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Kenmore 417 Series Owner's Manual

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  • Page 1 OWNERS MANUAL...
  • Page 2 IL60179 Sears MaintenanceAgreement "We Service What We Sell" isour assurance to you that you can depend on Sears for service. Your Kenmore appliance hasadded valuewhen you considerthat Sears has service units nationwide, staffed with professional technicians trained on all appliances Sears sells. They have the knowledge and skills, tools, parts and equipment to ensure our pledge to you that "We Service What We Sell."...
  • Page 3 lmporta nt Safety Instructions Read all instructions before using this washer. ThisUseand CareGuideprovides generaloperatinginstructionsfor reducethe riskoffire, electrical shock, or injuryto persons yourwasher. I talsocontains vvhen usingthiswasher, complywiththebesicvvarningslisted below. information a boutfeatu r es for several o_ermodels.You rwasher Failuretocomplywiththesewarningscould resultin serious personal maynothaveeveryfeatureincluded injuries.
  • Page 4 Important Safety Prevent Inj u ry _opreventshockhazard and assurestabilityduringoperation, Instructions (continued) thewasher must beinstalled and electricalIygrounded bya qualified service person in accordancewith Iocalcodes. Installation instructions are packed in thewasherfor instalIeCs reference. Refertol NSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS _Avoid fire hazard for detailed grounding procedures.
  • Page 5: Washing Procedures

    Washing Procedures • FolIowtheguidetines belowfor preparing thewash load. • Read theOperating Instructions card for operatingyour specific model. • Always read and folIowfabric care and taundryproduct Iabels. reducethe riskoffire, electrical shock, or injuryto persons, read Important Safetyl nstructions, pagea3-4, beforeoperatingthiswasher. 1. Sortlaundryintoloadsthatcan bewashedtogether.
  • Page 6: Add Detergent, Bleach & Fabric Softener

    Add detergent, bleachandfabricsoftenertoautomaticdispenserfollowingthesesteps: OPENI NGANDCLOSINGTHE DISPENSER DETERGENT DRAWER • Add measureddetergenttoflqedetergent • Slowlyopenthedispenserdrawer byfirst sliding compartmentofthedispenserdrawer. thesafetylatch tothe right, then pullingthedrawer • Detergentisflushed fromthedispenser atthe outuntilitstops. beginningofthecycle. Either powdered orliquid • After adding lau ndryproducts, slowtyclosethe detergentcan beused. Note: Uquid detergentwill drain intothewasher drum asitis added.
  • Page 7 Washing Procedures Set cycle selector knob a nd washer controls according type, size, and soil level of each load. continued) (SeeOperating Instructions card foryourspeciflc modelcontrols.) Sta rtthewasher. Closethewasher door and pulI outthe cycleselector knob. Foryoursafety, thedoorwillautomaticalIylockd uringthe entirewash cycle. TheDoor Lock indicatorlightwill remain Iit untilthecycleends.
  • Page 8 For successful stain removaI: • Removestainspromptly. • Determinethe kind ofstain,then foIIowtherecommendedtreatmentin thestain removal chartbelow. • To pretreatstains, usea prewash product, liquid detergent, ora paste madefromgranulardetergentandwater. • Usecold water on unknown stains because hotwater can set stains. • Checkcare label instructions for treatments toavoid on specific fabrics.
  • Page 9 _z_,<,/_J_¸ CommonWashing Problems Manywashing problemsinvolvepoorsoil and stain removal, residues oflintand scum, andfabricdamage. satisfactorywashing results, folIowthesesuggestions provided byThe Soa pand DetergentAssociation. PROBLEM POSSIBLECAUSES SOLUTIONS PREVENTIVEMEASURES Bluestains • U ndilul_l liquid del_rgentor • Ifca used bydetergent, mix 1 cup (240 •Avoid overfilling detergent and fabric fabric softenerd ispensed directly ml) whitevinegarwith...
  • Page 10: Care And Cleaning

    Careand Cleaning Outside • Whenwashingiscompleted,vvipetopandsidesofwasherwith adamp cloth. Turn waterfaucets offto prevent pressure build-upin the hoses. • As needed, clean thecabinetwith mild soap and water. Never use harsh, grittyor abrasivecleansers. Ifdoororconsole becomes stained, clean withdilutedchlorinebleach [1/2cup(120 ml)in I quart(.95 L)water]. Rinseseveraltimeswithclearwater. •...
  • Page 11: Avoid Service Checklist

    Careand Cleaning Winterizing Instructions Ifthewasheris stored in an areawherefreezingcan occuror moved in (continued) freezingtemperatures, fdlovvlJqesewinterizing instructionsto prevent damage tothewasher: Tum offwater su pplyfaucets. Disconnecthosesfromwatersupplyanddrainwaterfrom hoses. Plug electrical cord intoa properlygrounded electrical outlet. FollowWinterizing Add I gallon (3.8L) nontoxicrecreationalvehicle(RV)antifreezetoempty Instructions forcold washdrum.
  • Page 12 OCCURRENCE POSSIBLE CAUSE / SOLUTION OPERATING Washerdoes notstart. • Electrical powercord maynot be plugged in or connection may beloose. Makesure plugfits tighttyin walIoutlet. • Housefuse blown, circuit breakertripped,ora poweroutage hasoccurred. Resetcircuit breaker or repIacefuse. Do not increasefuse capacity. If problem is a circuitoverload, have itcorrected bya qualified electrician.