will require human input to con- Room Thermostat: trol the effect of the unit, Used by homeowner to set the re- quired temperature of the household Two Channel Timer Clock: Used by homeowner to set...
  • Page 7: Specification

    PUHZ-W50VHA-BS Specifications PUHZ-W50VHA-BS Dimensions (mm) Width Depth 330+30* Height Weight (kg) Airflow (m3/min) Nominal sound level (dBA) 45 ◊ Low noise mode (dBA) @ 7°C Guaranteed operating range (Outdoor) - 15 ~ +35°C Electrical Supply 220-240v, 50Hz Phase Single Running current (A) [Max] 5.4 [13]...
  • Page 8: Puhz-W85Vha-Bs

    PUHZ-W85VHA-BS Specifications PUHZ-W85VHA-BS Dimensions (mm) Width Depth 330+30* Height Weight (kg) Airflow (m3/min) Nominal sound level (dBA) 48 ◊ Low noise mode (dBA) @ 7°C Guaranteed operating range (Outdoor) - 20 ~ +35°C Electrical Supply 220-240v, 50Hz Phase Single Running current (A) [Max] 10.3 [23] Fuse Rating (A) Heating A2/W35...
  • Page 9: Puhz-Hw140Vha-Bs / Yha-Bs 9

    PUHZ-HW140VHA-BS / YHA-BS Specifications PUHZ-HW140VHA-BS/ YHA-BS Dimensions (mm) Width 1020 Depth 330+30* Height 1350 Weight (kg) 134 / 148 Airflow (m3/min) Nominal sound level (dBA) 53 ◊ Low noise mode (dBA) @ 7°C Guaranteed operating range (Outdoor) - 25 ~ +35°C Electrical Supply 220-240v, 50Hz / 380-415v, 50Hz...
  • Page 10: Display And Operation

    PAR-W21MAA The PAR-W21 controller is used to optimise the running of the system. Listed below are all the available buttons and displays on the LCD screen. The following pages explain the setting up of the functions needed to operate the Ecodan® Day of the Week Shows the current day of the week “Locked”...
  • Page 11: Change Language

    Change Language The initial language setting is English. If you require to change this follow the 4 steps below. The instructions in this guide use English for the annotated displays, whatever language is selected the combination of buttons will not alter. Step 1: Normal Display Hold down buttons D and E for 2 seconds.
  • Page 12: Heating Set-Up

    Heating Set-up (Heating Eco Mode) Whilst heating a property the ‘eco heating’ is the recommended mode to use; this setting is a heating function with weather com- pensation. This function sets the target temperature depending on the outdoor temperature. The buttons on the controller are represented by letters explained on page 10.
  • Page 13: Recommended Settings

    Recommended Settings The controller has settings pre-installed that will provide adequate hot water and heating, but they can be amended using the instructions in the first two sections. The temperatures that should be used are as follows PAR-W21MAA recommended flow temperatures Factory Settings Recommended Hot Water...
  • Page 14: Available Modes

    Available Modes There is a selection of modes on the controller that the end user can choose for set-up purposes; please note that some of these may have been removed or disabled for use with the Ecodan® unit. From the normal display it will always skip progress to ‘water temp heating’, each press of button E will skip to the next available mode.
  • Page 15: How To Lock/Unlock Buttons

    How to lock the Buttons While holding down the button A, press and hold down the button I for 2 sec- onds. The “Locked” indication appears on the screen (display 8), indicating that the lock is now engaged. * If locking has been disabled in Function Selection of remote controller, the screen will display the “Not Available”...
  • Page 16: Displays

    Display The PAR-W21MAAhas many different functions that control the performance of the Ecodan®. Below are the symbols and displays used for each function. Waiting for start-up Water temperature display Operational Mode Heating Function selection Heating ECO Operation function limit setting Hot water Mode Skip setting Anti-freeze...
  • Page 17: Flow Rates

    Ecodan required system flow rates Ecodan® Model Minimum Maximum Flow Rate (l/m) Flow Rate (l/m) PUHZ-W50VHA-BS 14.3 PUHZ-W85VHA-BS 25.8 PUHZ-W140VHA-BS Hot water cylinder heat-up times Hot water heat up times vary depending on the size of the tank. Typically it will take about one hour to recover a 150 litre storage tank from cold.
  • Page 18: Running Costs

    Running Costs Due to the fact that most houses will vary in size, occupants, electricity supplier and desired heating requirements it is impossible to give a completely accurate guide to electricity usage with a Ecodan® Air Source Heat Pump, but providing the homeowner has followed the guidelines in this manual savings will be made over conventional gas/ oil boilers.
  • Page 19: Time Clock Set-Up/ Patterns

    Time clock pattern set-up The Flow Temperature Controller time clock patterns must be set to accommo- date a hot water priority system. For example: The hot water heat up cycle should have an ON/OFF time approximately 1.5 hours apart (dependent on the cylinder capacity), this time should be outside the time period where space heat- ing is required as it will not be available while hot water is taking place.
  • Page 20: Domestic Hot Water Immersion Heater

    Domestic Hot Water Immersion Heater As the Ecodan® ASHP can heat domestic hot water cylinder to 55°C. Pasteurization should be carried out by an immersion heater situated in the body of the hot water cylinder. The heater should be timed to operate after the Ecodan has completed a hot water cycle thus completing the lowest temperate rise possible (from 55°C to 60°C).
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Basic Troubleshooting Below is a list of basic problems and actions. For a full list of Ecodan® fault codes, synopsis and remedial actions please consult the relevant service manual available to download from Water does not heat well Check the temperature adjustment and adjust the set tem- •...
  • Page 22 If you have any further queries please contact your installer...

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