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Applying The Cuff - Walgreens SSN-414W Owner's Manual

Automatic wrist blood pressure monitor with heart sense
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Table of Contents
Important Reminders
While Taking a Measurement
Sit with your legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the
For consistency, it's a good idea to measure you blood
pressure using the same arm and at about the same time
each day. If possible, we suggest using the left arm.
Relax. Sit still and quietly while measuring. Talking or
moving may elevate measurements. Do not touch the cuff
or monitor during the measurement.
When taking multiple measurement right after each
other, make to wait at least 8-10 minutes in between.
Waiting allows your blood vessels to return to their nor-
mal state.

Applying the Cuff

1.Before taking a measure
ment, read the Important
Reminders on pages 15-16.
2.If you are wearing a long
sleeved shirt, roll up the
sleeve, but make sure that it
is not constricting circulation
to your arm. Remove any
jewelry or watches.
3.With your palm facing up,
place the monitor on your
wrist. Secure the cuff around
your wrist using the velcro so
it fits securely but is not too
4.Place your arm on a table.
The monitor should be facing
you. It is important to make
sure that the wrist cuff is at
the same level as your heart.

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Table of Contents

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