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Fujitsu SPLIT TYPE AIR CONDITIONER Installation Manual

Split type air conditioner ceiling suspended type.
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Please Read Before Starting
This air conditioning system meets strict safety and operating
standards. As the installer or service person, it is an important
part of your job to install or service the system so it operates
safely and efficiently.
For safe installation and trouble-free operation, you must:
• Carefully read this instruction booklet before beginning.
• Follow each installation or repair step exactly as shown.
• Observe all local, state, and national electrical codes.
• Pay close attention to all danger, warning, and caution notices
given in this manual.
This symbol refers to a hazard or
unsafe practice which can result in
severe personal injury or death.
This symbol refers to a hazard or
unsafe practice which can result in
personal injury and the potential
for product or property damage.
• Hazard alerting symbols
If Necessary, Get Help
These instructions are all you need for most installation sites and
maintenance conditions. If you require help for a special prob-
lem, contact our sales / service outlet or your certified dealer for
additional instructions.
In Case of Improper Installation
The manufacturer shall in no way be responsible for improper
installation or maintenance service, including failure to follow the
instructions in this document.
When Wiring
• Do not supply power to the unit until all wiring and tubing are
completed or reconnected and checked.
• Highly dangerous electrical voltages are used in this system.
Carefully refer to the wiring diagram and these instructions
when wiring. Improper connections and inadequate ground-
ing can cause accidental injury or death.
• Ground the unit following local electrical codes.
• Connect all wiring tightly. Loose wiring may cause overheat-
ing at connection points and a possible fire hazard.
When Transporting
Be careful when picking up and moving the indoor and outdoor
units. Get a partner to help, and bend your knees when lifting to
reduce strain on your back. Sharp edges or thin aluminum fins
on the air conditioner can cut your fingers.
When Installing...
...In a Ceiling or Wall
Make sure the ceiling/wall is strong enough to hold the unit's
weight. It may be necessary to construct a strong wood or metal
frame to provide added support.
...In a Room
Properly insulate any tubing run inside a room to prevent
"sweating" that can cause dripping and water damage to walls
and floors.
...In Moist or Uneven Locations
Use a raised concrete pad or concrete blocks to provide a solid,
level foundation for the outdoor unit. This prevents water dam-
age and abnormal vibration.
...In an Area with High Winds
Securely anchor the outdoor unit down with bolts and a metal
frame. Provide a suitable air baffle.
...In a Snowy Area (for Heat Pump-type Systems)
Install the outdoor unit on a raised platform that is higher than
drifting snow. Provide snow vents.
When Connecting Refrigerant Tubing
• Keep all tubing runs as short as possible.
• Use the flare method for connecting tubing.
• Apply refrigerant lubricant to the matching surfaces of the flare
and union tubes before connecting them, then tighten the nut
with a torque wrench for a leak-free connection.
• Check carefully for leaks before starting the test run.
Depending on the system type, liquid and gas lines may be
either narrow or wide. Therefore, to avoid confusion the refriger-
ant tubing for your particular model is specified as either "small"
or "large" rather than as "liquid" or "gas".
When Servicing
• Turn the power OFF at the main circuit breaker panel before
opening the unit to check or repair electrical parts and wiring.
• Keep your fingers and clothing away from any moving parts.
• Clean up the site after you finish, remembering to check that
no metal scraps or bits of wiring have been left inside the unit
being serviced.
• After installation, explain correct operation to the customer,
using the operating manual.



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   Summary of Contents for Fujitsu SPLIT TYPE AIR CONDITIONER

  • Page 1: Installation Manual

    INSTALLATION MANUAL CEILING SUSPENDED TYPE SPLIT TYPE AIR CONDITIONER IMPORTANT! • Ground the unit following local electrical codes. • Connect all wiring tightly. Loose wiring may cause overheat- Please Read Before Starting ing at connection points and a possible fire hazard.

  • Page 2: Electrical Requirement

    Fig. 1 36,000 BTU/h Type only INDOOR UNIT (1) Limit the height difference between the indoor and outdoor units to within 99 ft. (30 m). Connection pipe (2) The maximum length of the piping Large 3/4” (ø19.05 mm) Small 3/8” (ø9.53 mm) is 164 ft.

