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HP 700 Series User Manual

Hewlett-packard jornada handheld pc user's guide.
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    HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC The information contained in this document is provided “as is” and is subject to change without notice. Hewlett-Packard Company makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this manual, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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    Using this guide ...2 Learning about HP Jornada...4 HP Jornada hardware features...12 Setting up your HP Jornada ...16 Using your HP Jornada ...24 Connecting for the first time ...31 Connecting to your desktop PC...43 Connecting to another PC ...45 Browsing your HP Jornada desktop ...46 Synchronizing data ...47...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Managing memory ...123 Managing battery power ...125 Fine-tuning performance...132 Security ...139 HP security control panel ...140 Traveling with your HP Jornada ...144 Maintaining your HP Jornada ...147 Troubleshooting basic problems...149 Troubleshooting remote connections ...157 Display...159...

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    Series Handheld PC (H/PC), a mobile device powered by the Microsoft® Windows® for Handheld PC (H/PC) 2000 operating system. The size and capabilities of the HP Jornada H/PC let you keep your most important business and personal information current and close at hand. Your HP Jornada supports the latest version of Microsoft Pocket Outlook, so you can check e-mail and manage your appointments and contacts while on the road.

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    User’s Guide. Detailed, step-by-step instructions for using the programs on your HP Jornada are also included in online Help, so you do not have to carry this guide when you travel. (For more information on using online Help, see the Using Help on your HP Jornada section in chapter 2.)

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    (To avoid activating the toolbar button, drag off the button before lifting the stylus.) For more information, see the Using your HP Jornada section in chapter 2. This User’s Guide –or– The ActiveSync Troubleshooter on your desktop PC. In the ActiveSync...

  • Page 8

    MS Windows for H/PC 2000 The complete text of this User’s Guide is available on the HP Web site at You can download the User’s Guide to your desktop PC and view it using the Adobe™ Acrobat Reader, available from the Adobe Web site at

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    · tasks with your desktop or notebook PC in just a few steps. (See the Synchronizing data section in chapter 3.) Carry your HP Jornada with you. The HP Jornada weighs · only 510 g (1.1 lb.), including batteries. Expand your functionality with PC Card accessories.

  • Page 10

    Card or PC Card, safeguarding against loss of data while you are on the road—even if power is lost. Your HP Jornada already includes the full suite of software that you need to function as a mobile professional. Detailed information can be found in later chapters.

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    Tasks—Keep track of to-do lists. Set an alarm or a · reminder and HP Jornada will make sure you do not forget a task! On the Start menu, point to Programs, and then tap Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer. Or, double-tap the Internet Explorer or My Handheld PC icons on the desktop.

  • Page 12

    8 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to HP Applications, and then tap one of the following choices. HP viewer—Display Calendar, Task, and Contact · information (Pocket Outlook) in as much detail as you need so that you are always in control of your schedule.

  • Page 13

    HP hot keys—Open programs, files, or folders with a · single keystroke. The HP Jornada hot keys and hard icons are fully customizable, so you can configure them for one- touch access to your favorite programs or frequently used documents.

  • Page 14

    10 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC...

  • Page 15

    This section will help you start using your Hewlett-Packard Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC (H/PC). You will learn how to set up your HP Jornada, receive a brief introduction to MS Windows for H/PC 2000 operating system, and discover how to customize its features to work for you.

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    Reset button—Restart your Jornada with the touch of a button. The Reset button quickly reinitializes the MS Windows for H/PC 2000 operating system. (Warning: When you reset your HP Jornada, you will lose all unsaved data in any open documents. See the Resetting section in chapter 8.)

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    (For more information, see the Using the stylus and touch screen section in this chapter.) dc jack for ac power adapter—Connect your HP Jornada to ac power to charge the main battery. Battery charging LED—Indicates the charging status of the main battery while connected to ac power.

  • Page 18

    Cards (also called PCMCIA Cards) to expand memory, connect to an external monitor, or add other functionality to your HP Jornada. For information on how to use PC Card accessories, see the Using PC Cards, CompactFlash Cards and Smart Cards section in chapter 7.

  • Page 19

    Smart Cards, see the Using PC Cards, CompactFlash Cards and Smart Cards section in chapter 7, or go to the HP Jornada Web site at http:/ PC Card release tab—Flip the tab out and depress it to eject a PC Card from the Type II PC Card slot.

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    16 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Follow the steps in this section to start using your HP Jornada for the first time. As part of the setup process, you will connect the ac power adapter, install the main battery, install the backup battery, and complete the MS Windows for H/PC 2000 Welcome Wizard.

