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Test Run; Before Test Run; Test Run Procedures - Mitsubishi Electric PEH-RP200MYA Technical & Service Manual

Air-cooled split-type packaged air conditioners
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Before test run

The test run can be carried out either from the outdoor unit or the indoor unit.
1. Check list
• After the installation, piping setup,and wiring of the indoor and outdoor units is complete, check that refrigerant is not
leaking, the power and control wires are not loose, and the poles are not reversed.
• Use a 500 V insulation resistance tester to make sure that the resistance between the power terminal and the ground
is 1.0 M or more. If it is less than 1.0 M, do not operate the unit. *Absolutely do not touch the tester to indoor/outdoor
connection terminals S1, S2, and S3. An accident could occur.
• Make sure there is no malfunction in the outdoor unit. (If there is a malfunction, you can diagnose it using LED1 on the
• Check that the ball valve is fully open on both the liquid and gas ends.
• Check the electrical power phase. If the phase is reversed, the fan may rotate in the wrong direction or stop, or
unusual sounds may be produced.
• Starting at least 12 hours before the test run,send current through the crankcase heater. (If the current is running for
a shorter period of time, damage to the compressor could result.)
• For specific models requiring changing of settings for higher ceilings or selection of power supply ON/OFF capability,
make proper changes referring to the description for Selection of Functions through Remote Controller.
After the above checks are complete, carry out the test run as indicated in the following outline.

Test run procedures

1. Indoor unit
Operating procedures
Turn on the main power supply
While the display on the remote controller indicates "
indicator before using the remote controller.
Press the [TEST] button twice successively within three seconds. Test run starts.
"TEST RUN" and "OPERATION MODE" are displayed alternately.
Press [
Cooling/drying mode: Cool air should start to blow.
Heating mode: Warm air should start to blow (after a while).
Check the outdoor unit fan for correct running
The outdoor unit features automatic capacity control to provide optimum fan speeds. The fan keeps running at a
low speed to meet the current outside air condition unless it exceeds its available maximum power. Then, in
actuality, the fan may stop or run in the reverse direction depending on the outside air, which does not mean
Press the [
ON/OFF] button to reset the test run in progress
• The test run will be automatically shut down after two hours in response to the AUTO STOP setting of two hours
on the timer.
• During the test run, the room temperature display shows the indoor unit tubing temperatures.
• In the case of the test run, the OFF timer will activate, and the test run will automatically stop after two hours.
• The room temperature display section shows the control temperature for the indoor units during the test run.
• Check that all the indoor units are running properly for simultaneous twin and triple operation.
Malfunctions may not be displayed even if the wiring is incorrect.
] button
- 26 -
" , the remote controller is disabled. Turn off the "



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