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Healthy Living - Walgreens SSN-414W Owner's Manual

Automatic wrist blood pressure monitor with heart sense
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Healthy Living

This blood pressure monitor is the first step to living a
healthier life. But monitoring your blood pressure at home
is just the beginning, It's also important to:
walk each day. Before you know it, you'll feel energized.
That's because along with being an easy way to shed a
few pounds, walking also helps your bones and heart
become stronger.
EAT RIGHT - Remember, you are what you eat! So when
you reach for a snack, try grabbing a piece of fruit or a veg-
etable. When cooking meals at home try to use fats and
oils sparingly. Sometimes a healthy diet is the best medi-
cine of all! It's also a good idea to monitor your sodium
intake because about one-third of individuals who have
high blood pressure are also sodium sensitive.
Start out by taking a short
Healthy Living
BE HAPPY! - A positive attitude is a big part of a healthy
body. Try not to get too stressed out over things. Daily
relaxation techniques such as gentle yoga or even quiet time
by yourself can do a lot of good for the mind and body. Stay
focused on the good things in life. Begin by congratulating
yourself for that short walk you just took or the smart food
choice you made. It's your first step to a healthier life!
KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR WEIGHT! - Surprisingly, losing
even a small amount of weight can often times help control
high blood pressure. Talk with your doctor to find a "healthy"
weight for you and strive to come within a range of it.
Remember to consult your physician prior to beginning
an exercise program, vitamin/mineral/dietary changes or
programs and blood pressure monitoring.

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Table of Contents

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