MK Diamond Products MK-660 Owner's Manual

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MK-660 tile saw


Revision 102
Manual Part# 153461
Caution: Read all safety and operating instructions
before using this equipment. This parts list MUst
accompany the equipment at all times.



  Summary of Contents for MK Diamond Products MK-660

  • Page 1: Parts List

    MK-660 tile saw OWNER'S MANUAL PARTS LIST & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Revision 102 12.2010 Manual Part# 153461 Caution: Read all safety and operating instructions before using this equipment. This parts list MUst accompany the equipment at all times.
  • Page 2 Congratulations on your purchase of a MK-660 Saw. We are certain that you will be pleased with your purchase. MK Diamond takes pride in producing the finest construction power tools and diamond blades in the industry. Operated correctly, your MK-660 Saw should provide you with years of service. In order to help you, we have included this manual.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    taBle OF CONteNts saFetY Rules for Safe Operation California Proposition 65 Message Hazard Symbols Electrical Requirements 8-10 Safety Label Locations Product Specifications UNPaCKiNG, tRaNsPORt and asseMBlY Unpacking Contents Transport Stand staRtUP, aDJUstMeNt, OPeRatiON and sHUtDOwN Cutting Head Installation Diamond Blade Installation 15-16 Adjustable Cutting Guide Installation Splash Guard Installation...
  • Page 4: Rules For Safe Operation

    MK-660 tile saw saFetY Read and follow all safety, operating and maintenance instructions. Failure to read and follow these instructions could result in injury or death to you or others. Failure to read and follow these instructions could also result in damage and/or reduced equipment life.
  • Page 5 MK-660 tile saw saFetY MaKe tHe wORKsHOP KiD PROOF Make the workshop kid proof by using padlocks, master switches or by removing starter keys. DO NOt FORCe tHe tOOl A power tool will do a job better and safer operating at the rate for which it was designed.
  • Page 6: California Proposition 65 Message

    MK-660 tile saw saFetY Use ReCOMMeNDeD aCCessORies Consult the Owner’s Manual for recommended accessories. Using improper accessories may increase the risk of personal or by-stander injury. NeVeR staND ON tHe tOOl Serious injury could occur if a power tool is tipped, or if a cutting tool is unintentionally contacted.
  • Page 7: Hazard Symbols

    MK-660 tile saw saFetY HaZaRD sYMBOls eleCtRiCal sHOCK NeVeR touch electrical wires or components while the engine is running. They can be sources of electrical shock which could cause severe injury or burns. ROtatiNG PaRts Keep hands, feet, hair, and clothing away from all moving parts to prevent injury.
  • Page 8: Electrical Requirements

    MK-660 tile saw saFetY eleCtRiCal ReQUiReMeNts aND GROUNDiNG iNstRUCtiONs In order to prevent potential electrical shock and injury, the following electrical safety precautions and symbols should be followed at all times! waRNiNG In case of a malfunction or breakdown, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric cur- rent to reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • Page 9 MK-660 tile saw saFetY waRNiNG To avoid the possibility of the appliance plug or receptacle getting wet, position the machine to one side of a wall mounted receptacle. This will prevent water from dripping onto the receptacle or plug. A “drip loop,”...
  • Page 10: Tile Saw Specific Warnings

    MK-660 tile saw saFetY waRNiNG To reduce the risk of electrocution, keep all connections dry and off the ground. Do not touch the plug with wet hands. waRNiNG Use of under sized extension cords result in low voltage to the motor that can result in motor burnout and premature failure.
  • Page 11: Safety Label Locations

    MK-660 tile saw saFetY saFetY laBel lOCatiONs The warning labels contain important safety information. Please read the information contained on each safety label. These labels are considered a permanent part of your saw. If a label comes off or becomes hard to read, contact MK Diamond or your dealer for a replacement.
  • Page 12: Product Specifications

    MK-660 will provide years of dependable service. GeNeRal DesCRiPtiON The MK-660 Saw is engineered as a tabletop or stand mounted wet tile saw. The saw includes a powerful 120v electric motor. The saw is capable of cutting tile up to fourteen (14) inches in length.
  • Page 13: Unpacking

    If within one (1) Year from the date of purchase, this MK Diamond saw fails due to defect in material or workmanship, MK will repair it, free of charge when the unit is re- turned to the dealer where it was purchased. This warranty DOES NOT cover normal wear or damage resulting from operator abuse. In no event shall MK Diamond Products, Inc.
  • Page 14: Transport

