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Toshiba IP4100 SIP DECT User Manual

Ip edge strata cix, sip dect handset
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IP4100 SIP DECT User Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba IP4100 SIP DECT

  • Page 2: About This Document

    Twelve speed dial keys (numbers 2 through 9 on the twelve-key dial pad and the four bottom feature keys). About This Document This document explains how to use the Toshiba IP4100 DECT handsets; for information on system configuration and base installation, see the System Installation Guide or contact your administrator.
  • Page 3: Manual Conventions

    Manual Conventions This manual uses several different type styles to distinguish between different parts of the system:  Bold underline indicates a key or button on the handset  Reverse out indicates a soft key on the handset.  Italics indicates text on the display, such as menu options, prompts, and confirmation messages ...
  • Page 4: Powering On The Handset

    3) Insert the bottom of the battery first, then lay the battery down and push it gently until it snaps into place. 4) Replace the cover and slide it up into place.  Connect the charger AC adapter to the charger's AC jack.
  • Page 5 BASIC OPERATION Keys and Their Functions Charging Cradle...
  • Page 6 Key name (and icon) What it does In standby: start a telephone call. Talk ( While the handset is ringing: answer the incoming call. Switch a call to the speakerphone (and back). Speaker ( During a call: hang up. End ( In the menu or any list: go back one screen.
  • Page 7: Using Soft Keys

    Using the four-way key  Press the top of the key to move the cursor Up.  Press the bottom of the key to move the cursor Down.  Press the Right side of the key to move the cursor to the right. ...
  • Page 8  Press the key a fourth time to enter the number on the key.  The list of letters for each key appears in the lower right corner of the display so you can see what letter you are about to enter. ...
  • Page 9: Battery Status

    READING THE DISPLAY AND STATUS LEDS Display icons and what they mean Since the icons appear based on what you're doing with the handset, you won't ever see all of these icons at the same time. Icon Meaning You have a new voice message. The ringer is turned off: this handset will not ring when a call comes The keys are locked The handset is currently on a call.
  • Page 10: Handset Leds

    Icon Meaning The signal from the base is excellent LED states and what they mean Charger LEDs Meaning On: the handset is properly seated in the charger. Handset Status Off: the handset is not in the charger or is not properly seated. On: the spare battery is charging.
  • Page 11 Using the Menus  To open the menu, press Menu. The handset displays the main menu screen below.  Use the four-way key to move the cursor and highlight items. When you highlight each item, the handset shows the current setting for that item in the display. ...
  • Page 12: Operation

    Contacts Screen (Local Contacts) The main Contacts screen shows the list of contacts stored locally on this handset. When you highlight a contact, you can use one of the following soft keys: Soft key Operation Dial the phone number showing on the display. (Press Right to Call scroll through each phone number saved for this contact.) Edit...
  • Page 13 Central Directory Screen (Global Contacts) The main Central Directory screen shows the list of contacts stored globally on the system. When you highlight a contact in the directory, press Call to dial that contact. Calls Screen The main Calls screen shows the last 50 calls (whether incoming or outgoing) on this handset.
  • Page 14: Audio Screen

    Configure what color the Status LED turns when you miss a call, have a LED signal new voice message, or need to recharge the battery. Security Set handset security features. Handset name Change the name the handset displays on the standby screen. Reset all the options on this handset to factory default values.
  • Page 15 Choose the tone this handset uses for alerts and notifications. As you Alert tone highlight each tone, press Play to hear a sample. When you hear the tone you want, press Select. Have the handset vibrate on an incoming call or a notification. Select one of the following: Off: The handset will not vibrate at all.
  • Page 16: Transferring Calls

    From the To... From the earpiece speakerphone Press Mute. Press again to turn the microphone mute the microphone during a call back on. switch between the speakerphone Press Speaker. and earpiece Press Hold. If the call remains on hold for longer put a call on hold than the hold time, it rings again.
  • Page 17 Using Do Not Disturb While do not disturb is on, the handset turns off the ringer and ignores all incoming calls. Callers will hear a busy signal. (Outgoing calls are not affected.) 1) From the main menu screen, select the Settings icon. 2) On the Settings screen, select Do not disturb.
  • Page 18: Deleting Contacts

    Navigating the Lists To… From the contact list… From the central directory… Open the main menu and Open the main menu and select Open or close the list select the Contacts icon. the Central Directory icon. Press Down to scroll through the contact list from A to Z or Up Scroll through the entries to scroll from Z to A.
  • Page 19 Edit a contact's phone number before dialing 1) Open the main menu screen and select the Contacts icon. 2) Highlight the contact you want to call and press More. 3) Select Edit before dial, then edit the phone number. 4) When you’re finished editing the number, press Call or Talk.
  • Page 20 Using an Optional Headset You can use a standard 2.5 mm telephone headset with your handset. 1) To install a headset, remove the headset jack cover and insert the headset plug into the jack. You can do this with the phone in standby or during a call. 2) Just make and receive calls as usual, and plug in your headset to talk to the caller after the call connects.
  • Page 21: Locking The Keypad

    Locking the Keypad While the keys are locked, you will not be able to use any handset functions that require a key press, including making and receiving calls. You can still dial emergency numbers (999) while the keys are locked. 1) From the main menu screen, select the Settings icon.
  • Page 22: Resetting Handsets

     When the alarm rings, press Dismiss to silence the alarm; press Snooze if you want the alarm to ring again after 10 minutes. (To change the length of time the handset waits, select Snooze time and choose from 1 minute through 10 minutes, in one-minute increments.) ...

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