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Assembly; Fitting The Cutting Head; Checking The Drive Shaft And Flanges; Fitting The Cutting Blade - Husqvarna 371K Operator's Manual

Husqvarna power cutter operator's manual
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Fitting the cutting head

Remove the bolt (1) and nut
(2). Remove the cover. Fit the
drive belt over the clutch
drum. Refit the cover and
tighten the bolt (1) and nut (2).
Feed the drive belt over the
pulley on the cutting head.
Secure the cutting head
together with the belt guard.
Tighten both bolts slightly,
then loosen 1/2 turn.
Screw in the tensioning screw
(3) so that the square nut is in
line with the arrow on the belt
guard. Shake the head to
ensure the spring can tension
the belt. This automatically
adjusts the belt to the correct
tension. Tighten both bolts (4)
using the combination
After fitting a new belt the belt
tension must be readjusted
after the first two tanks of fuel
have been used.

Checking the drive shaft and flanges

• Check that the threads on
the drive shaft are
• Check that the contact
surfaces of the cutting blade
and flanges are flat, run
correctly on the spindle and
are free from foreign
Do not use flanges that are
twisted, have damaged
edges, untrue or dirty. Do
not use different size



Fitting the cutting blade

Husqvarna cutting blades are
manufactured and approved
for freehand cutting. The
paper labels on each side of
the blade are there to
distribute the pressure from
the flange washer and prevent
the blade from slipping.
The blade is placed between
the flange hub (A) and the
flange washer (B). The flange
washer is turned so that it fits
in the flange hub. The cutting
blade is tightened using the
socket spanner 501 69 17-02.
The shaft can be locked using
a screwdriver, steel pin or the
like. This is slid in as far as
possible. The blade is tighte-
ned clockwise.
Tightening torque for the bolt
holding the blade is:
15-25 Nm (130-215
Blade guard
The blade guard should
always be fitted on the
power cutter.
The guard should be adjusted
so that the rear section is
close to the work piece.
Cutting fragments and sparks
are then collected by the
guard and led away from the
user. By using the lever (A)
the guard can be loosened
and set in the required
16 inch blade and blade guard should only be
used on power cutters originally equipped
with a 16" blade guard. If a blade guard is
fitted as a spare part on a power cutter
originally equipped with a 12" or 14" blade
guard, the 16" cutting blade will rotate too
fast. A cutting blade with too high speed can
burst or cause serious injury and damage.
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