    1. The MK-660 Saw weighs approximately fifty-three (53) pounds; use care when transporting. 2. Never transport the MK-660 Saw with water in the Water Pan. The MK-660 Saw is designed with a rigid frame and removable Cutting Head. Always use proper lifting techniques when lifting the MK-660 Saw.
  • Page 15: Cutting Head Installation

    MK-660 tile saw asseMBlY CUttiNG HeaD iNstallatiON Follow the assembly instructions to prepare your MK-660 Saw for operation. NOte: If the Cutting Head is installed, go to step next step. Place the Flat Washer onto Align Cutting Head Pivot Verify the Cutting Head is...
  • Page 16: Adjustable Cutting Guide Installation

    MK-660 tile saw asseMBlY Locate the Inner Flange Install Diamond Blade Verify the Blade is seated on the Wrench Retaining Holes onto Blade Shaft Blade Shaft and direction of rotation is correct Install the Retaining Nut and Outer Close the Outer Blade Guard Tighten the Outer Blade Guard Flange.
  • Page 17: Splash Guard Installation

    MK-660 tile saw asseMBlY sPlasH GUaRD iNstallatiON Follow the assembly instructions to prepare your MK-660 Saw for operation. Install the retaining thumbscrew Install the Splash Guard through the washer and Splash onto the Blade Guard Guard, then align to the hole...
  • Page 18: Connecting The Water Pump

    Prior to beginning work, a pre-start inspection of the saw should be preformed. waRNiNG 1. To prevent the possibility of electrical shock, the MK-660 Saw MUST be de-energized when connecting the Water Pump. 2. To prevent the possibility of electrical shock, use only MK Diamond qualified replacement parts.
  • Page 19: Water Pump Setup For Operation

    MK-660 tile saw asseMBlY wateR PUMP setUP FOR OPeRatiON The Water Pump can be setup for operation in two ways, External Water Source or Re-circulation. NOte: To prevent pump damage, the Water Pump must be disconnected if cutting with a Dry Blade.
  • Page 20: Setup For Operation

    2. Verify the On/Off switch is in the OFF position. 3. Before connecting the MK-660 Saw to a power supply, be sure the voltage, cycle and phase of the job site power source meet the requirements of the table below:...
  • Page 21: Operation (Cutting Straight Edges, Diagonal Cutting, 45° Miter Cutting, Off-Angle Cutting)

    MK-660 tile saw OPeRatiON CUttiNG stRaiGHt eDGes DO NOt FORCe tHe tOOl. It will do the job better and safer at the rate for CaUtiON which it was designed. Loosen the adjustable Cutting Position the adjustable Cutting Tighten the retaining thumbscrew...
  • Page 22: Diagonal Cutting

    MK-660 tile saw OPeRatiON DiaGONal CUttiNG NOte: To cut 45º Diagonals, the 45º Flat Angle Guide (MK Diamond Part No. 134577-MK) should be used. DO NOt FORCe tHe tOOl. It will do the job better and safer at the rate for CaUtiON which it was designed.
  • Page 23 MK-660 tile saw OPeRatiON 45° MiteR CUttiNG NOte: To cut 45º Miters, the 45º Bullnose Miter Guide (MK Diamond Part No. 153201-MK) should be used. CaUtiON DO NOt FORCe tHe tOOl. It will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was designed.
  • Page 24 MK-660 tile saw OPeRatiON OFF-aNGle CUttiNG NOte: To cut angles other than 45º angles, a Protractor (MK Diamond Part No. 134569-MK) should be used. CaUtiON DO NOt FORCe tHe tOOl. It will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was designed.
  • Page 25: Cleanup

    2. Dispose of wastewater in accordance with applicable Federal, State and Local laws. Clean the Water Pump suc- Place the Water Pump in an Run the MK-660 Saw until clear tion of all debris external container water is seen at the blade coolant ports (Approx.
  • Page 26 Support MaiNteNaNCe FOllOwiNG Use To extend the life of the MK-660 Saw, the following procedure should be performed after each use. Lubricate all points listed below with light oils such as, 3 in 1, WD-40, etc. Ensure the ON/OFF switch is...
  • Page 27: Maintenance

