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Control, Maintenance And Service Of The Machine's Safety Equipment - Husqvarna 371K Operator's Manual

Husqvarna power cutter operator's manual
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3 Muffler
WARNING! During use and for some time
after the muffler is very hot. Do not touch the
muffler if it is hot!
The muffler is designed to
give the lowest possible noise
level and to direct the engine's
exhaust fumes away from the
user. The engine's exhaust
fumes are hot and can contain
sparks, which can lead to the
outbreak of fire.
MPORTANT INFORMATION! It is extremely important that
the instructions for checking, maintaining and servicing
the muffler are followed. (see the section "Control,
maintenance and service of the power cutter's safety
equipment" ).
4 Blade guard for the cutting blade
WARNING! Always check that the blade guard
is correctly fitted before starting the machine.
The blade guard is mounted
above the cutting blade and
prevents cutting fragments
from being thrown towards the
Control, maintenance and service of
the machine's safety equipment
WARNING! All service and repairs to the
power cutter require special training. This
applies especially to the power cutter's safety
equipment. If the power cutter does not meet
any of the controls listed below you should
contact your service workshop.
The purchase of one of our products
guarantees that professional repair and
servicing will be carried out on it. If the point
of purchase is not one of our servicing
dealers, please ask for details of the closest
service workshop.
1 Anti-vibration system
Check the anti-vibration
elements regularly for material
cracks and deformation.
Check that the anti-vibration
elements are securely
mounted between the engine
unit and the handle system.
2 Stop switch
Start the engine and make
sure that the engine stops
when the stop switch is
moved to the stop position.
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