Husqvarna 371K Operator's Manual
Husqvarna 371K Operator's Manual

Husqvarna 371K Operator's Manual

Hand-held concrete saw
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Hand-Held Concrete Saw
Model 371K


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  • Page 1 Hand-Held Concrete Saw Model 371K...
  • Page 2: Personal Protective Equipment

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS THE POWER CUTTER’S SAFETY WARNING! Incorrect or careless use of a EQUIPMENT power cutter can turn it into a dangerous tool that can cause serious or even fatal injury. It This section describes the power cutter’s safety equipment, its is extremely important that you read and function and how checks and maintenance are carried out to understand this manual.
  • Page 3: Control, Maintenance And Service Of The Machine's Safety Equipment

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 3 Muffler Control, maintenance and service of the machine‘s safety equipment WARNING! During use and for some time after the muffler is very hot. Do not touch the WARNING! All service and repairs to the muffler if it is hot! power cutter require special training.
  • Page 4: General Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 3 Muffler GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Never use a machine that has a defective muffler. IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Do not use the power cutter until you have read the entire contents of this Operator’s Manual. All servicing, in addition to the points listed in the section ”...
  • Page 5: Fuel Safety

    • Some working positions may create greater stress on the operator. • Check the cutting area for buried cables and wires. WARNING! Use a Husqvarna fuel can with an anti-spill device. Fuel and fuel fumes are Only use the machine in areas with good highly flammable.
  • Page 6: Water Cooling

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Water cooling Over exposure to vibrations can result in blood-vessel or nerve injury to persons WARNING! Water cooling, which is only used suffering with blood circulation problems. for petrol-driven power cutters and when Seek medical attention if you experience cutting concrete, cools the cutting blade and physical symptoms that can be related to over increases its service life as well as reduce...
  • Page 7: Care And Storage

    (To avoid this see the section General ” How to avoid kickback ” and ”Pinching/rotation” below). Husqvarna’s power cutters are robust and durable. However, as Pinching/rotation they are used for high speed operations all servicing should be carried out on time and as specified, so that the power cutter Pinching occurs when the cut closes.
  • Page 8: Cutting Blades

    Increases the Con- High speed portable tools usage, crete asphalt, blade’s service Cutting blades of the make Husqvarna are manufactured for economical stone, life. Reduces portable, high speed, power cutters. If other makes of cutting brickwork, dust formation. blades are used, ensure the blades comply with all the cast iron, Recommended.
  • Page 9: Diamond Blades

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Cutting blades Guard Check that the guard is not crack or shows signs of any Type of cutting blades other damage. Clean the Check that the blade is inside of the guard before approved for the same or fitting a new blade.

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