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    Connect the power cable to the ac adapter. Plug the power cable into an ac power outlet. After you connect the ac adapter your HP Jornada will turn on automatically. However, you should install the main battery and install the backup battery before using your device.

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    The main battery fits into the bottom of your HP Jornada, as shown in the following diagram. This bottom view of the HP Jornada shows how to install...

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    The backup battery protects your data when the main battery runs out of power. The backup battery does not provide enough power to operate your HP Jornada, but it will preserve your data while you replace the main battery or while you connect to ac power to recharge.

  • Page 24

    For convenience, the stylus is stored in the stylus slot on the front of the HP Jornada. To remove the stylus, push on the stylus to release the catch as you slide it out of the slot. The top of the stylus pops up to make it easy to remove the stylus.

  • Page 25

    To replace the stylus, insert the pointed end of the stylus into the slot and push until it clicks into place. After you install the main battery, your HP Jornada will turn on automatically. At startup, the Hewlett-Packard welcome screen appears.

  • Page 26: To Calibrate The Touch Screen

    22 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC If your HP Jornada freezes during operation, you may need to perform a soft reset. To reset, use the stylus to press the reset button located on the left side of the HP Jornada keyboard.

  • Page 27

    Chapter 2 | Getting started | 23 MS Windows for H/PC 2000 displays current time and regional information for the city you designate as your “Home City.” Tap the city nearest your home from the drop-down list on the Home City tab.

  • Page 28

    You can also type a note to be displayed; for example, offering a reward for the safe return of your HP Jornada. To display your owner information each time you start your HP Jornada, tap Start, then tap Settings, and then tap Control Panel.

  • Page 29

    Each program has a command bar located at the top of the program window. The command bar displays both menu names and toolbar buttons. Tap the slider and drag to switch between displaying toolbar buttons only or menu names and toolbar buttons.

  • Page 30

    Help. One of the most convenient features of MS Windows for H/PC 2000 and HP Jornada is “instant on.” With instant on, there is no waiting for HP Jornada to start up or shut down; you can start working immediately by pressing the On/Off key on the upper right corner of the keyboard.

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    Be sure the numeric keypad is deactivated and caps lock is off while you set your password and before you turn off your HP Jornada. Check for either the area of the task bar at the lower right of the Jornada display screen.

  • Page 32

    · Utilities, and then tap HP settings. –or– Tap the HP Jornada settings hard icon on the left side of the screen. For more information about the HP Jornada settings application, refer to the Using the HP settings application section in chapter 7 or the HP settings topic in online Help.

  • Page 33

    HP Jornada Audio buttons Microphone Status LED Play/Pause button When you press the Play button, Windows Media Player plays the currently selected play list. Play lists are selected from within the Windows Media Player application. For more information about play lists and using Windows Media Player in general, see the Windows Media Player online help files.

  • Page 34

    (even if sound and reminders have been set in the control panel), however, the appointment notification light will still flash. When playing MP3 music files through the HP Jornada built- in speaker, reduce the bass setting. See Setting bass and treble levels in Chapter 7.

  • Page 35

    HP Jornada, you will want to connect to your desktop or notebook PC. This chapter describes how to establish a connection between your HP Jornada and a desktop PC, and how to use your HP Jornada with a desktop PC—or with any PC that has Microsoft ActiveSync installed.

  • Page 36

    32 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Microsoft ActiveSync enables you to synchronize the information on your desktop PC with the information on your HP Jornada. Synchronization compares the data on your device with your desktop PC and updates both computers with the most recent information.

  • Page 37

    Microsoft browser software for your desktop PC. • Microsoft® Money 2000—Synchronize the accounts on your HP Jornada with the US version of Microsoft Money 2000 on your desktop PC. Please Note: Some software programs on the Microsoft CD-ROM are designed for Pocket PC devices, and are not compatible with your HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC.

  • Page 38

    Go to, or try searching the Web on the keyword “MS Windows for H/PC 2000” to find additional programs for your HP Jornada. Be sure to install only programs that are compiled for the StrongARM SA111X processor family.

  • Page 39

    HP Jornada. • If you connect via serial port using the docking cradle (optional on the HP Jornada 710) or sync cable, connect your device as described below in Connecting by serial port, and then click Next.

  • Page 40

    Turn on your desktop PC before connecting the sync cable or placing your HP Jornada in the docking cradle (optional on the HP Jornada 710). If the desktop PC is off, your HP Jornada or desktop PC may freeze on startup, forcing you to reset or restart.

