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Fujitsu Wall Mounted Type Installation Manual: How To The Install The Indoor Unit Wire Harness; How To Connect Wiring To The Terminals

Air conditioner outdoor unit.
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7.2. How to the install the indoor unit wire harness

1. Remove the screws, then remove the conduit holder.
2. Fasten the indoor unit wire harness to the conduit holder
using the lock nut.
IMPORTANT: Refer to fi gure of indoor unit wire length
about the length of indoor unit wire harness.
3. Use the screws to install the conduit holder provide with the
indoor unit.
4. Remove the screws, then remove the cable clamp.
5. Connect indoor unit wire harness to the terminal.
Refer to the wiring diagram.
6. Use the screws to install the cable clamp.
lock nut
Cable clamp
Square hole
Insert the tab into the square hole of the indoor unit and fas-
ten with a screw.
Connection cable
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7.3. How to connect wiring to the terminals

Caution when wiring cable
• When stripping off the insulation of a lead wire, always use a
special tool such as a wire stripper. If there is no special tool
available, carefully strip the insulation with a knife etc.
(1) Use crimp-type terminals with insulating sleeves as shown
in the fi gure below to connect to the terminal block.
(2) Securely clamp the crimp-type terminals to the wires using
an appropriate tool so that the wires do not come loose.
Strip : 10 mm (13/32 in.)
(3) Use the specifi ed wires, connect them securely, and fasten
them so that there is no stress placed on the terminals.
(4) Use an appropriate screwdriver to tighten the terminal
screws. Do not use a screwdriver that is too small, other-
wise, the screw heads may be damaged and prevent the
screws from being properly tightened.
(5) Do not tighten the terminal screws too much, otherwise,
the screws may break.
Screw with special washer
Crimp-type terminal
Terminal blocks
(6) See the table below for the terminal screw tightening
Tightening torque [N·m (lbf·in)]
M4 screw
• Match the terminal block numbers and connection cable
colors with those of the outdoor unit or branch box.
Erroneous wiring may cause burning of the electric parts.
• Connect the connection cables firmly to the terminal
block. Imperfect installation may cause a fi re.
• Always fasten the outside covering of the connection
cable with the cable clamp. (If the insulator is chafed,
electric discharge may occur.)
• Always connect the ground wire.
• Do not use the ground screw of the indoor unit for the
connection other than a specifi ed outdoor unit or branch
Screw with
special washer
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