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Starter - Husqvarna 371K Operator's Manual

Husqvarna power cutter operator's manual
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• The recoil spring sits in its tensioned posi-
tion in the starter housing and can with
careless handling fly out and cause personal
• When replacing the recoil spring or the
starter cord great care should be exercised.
Always wear protective glasses.
Replacing a broken or worn starter cord
• Loosen the bolts that hold
the starter against the
crankcase and lift off the
starter unit.
• Pull out the cord approx. 30
cm and lift it out of the cut-
out in the starter-pulley's
periphery. Reset the recoil
spring by allowing the pulley
to slowly rotate backwards.
• Loosen the screw in the
centre of the starter-pulley
and lift off the pulley. Insert
and secure the starter cord
in the starter pulley. Wind
on approx. 3 turns of the
cord on the pulley. Fit the
pulley on the recoil spring
so that the end of the recoil
spring hooks on the pulley.
Fit the screw in the centre of
the pulley. Thread the
starter cord through the hole
in the starter housing and
the starter handle. Tie a
good knot on the end of the
Tensioning the recoil spring
• Lift up the starter cord from
the cut out on the pulley and
turn the pulley approx. 2
turns clockwise.
NOTE! Ensure the starter
pulley can be turned at least
a further 1/2 turn when the
starter cord is fully
Replacing a broken recoil spring
• Lift the starter pulley (see
"Changing a broken or worn
starter cord" ).
• Dissasemble the recoil
spring by tapping the pully
(with its inside facing down)
lightly against a working
bench or similar. If the
spring pops out when
assembling, it should be
mounted again, out and in
towards the centre.
• Lubricate the recoil spring
with thin oil. Assemble the
starter pulley, and tension
the recoil spring.
Fitting the starter
• Fit the starter by first pulling
out the starter cord and then
placing the starter in
position on the crankcase.
No slowly release the
starter cord so that the
pawls grip in the pulley.
• Fit and tighten the screws
that hold the starter.
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