  • Page 41

    Connect the ac adapter to the dc jack on the back of the docking cradle, and then plug in the power cord. Do not connect your HP Jornada to more than one source of ac power. You must disconnect the ac adapter from your HP Jornada before placing in it in the docking cradle to avoid damaging your HP Jornada.

  • Page 42

    If you are traveling without your docking cradle or you need to synchronize files with your home computer while the docking cradle is connected to your office PC, you can connect your HP Jornada directly to a desktop PC using only the serial sync cable.

  • Page 43

    PC screen, click Yes to synchronize, and then follow the instructions to complete the New Partnership Wizard. At the prompt, type a name and description for your HP Jornada. The name must start with a letter, and it can be anything you choose (up to 15 characters, no spaces).

  • Page 44

    PC. However, if you are unable to establish a connection between your HP Jornada and your desktop PC, double-tap the connection icon in the status area of the taskbar on your HP Jornada. The Connection Status dialog box may provide information about the problem.

  • Page 45

    Windows Serial Infrared One possible source of trouble with making connections may be incompatible connection settings on either your HP Jornada or your desktop PC. To check and set the desired connection method on your HP Jornada From the Start menu, tap Settings, tap Control Panel, then double-tap Communications.

  • Page 46

    Depending upon your connection method, verify that the sync cable from your docking cradle (optional on the HP Jornada 710) or HP Jornada is connected to the listed serial port in the Connection Settings dialog box, or that Allow USB Connection with this desktop computer is selected.

  • Page 47

    PC in the future. You can set Microsoft ActiveSync to automatically detect your HP Jornada and establish a connection whenever you connect a sync cable. Using the COM port on your desktop PC is the easiest way for you to connect, unless the port is in use for other peripherals.

  • Page 48

    If you use the COM port of your desktop PC for other devices, or if you have disconnected your HP Jornada and need to re- establish the connection, you can establish a manual connection using the PC Link program on your HP Jornada.

  • Page 49

    On your HP Jornada Start menu, point to Programs, point to Communications, and then tap PC Link. In some cases, you may need to connect your HP Jornada to a desktop PC other than your partner. Or, if you have logged on to...

  • Page 50

    HP Jornada with the data in the backup file on your PC. If you have lost your HP Jornada or replaced it with another HP Jornada, you can use the Restore function to set up a new device with the exact same data and settings as the old one, provided you had previously performed a full backup to the desktop PC.

  • Page 51

    (Windows NT and Windows 2000) on your desktop PC. You can set ActiveSync either to synchronize automatically each time you connect your HP Jornada to your desktop PC or to synchronize continuously whenever the synchronized information changes, for as long as the computers are...

  • Page 52

    ActiveSync window. Do not remove your HP Jornada from the docking cradle, disconnect the sync cable, or turn off your HP Jornada while synchronization is in progress. You can synchronize some or all of the following items: •...

  • Page 53

    If the same item (for example, an appointment or a task) has been modified on both the desktop PC and on the HP Jornada, ActiveSync will indicate that a Synchronization conflict has occurred. When the Resolve Conflicts dialog box appears, you...

  • Page 54

    • Messages on the two computers are linked. So, for instance, if you delete a message on your HP Jornada, it will also be deleted on your desktop PC the next time you synchronize.

  • Page 55

    HP dialup (see chapter 6). In addition, you must set up the target PC to receive your calls as follows.

  • Page 56

    Connection. In the Make New Connection dialog box, tap Dial-up, and then tap Next. If your HP Jornada is equipped with a built-in modem, select Built-In Modem from the list of modems. If you use a PC Card modem the PC card modem you have installed ∗...

  • Page 57

    Remote Networking folder. In the Dial-up Connection dialog box, tap Dial Properties, and then fill in the information as you would for a network or ISP connection using the HP Jornada dialup application. To start remote synchronization On your HP Jornada Start menu, point to Programs, point to Communication, and then tap ActiveSync.

  • Page 58

    54 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC You can copy files between your HP Jornada and desktop PC by dragging icons to or from the folders in the Mobile Device Explorer window, or by using the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands on the Edit menu.

  • Page 59

    Internet. You can connect in many ways using your HP Jornada and various accessories. This chapter will guide you through the options best suited to your needs.

  • Page 60

    56 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC To start Pocket Outlook On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Pocket · Outlook, and tap either Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, or Tasks. –or– Press one of the Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, or Tasks hot keys.

