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Yamaha PM5D Brochure & Specs page 9

Digital mixing console
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Comple te So f twa re C o n tr o l
As with other Yamaha digital consoles, editor application software is provided to PM5D users. The PM5D Editor is designed
for the offline programming and on-line control, with comprehensive analog-style visual representation of the PM5D controls.
The PM5D Editor will run on Windows XP and Mac OSX (10.2 or later) compatible computers connected to the PM5D via USB.
Also the PM5D Editor works within the Yamaha Studio Manager Host environment realizing the integration with other Yamaha
digital systems.
It would not be possible to introduce all of the PM5D's software parameters and displays in the space available here, but here
are a few examples.
Layer Window
Almost a complete virtual mixer, this window shows all PM5D input
channel parameters "in-line" as they might appear on an analog console.
This is a comprehensive overview designed for fast, efficient editing of the
most essential mix elements.
Master Windows (Mix, Matrix, DCA, Stereo)
These windows provide an informative overview of fader levels as well as
other parameters including EQ, compressor gain reduction, delay, and more.
Selected Channel Window
This very useful overview window shows all parameters available via the
console's SELECTED CHANNEL section in easy-to-grasp graphic form, as well
the controls in the selected channel strip itself, and the MIX SEND controls.
The PM5D Editor will also include the following windows for
total console management :
■ DCA/Mute Group Window
■ Effect Window
■ GEQ Window
■ Surround Editor Window
■ Meter Window
■ Patch Editor
■ Library Window
■ Scene Window
■ Setup Window
O p t i o n s
The PM5D's real I/O versatility comes in the form of four mini-YGDAI expansion slots. The expansion slots are 24 bit/96 kHz
compatible, so you can select mini YGDAI plug-in cards to create the input/output configuration that's perfect for your needs.
16 I/O Series
MY16-C CobraNet™ Expansion Card
The MY16-C CobraNet™* expansion card allows transmission and reception of up to 32 channels (16 in/16 out) of
uncompressed digital audio data. CobraNet™ is an audio networking system developed by Peak Audio (a division of Cirrus
Logic, Inc.) that allows real-time transmission and reception of multiple channels of uncompressed digital audio signals via a Fast
Ethernet (100 megabits/sec.) network.
CobraNet™ I/O
16 channel ADAT format I/O
16 channel AES/EBU format I/O
96-kHz Series
8 channel Analog Input Card
8 channel Analog Output Card
Standard Series
8 channel AES/EBU format I/O
8 channel ADAT format I/O
4 channel Analog Input Card (24 bit)
4 channel Analog Output Card (20 bit)
Power Supply link Cable
16 channel TDIF format I/O
8 channel AES/EBU format I/O
8 channel AES/EBU format I/O
(w/Sample rate converter)
8 channel TDIF format I/O
8 channel Analog Input Card (24 bit)
Light Gooseneck
* Available as replacement options. ( 3 pcs. included in PM5D, PM5D-RH)


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