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Troubleshooting - Walgreens SSN-414W Owner's Manual

Automatic wrist blood pressure monitor with heart sense
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Table of Contents
Taking Care of Your Monitor
For your safety, do not wrap the cuff around any other
body part other than your wrist.
Do not harshly fold or bend the cuff as
this may damage it on the inside.
Do not inflate the monitor's cuff if it is not wrapped
around your wrist.


Error/Symbol What Does It Mean?
Monitor may have been
inflated without the cuff
around the wrist OR
Cuff may not be posi-
tioned correctly on the
You may have moved
while the cuff was inflat-
ing, it is now attempting
to reinflate. Check the
cuff to make sure it's
positioned correctly.
You may have moved
or spoken during the
measurement process.
You may have been
startled by a noise or
vibration while measuring.
How To Fix It
Read page 17 (Applying
the Cuff).
Read pages 15 & 16
(Important Reminders).
Remember that it is
important not to move
and speak as it may
elevate measurements.
Make sure you are in a
quiet and comfortable
place when taking a

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Table of Contents

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