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Fuel Filter; Air Filter - Husqvarna 371K Operator's Manual

Husqvarna power cutter operator's manual
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Fuel filter

• The fuel filter sits inside the fuel tank.
• The fuel tank must be protected from contamination when
filling. This reduces the risk of operating disturbances caused
by blockage of the fuel filter.
• The filter cannot be cleaned but must be replaced with a new
filter when it blocked. The filter should be changed at least
once per year.

Air filter

The air filter should be cleaned regularly removing dust and dirt
to avoid:
• Carburettor malfunction
• Starting problems
• Reduced engine power
• Unnecessary wear to
engine parts
The air filter system consists
of a pre-filter (1) and a main
filter (2):
1)The pre-filter is an oiled
foam filter that is easily
accessible under the filter
cover A. When used in
dusty conditions, this filter
should be checked/replaced
after every second tank of
fuel. The filter must be
cleaned and oiled regularly
to obtain a satisfactory
filtering effect. There is a
special HUSQVARNA oil
produced for this purpose.
• Remove the filter. Wash the
filter carefully in tepid,
soapy water. After cleaning
rinse the filter thoroughly in
clean water. Squeeze out
the filter and let the filter
NOTE! Compressed air at a
high pressure can damage
the foam.
• Oil the filter carefully. It is
extremely important that the
entire filter is saturated in
2) The main filter is a paper filter and is accessible from under
cover B. This filter should be changed/cleaned when the
engine's output drops or after 1-2 weeks. The filter is
cleaned by shaking or carefully using compressed air. Note
the filter must not be washed!
A filter used for a long period of time can never be completely
cleaned. Therefore all air filters must be replaced periodically
with a new filter. A damaged air filter must always be
Insufficient care of the air filter will cause deposits on
the spark plug resulting in abnormal wear to engine
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