  • Page 3

    STANDARD PARTS The following installation parts are furnished. Use them as required. INDOOR UNIT ACCESSORIES OUTDOOR UNIT ACCESSORIES Name and Shape Q’ty Application Name and Shape Q’ty Application Auxiliary pipe assembly Remote control unit Use for air condi- For wiring conduit (gas side) connection tioner operation (May not be sup-...

  • Page 4

    [FOR HALF CONCEALED INSTALLATION] SELECTING THE MOUNTING POSITION Fig. 3 Ceiling panel INDOOR UNIT Install at a place that can withstand the weight of the indoor and outdoor units and install positively so that the units Ceiling panel will not topple or fall. 3”...

  • Page 5

    [For Half-Concealed Installation] INSTALLATION PROCEDURE • Suspension-bolt pitch should be as shown in Fig. 7. Install the room air conditioner as follows: Fig. 8 1. PREPARING INDOOR UNIT INSTALLATION 1-9/16” Ceiling Opening: 1-9/16” (40 mm) 62-7/32” (1,580 mm) (40 mm) 1.

  • Page 6

    3. DRILLING THE HOLES AND ATTACHING Fig. 14 Ceiling panel THE SUSPENSION BOLTS (1) Drill ø1 (ø25mm) holes at the suspension-bolt Wall locations. (2) Install the bolts, then temporarily attach Special nuts INDOOR UNIT A and B and a normal M10 nut to each bolt. (The two special nuts are provided with the unit.

  • Page 7

    Fig. 19 3. OUTDOOR UNIT INSTALLATION Knockout hole 1. OUTDOOR UNIT PROCESSING Cabinet D When the outdoor unit will be exposed to strong wind, fasten it with bolts at the four places indicated by the Pipe arrows. (Fig. 16) Fig. 16 Edge cover Pipe mounting Bottom...

  • Page 8

    2. BENDING PIPES The pipes are shaped by your hands. Be careful not to Be sure to apply the pipe against the port on collapse them. the indoor unit correctly. If the centering is Fig. 22 improper, the flare nut cannot be tightened smoothly.

  • Page 9

    5. VACUUMING AND ADDITIONAL CHARGE 36,000 BTU/h Type only Refrigerant suitable for a piping length of 66ft. (20 mm) is 1. VACUUMING charged in the outdoor unit at the factory. When the piping is longer than 66ft. (20 mm), additional (1) Vacuuming inside the indoor unit and the piping to a charging is necessary.

  • Page 10

    8. DRAIN PIPING 9. ELECTRICAL WIRING • Install the drain pipe with downward gradient (1/50 to HOW TO CONNECT WIRING TO THE TERMINALS 1/100) and so there are no rises or traps in the pipe. A. For solid core wiring (or F-cable) •...

  • Page 11

    1. INDOOR UNIT SIDE Fig. 37 Control box (1) Remove the two tapping screws and pull the control box downward. (Fig. 36) Fig. 36 Indoor unit Terminal board Earth screw Control box Tapping screw Fig. 38 Connection cord Control box Cover A Cable clip Fig.

  • Page 12

    After connecting the connection cord, install cabinet A. NOTE Connection cord • Connector trade size for this unit is 1/2”. The con- Fig. 41 (Indoor unit and out- nector can be bought at a hardware store. Refer to door unit connec- Cable clip tion cord) “How to connect wiring to the terminals”...

  • Page 13

    11. TEST RUNNING 13. CUSTOMER GUIDANCE • Perform test operation and check items 1 and 2 Explain the following to the customer in accordance below. with the operating manual: • For the operation method, refer to the operating (1) Starting and stopping method, operation switching, manual.

  • Page 14

    2. REMOTE CONTROL UNIT CODE SWITCHING 15. FRESH-AIR INTAKE Fig. 45 (1) Open up the knockout hole for the fresh-air intake, as shown in Fig. 46. (If using half-concealed installa- tion, open up the top knockout hole instead.) Fig. 46 For half concealed installation Indoor unit...

  • Page 15: Indoor Unit

    16. AN ERROR DISPLAY 1. INDOOR UNIT Operation can be checked by lighting and flashing of the display section OPERATION, TIMER and VERTICAL SWING lamps. Perform judgment in accordance with the following. Fig. 49 VERTICAL SWING lamp (Orange) TIMER lamp (Green) OPERATION lamp (Red) MANUAL AUTO...

  • Page 16

    353 Rt. 46 W. Fairfield, NJ 07004 888-888-FGAI June 2000...

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