Oven Vent Fan; Sail Switches ( Double And Single Wall Ovens ) - GE JS998 Series Technical Service Manual

Slide-in, single and double wall ovens with trivection cooking
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Sail Switches (
Double and Single Wall Ovens
The left and right sail switches are normally
open limit switches located at the rear of the
component compartment in front of the
cooling fans.
The sail switches monitor the presence of the
airstream from the fans. If either fan (HVT fan
or right cooling fan) malfunctions, the
applicable sail switch opens and opens relay
R1, which disables power to the microwave
HVT and oven cooking elements. In addition, if
the right cooling fan malfunctions on the
double oven, the right sail switch opens and
opens relay R2, which disables the lower
oven cooking elements.
The relay coil resistance is approximately
920 Ω.
Left Sail Switch
Both R1 relay and R2 relay (double oven only)
are double pole single throw relays. Both
contacts are used on R1, only one contact is
used on R2.

Oven Vent Fan

The oven is vented above the left side of the door.
Vent Fan
Note: All vent fan parts are available separately.
Vent Fan Blade
Vent Fan Motor
The vent fan blade nut has right-hand threads.
Turn nut counterclockwise to remove.
– 21 –
It is normal for steam to come out of this vent
and the area around the vent to become hot
during oven use. It is important to keep the
vent unblocked to ensure proper air
The oven vent fan motor has an approximate
resistance value of 20 Ω and rotates
clockwise as viewed from the top.
To remove the vent fan assembly, remove the
-in. hex nuts from inside the oven

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Table of Contents

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