  • Page 61

    If you send and receive messages using synchronization, select ActiveSync. • If you connect to an ISP or network, select the service you set up in Inbox or the HP Jornada dialup application. Tap OK. On the File menu, tap Make Meeting.

  • Page 62

    58 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC The Contacts program maintains a list of your friends and colleagues so that you can easily find the information you are looking for, whether you are at home or on the road. Using the infrared port, you can also quickly share Contacts information with other MS Windows for H/PC 2000–based mobile device users.

  • Page 63

    then assign a category. You can even associate a date with the task and then set a reminder for yourself. You can sort the list on any column by tapping the column heading (the column used for sorting the list displays a triangle in the heading).

  • Page 64

    6 months at a time. HP viewer also enables you to view a single field for any record or to switch instantly to Pocket Outlook for editing.

  • Page 65

    Today Banner. To switch between Calendar, Contacts, and Task information Tap the appropriate icon on the left side of the HP viewer · window. HP viewer lets you view your calendar in Day, Week, Month, or n-Month view.

  • Page 66

    You can set HP viewer to always display Day Zoom for the date you select by tapping Week View enables you to display 1, 2, or 3 weeks of your calendar at a time.

  • Page 67

    • Type in the Find Task box to display only tasks that match the letter(s) you type. Use HP quick pad to enter all the notes and information you acquire during your day. Quickly record names, telephone numbers, and quick notes to yourself. You can...

  • Page 68

    To organize information for use in other programs In HP quick pad, open the page containing the information, and select the text you want to export. On the Send menu, select the program in which you want to use the information: •...

  • Page 69

    PDA devices and store them as a text file in the "My Documents" folder of your HP Jornada. HP info exchange allows you to send and receive PIM data to and from non-Windows powered PDA devices from within Pocket Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

  • Page 70

    Set the PDA device to beam selected item(s). Align the PDA device IR window so that it is aimed directly at the IR window on the rear of your HP Jornada. Select Recv(non-Windows) from the Tools menu of a PIM application on your HP Jornada.

  • Page 71

    HP info exchange makes it easy to send and receive essential information to or from non-Windows PDA devices. The important data fields of your HP Jornada PIM applications are mapped to the data fields on the PDA device to allow capture of important PIM information.

  • Page 72

    A short beep will sound between recordings. Your HP Jornada supports several formats for voice notes. The formats vary in both the quality of the recording and the size of the sound file. When selecting a recording format, you should consider the quality you need as well as how much storage memory the recording will use on your HP Jornada.

  • Page 73

    Medium Voice memos may consume large amounts of storage memory on your HP Jornada. If you record or store lots of voice memos, you may need to take steps to conserve memory. • Delete voice memos you no longer need. Select the recording in the list, and then tap Delete on the File menu.

  • Page 74

    70 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC...

  • Page 75

    Your Hewlett-Packard Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC can help you stay productive and be efficient, even when you are away from your desktop or notebook PC. You have access to Microsoft Pocket Office and other pre-installed programs to help you calculate expenses and conduct searches.

  • Page 76

    Pocket Word allows you to save documents in several file formats so that your files can be opened by other users or other programs. If you transfer documents between your HP Jornada and desktop PC, Microsoft ActiveSync automatically converts the files to the appropriate file type.

  • Page 77

    You can show the presentation directly on your HP Jornada, or you can use an HP VGA out card to connect an external monitor or a projector and show the presentation to a large group. This option allows you to view PowerPoint speaker notes on the HP Jornada display while your presentation is showing on the external monitor.

  • Page 78

    Tools menu. To show a slide presentation on a VGA- compatible monitor Insert an HP VGA out card into your HP Jornada, and then connect the card to a monitor or projector according to the instructions that came with the card.

  • Page 79

    Pocket Excel allows you to save workbooks in several file formats so that your files can be opened by other users or other programs. If you transfer workbooks between your HP Jornada and desktop PC, Microsoft ActiveSync automatically converts the files to the appropriate file type.

  • Page 80

    You can use Pocket Access to view and update data derived from Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and other ODBC databases on your HP Jornada. You can open the database and update data in the corresponding tables or you can fill out electronic forms.

  • Page 81

    By transferring the file to your desktop PC and printing it · from within a program on the desktop PC. For instructions on printing directly to a printer using the HP parallel printer cable, see the HP parallel printer cable User’s Guide.

  • Page 82

    Choose the PCL printer you will be printing to and select the IrDA port option. Set other print options as necessary. Tap OK, and then line up the infrared port on your HP Jornada with the infrared port on the printer. InkWriter, a text, graphics, and ink processor with Rich Ink...

