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Whirlpool Ultra Low Nox Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual page 9

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All Air from Outdoors
Outdoor fresh air can be provided to a confined area either
directly or by the use of vertical and horizontal ducts. The
fresh air can be taken from the outdoors or from crawl or
attic spaces that freely communicate with the outdoors.
Attic or crawl spaces cannot be closed and must be
properly ventilated to the outside.
Ductwork must be of the same cross-sectional area as
the free area of the opening to which they connect. The
minimum dimension of rectangular air ducts cannot be less
than three inches.
The size of each of the two openings is determined by the
method in which the air is to be provided. Refer to Table
3 to calculate the minimum free area for each opening.
Figures 6, 7, and 8 are typical examples of each method.
Louvers and Grilles
In calculating free area for ventilation and combustion
air supply openings, consideration must be given to the
blocking effect of protection louvers, grilles, and screens.
These devices can reduce airflow, which in turn may
require larger openings to achieve the required minimum
free area. Screens must not be smaller than 1/4" mesh. If
the free area through a particular design of louver or grille
is known, it should be used in calculating the specified
free area of the opening. If the design and free area are
not known, it can be assumed that most wood louvers will
allow 20 - 25% of free area while metal louvers and grilles
will allow 60 - 75% of free area.
Louvers and grilles must be locked open or interconnected
with the equipment so that they are opened automatically
during equipment operation.
Keep louvers and grilles clean and free of debris or other
Table 3
Minimum Free Area of Permanent Openings for Ventilation and
Combustion Air Supply - All Air from Outdoors Only.
Based on the total BTUH input rating for all gas utilizing equipment
within the confined space.
Direct to
Vertical ducts
Horizontal ducts
Minimum Free Area
Per Opening
(sq. in.)
1 Square inch per 4000
1 Square inch per 4000
1 Square inch per 2000
Figure 6
Figure 7
Figure 8
Example: A water heater with an input rate of 50,000 BTUH using
horizontal ducts would require each opening to have a minimum
free area of 25 square inches.
Minimum free area = 50,000 BTUH x 1 sq. in. / 2000 BTUH = 25
Sq. Inches.
These openings connect directly with the outdoors
through a ventilated attic, a ventilated crawl space, or
through an outside wall.
Consult the local codes of your area for specific ventilation
and combustion air requirements.
Gable vent
to outdoors
Install above
air to attic
1 Sq. inch per
4000 BTUH
Inlet air
from the
1 sq. inch per
4000 BTUH
Figure 6
All Air from Outdoors; Inlet Air from Ventilated
Crawl Space/Outlet Air to Ventilated Attic
Gable vent
to outdoors
Install above
Outlet air
- to attic
1 Sq. inch per
4000 BTUH
Inlet air duct
1 sq. inch per
4000 BTUH
Figure 7
AlfAir from Outdoors
Through Ventilated Attic
•12" maximum
1 sq. inch
2000 BTUH
Figure 8
All Air from Outdoors
Using Horizontal Ducts
1 sq. Inch
2000 BTUH



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