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Kenmore 48102 Operating Instructions Manual

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Before Operating Your Washer
Read your washer Owner's Guide. It has important safety and
warranty information. It also has many suggestions for best
washing results.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury
to persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS in your
washer Owner's Guide before operating this appliance.
Operating Steps
Read and follow "Washing Procedures" in your Owner's Guide. It
provides detailed information for preparing the wash load and
choosing control settings to ensure best washing results.
1. Sort laundry into loads that can be washed together.
2. Prepare items for washing.
3. Pretreat stains and heavy soil.
4. Add laundry load to the wash drum.
5. Add laundry products to the dispenser.
• Detergent, bleach and fabric softener will be dispensed at
the proper time in the cycle.
• Slide saftey latch to the right to open the dispense drawer.
• Add the recommended amount of a high efficiency
detergent to the detergent compartment.
• If desired, add liquid chlorine bleach and liquid
fabric softener to the appropriate compartments.
• Slowly close the dispenser drawer. Closing the drawer too
quickly could result in early dispensing of bleach or fabric
• Any water remaining in the dispenser at the end of the cycle
is a result of siphoning action and part of normal operation.
6. Select the appropriate cycle and temperature for the load.
• Turn the PROGRAM knob to select the cycle.
• Turn the TEMP knob to select the wash and rinse
• If the water temperature combination is not appropriate for
that cycle, the status lights will blink and the signal will beep
3 times.
7. The suitable final spin speed and options for that cycle will
automatically be displayed.
• To change the final spin speed, press SPIN until the indicator
for the desired selection is lighted.
• To select or delete an option, press OPTIONS, then Select.
The indicator light will stop blinking when the option has
been selected. It will not light if the option is not available for
that cycle.
• Adjustments to the cycle will be remembered each time that
cycle is selected in the future
• See "Washer Settings Chart" for factory settings.
Note: To provide the best care for your laundry items, not every
temperature, speed and option is available with every cycle.
8. Select Delay Start to delay the beginning of the cycle for 4, 8 or
12 hours.
9. Start the washer.
• Close the door and press START. The washer will not
operate with the door open.
• As a safety measure, the door will automatically lock during
the entire wash cycle and the DOOR LOCK indicator will be
• A forgotten item can be added to the wash drum if the Add
Garment indicator is lighted. Press Pause/Cancel once, open
door, add item, close door and press START to resume the
• If the cycle is interrupted during spin, it will take approximately
2-3 minutes for the door lock to release. DO NOT force the
door open.
• To stop the washer, press Pause/Cancel twice.
A signal will sound when the cycle signal option is selected.
Remove items when cycle ends.

Cycle Selection

Turn PROGRAM knob until desired cycle is selected. For best
results, follow the fabric care label instructions on items to be
This cycle provides 16 minutes of reversing tumble wash action
for heavily soiled regular items, followed by 3 rinses plus an
automatic extra rinse and a final spin. Hot water is recommended
to remove heavy soil and most stains. Heavy Soil/Stain and Extra
Spin are available options.
Normal Cycle provides 13 minutes of reversing tumble wash action
for normally soiled loads followed by 3 rinses and a final spin.
Heavy Soil/Stain, Extra Rinse and Extra Spin are available options.
Perm Press
Perm Press Cycle provides 10 minutes of reversing tumble wash
action for cottons and blends with a no-iron finish followed by a
Cool Down rinse, 2 additional rinses and a final spin. To minimize
wrinkling, the Warm Rinse and Extra Spin are not available with
this cycle. Heavy Soil/Stain and Extra Rinse options can be selected
Quick Cycle provides 5 minutes of reversing tumble wash action
for lightly soiled items that must be laundered quickly, followed by
2 rinses and a final spin. To save time, Heavy Soil/Stain, Extra
Rinse and Extra Spin options are not available in this cycle.
Model 48102/48106
PN 134906700 (0706)



  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 48102

  • Page 1: Cycle Selection

    WASHER OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Model 48102/48106 ® Before Operating Your Washer 6. Select the appropriate cycle and temperature for the load. A signal will sound when the cycle signal option is selected. • Turn the PROGRAM knob to select the cycle.
  • Page 2: Cycle Settings

    • Use No Spin to omit the final spin at the end of the cycle. The Touch Up Cycle Selection (Con’t) load will be very wet. Remove items from wash drum to drip Use this cycle to refresh items that are not soiled, such as clean dry or select Drain/Spin to remove excess water at a more garments removed from luggage or storage containers, seasonal Sport...
  • Page 3: Washer Settings Chart

    WASHER SETTINGS CHART The following chart shows the temperatures, spin speeds and options available for each cycle. Heavy Normal Perm Quick Delicate Wool Handwash Touch Up Soak Sport Drain Rinse Press Spin Spin Estimated 53 minutes 44 minutes 39 minutes 30 minutes 34 minutes 36 minutes 32 minutes 28 minutes 41 minutes 53 minutes 12 minutes 18 minutes Cycle Duration ** Temperatures...
  • Page 4 Instrucciones de Funcionamiento De la lavadora Modelo 48102/48106 ® 6. Seleccione el ciclo y la temperatura apropiados para la carga. • Si el ciclo se interrumpe durante el centrifugado, la traba Antes de Usar su Lavadora • Gire la perilla PROGRAMA (Program) para seleccionar el de la puerta tardará...
  • Page 5 Selección de Ciclos (Cont.) Velocidad de Centrifugado Final Rápido (Quick) La velocidad de centrifugado final apropiada para cada ciclo se Este ciclo tiene 5 minutos de acción de lavado con acción giratoria visualizará automáticamente. Las velocidades varían de un ciclo Agregue la mitad de la cantidad de jabón y un reforzador de en ambas direcciones para prendas con poca suciedad que a otro.
  • Page 6 Luces de Estado (Bloqueo de Control) • Lavado (Washing) Los siguientes indicadores se pueden • Para evitar que alguien arranque o detenga accidentalmente la lavadora, pulse OPCIONES y SELECCIONAR al mismo tiempo Enjague (Rinse) encender durante el ciclo: • y sujetar aproximadamente 10 segundos hasta que se encienda el indicador (Bloqueo de Control).

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