    MK-660 tile saw MaiNteNaNCe Lubricate the Roller Wheel Assembly MONtHlY MaiNteNaNCe The following maintenance should be performed monthly. Remove the Diamond Blade Lubricate the Outer Flange and Remove the Outer Blade Retaining Nut Guard Remove the Inner Flange Clean around the Motor Shaft...
  • Page 28 MK-660 tile saw MaiNteNaNCe Align the Alignment Slot of the Lubricate the Outer Blade Locate the Motor Shaft Align- Inner Flange to the Motor Shaft Guard Pivot Shaft ment Pin Alignment Pin and install the Inner Flange Remove the Cutting Head...
  • Page 29: Flow Adjustment

    MK-660 tile saw MaiNteNaNCe Verify the Cutting Table Roller Wheel Assembly is tight FlOw aDJUstMeNt If flow to the Diamond Blade requires adjustment, perform the following actions: NOte: Increase cooling flow by Reduce cooling flow by Press- releasing the Flow Adjusting...
  • Page 30: Blade Dressing

    When this occurs, the blade will need to be dressed. The Diamond Blade can be dressed using the MK Dressing Stick (part# 152972) and by following the steps below. Setup the MK-660 Saw for Set the adjustable Cutting...
  • Page 31: Diamond Blade Change-Out

    MK-660 tile saw MaiNteNaNCe DiaMOND BlaDe CHaNGe-OUt NOte: When installing the Retaining Screw, do not "cross-thread" and DO NOT over tighten the screw. Open the Outer Blade Remove Retaining Nut and Remove Diamond Blade Outer Flange from Blade Shaft Install the Diamond Blade...
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    MK-660 tile saw tROUBlesHOOtiNG BlaDe will NOt CUt PROPeRlY Check for Smoothness or Check for proper rotation Ensure the Blade Core is not “Glazing" (Dress blade if bent and Arbor is not out of needed) round Verify the blade is correct for...
  • Page 33: Cooling Flow

    MK-660 tile saw tROUBlesHOOtiNG COOliNG FlOw Check Flow Adjusting Remove the Transfer Tube Place Pump into a bucket of Clamp is open. If flow exists, from the Blade Guard inlet, water and check flow. If flow go to Step B...
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    MK-660 tile saw tROUBlesHOOtiNG BlaDe stOPs tURNiNG Verify all plugs fully installed Check Ground Fault Circuit Allow motor to cool and Interrupter (GFCI) is not tripped depress motor Overload Reset Switch Verify circuit breaker at least Verify circuit breaker not...
  • Page 35 NOtes...
  • Page 36 MK-660 tile saw eXPlODeD View...
  • Page 37: Accessories

    MK-660 tile saw PaRts list iteM DesCRiPtiON PaRt # Accessories Carton, Accessory Pack, 660 153498 Wrench, 15/16 Closed End 134684 Wrench, Spanner, 660 154362 Curtain, Splash 134841 Bracket, Splash Curtain 152571 Wing-screw, 1/4-20 x 1/2 151888 Washer, 1/4 SAE Flat...
  • Page 38 MK-660 tile saw PaRts list iteM DesCRiPtiON PaRt # Boot, Thermal Overload Switch 167983 Switch, 15A\125V Lighted Rocker 153421 Rectifier, 40 Amp 153677 Screw, 10-24 x 3/4 Fillister Head Machine 151750 Wire-nut, 3/#16 AWG (Blue) 155492 Tag, 660 Serial Number...
  • Page 39 MK-660 tile saw aCCessORies ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION 158434 MK-225, 7 x 5/8 Arbor 139311 MK-215, 7 x 5/8 Arbor 153293 MK-315, 7 x 5/8 Arbor 134577-MK Dual 45° Flat Angle Guide 134569-MK 90° Protractor 152792 Dressing Stone 152601 Ground Fault circuit Interrupter 153201-MK 45°...
  • Page 40: Ordering Information

    ORDeRiNG & RetURN iNstRUCtiON ORDeRiNG iNFORMatiON You may order MK Diamond products through your local MK Diamond distributor or, you may order direct from MK Diamond. NOTE: There is a $25.00 minimum order when ordering direct from MK Diamond. All purchases must be made using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.
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  • Page 42 NOtes...
  • Page 43 NOtes...
  • Page 44 MK-660 tile saw OWNER'S MANUAL, PARTS LIST & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS MK Diamond Products, Inc. 1315 Storm Parkway Torrance, CA 90501 Toll-Free: (800) 421-5830 Phone: (310) 539-5221 Fax: (310) 539-5158