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Intended Use; Accuracy; Measurement Method - Walgreens SSN-414W Owner's Manual

Automatic wrist blood pressure monitor with heart sense
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Commonly Asked Questions
Why Is It Important To Control My Blood Pressure?
Left uncontrolled, hypertension can place an incredible
amount of stress on your heart and arteries, both of which
become forced to work harder to keep blood flowing in a
healthy manner throughout the body. Over time, this stress
can result in health problems including over-enlargement
of the heart, loss of elasticity of the arteries, heart disease,
stroke and even death. Making some simple lifestyle
changes now can help you to stay healthy in the future.

Intended Use

Walgreens blood pressure monitors are intended for home
use. They are noninvasive, meaning no part of the monitor
enters your body, and provide systolic, diastolic and pulse
measurements. Walgreens monitors are recommended for
use by people over the age of 18 and are not suitable for
clinical use.


Walgreens monitors have been clinically tested against a
scientific device called a sphygmomanometer, considered
the gold standard in blood pressure measurement. All
Walgreens monitors have performed equivalent to
measurements taken with this scientific device and are
within the accuracy limits prescribed by the American
National Standard for Electronic or Automated

Measurement Method

Walgreens monitors measure blood pressure and pulse by
using what's called an oscillometric method, meaning they
measure the fluctuations in pressure. This is done by first
wrapping a fitted cuff around the upper arm (or wrist,
depending on the model). The monitor then automatically
fills the cuff with air creating pressure around the arteries
inside the wrist. Mounted inside of the cuff is a special
gauge that is capable of sensing the small oscillations

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Table of Contents

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