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Limited Lifetime Warranty - Walgreens SSN-414W Owner's Manual

Automatic wrist blood pressure monitor with heart sense
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Table of Contents
What Does It Mean?
You have been ignoring
the flashing replace
battery symbol (
The batteries have run
Blood pressure
Cuff may be positioned
value seems too high
too high or too low on
the wrist.
or too low
You may have moved
The monitor keeps
during inflation OR
If you have a very weak
pulse the monitor may
continue to reinflate
until it senses your
Unable to take a
The cuff may not be
measurement after
positioned correctly.
receiving an error
How To Fix It
Replace with 2 new
"AAA" alkaline batter-
ies. Make sure the
polarities are positioned
correctly in the battery
compartment before
continuing to measure
your blood pressure.
Replace with 2 new
"AAA" alkaline batteries
so you may continue to
measure your blood
pressure without any
Read page 17 (Applying
the Cuff).
Relax for a few minutes
then take a measure-
Read page 17
(Applying the Cuff).

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser that this
Auto Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (the "Product") will be
free from defects in material and workmanship for the life
of the original owner under normal use. This Product is for
home use only and is not intended for commercial or clini-
cal use. If the Product does not work properly because of
defects in material or workmanship, Manufacturer will, at
its option, repair or replace the Product, including the cuff,
with the same or a comparable model free of charge
(excluding shipping & insurance charges). This warranty
only extends to the original retail purchaser. Purchase
receipt or other proof of date of original purchase is
required before warranty performance.
This warranty extends solely to failures due to defects in
materials or workmanship occurring during normal use. It
does not cover normal wear of the Product. This warranty
is void if: the Product housing has been removed, the
Product's label, logo or serial number have been removed
or if the Product fails to function properly as a result of
accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplica-
tion, defective batteries, faulty installation, setup, adjust-
ments, improper maintenance, alteration, maladjustment
of controls, modification, power surges, commercial or
clinical use of the product, service by anyone other than an
authorized service center or acts beyond the manufactur-
er's or distributor's control.

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Table of Contents

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