  • Page 83

    Tap Back Up Now. When you restore data from a backup file created by ActiveSync, all data on your HP Jornada is replaced by the data in the backup file, including files you have created, programs you have installed, and any system settings and options you have set.

  • Page 84

    By backing up to a CompactFlash Card, you can safeguard your data even while you are traveling or while you are away from your desktop PC. HP backup lets you choose to back up all data or only PIM data (Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks, and Inbox). For...

  • Page 85

    To back up data On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to HP Applications, and then tap HP backup. Tap Backup. Choose what you want to backup: Select Full backup to back up all information stored in RAM, ·...

  • Page 86

    Select your region from the drop-down list. OmniSolve is a financial application that offers the same features as the HP business calculator. It is designed specifically for real estate, retail, and business professionals who use Handheld PCs to make financial decisions quickly and accurately. OmniSolve employs a “form filling”...

  • Page 87

    Chapter 5 | Getting down to business | 83 That's all there is to it! Now you are ready to share instant messages with family, friends and associates. For more detailed information about using Yahoo! Messenger, go to the Yahoo! Messenger help page on the Web at:

  • Page 88

    84 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC...

  • Page 89

    This chapter provides information that allows you to: • Decide why and how you want to connect • Set up your HP Jornada to access personal or e-mail and the Internet • Set up your HP Jornada to access corporate e-mail and your network or PC when you are away from the office (offsite) •...

  • Page 90

    • Have more than one e-mail account (for example, personal and business)? Your answers to these questions will help you determine which equipment you can use in combination with your HP Jornada to keep in touch online. The following illustration depicts the different solutions to your online needs.

  • Page 91

    • Access to a telephone line—You can connect to an analog telephone line if your HP Jornada has a built-in modem. If you use a PC card modem, check the manufacturer’s instructions for telephone line compatibility.

  • Page 92

    WINS servers (your network administrator can give you this information) • An account with your corporate network—including an IP address for your HP Jornada, if it is not dynamically assigned • A network (LAN) connection—a network cable with the appropriate connector for your NIC •...

  • Page 93

    (LAN). If you purchased an HP Jornada with a built-in 56K V.90 modem, it is already setup for easy communication. No installation is required. The 56Kbps modem complies with V90 ITU 56K specifications...

  • Page 94

    • The POP3 or IMAP4 host name of your ISP. • The SMTP host name of your ISP (if required by your ISP). Use HP dialup to create a dial-up connection to the Internet or to a corporate network and to configure e-mail and Web services.

  • Page 95

    If this is the first time you have used HP dialup, follow the instructions on your screen to complete the Setup Wizard and create a connection to your Internet service provider or corporate network, and set up e-mail and Web services.

  • Page 96

    Tap TCP/IP to set the IP addresses for your HP Jornada and your service provider's DNS and WINS servers. If your ISP assigns IP addresses each time you connect (dynamic...

  • Page 97

    Ask your ISP if these options are recommended for your account. If you have created one Service Provider using HP dialup, you can create another by tapping the New button on the HP dialup Service Provider Tab. Then, follow the Setup Wizard to create a new ISP connection.

  • Page 98

    Your search page is displayed when you click the search button on the IE toolbar. After you have completed the Setup Wizards, use HP dialup to quickly select your dialing location and the connection you want to dial, then connect to your service provider. You can also use...

  • Page 99

    Connect the telephone cord to the telephone jack. Connect the other end of the telephone cord to the telephone connector on the side of your HP Jornada or to your PC Card modem (following the instructions provided by your modem manufacturer).

  • Page 100

    Explorer will automatically open the Home page associated with this Web service. Click Dial. When you use HP dialup to connect to your ISP, the Web options you set in HP dialup take precedence over any options you may have set in Internet Explorer.

  • Page 101

    HP Jornada is connected to your service provider. Be sure to disconnect from your service provider and to unplug the phone line from your HP Jornada when it is not in use. If you have already created one connection profile using HP dialup, you can add another by tapping the New button on the Service Provider tab in the HP dialup window.

  • Page 102

    In addition to the PC Card NIC, you will need to install the appropriate driver software to configure the NIC. Drivers for the following LAN cards are included on the HP Jornada: Socket LP-E LAN card Proxim RangeLAN2 wireless LAN card...

  • Page 103

    To log on to the network with your HP Jornada Insert the NIC into the PC Card slot on your HP Jornada and connect the network cable. The network will establish a connection automatically. Once you are connected a connection icon will appear in the status area of the taskbar.

  • Page 104

    100 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC You may set up more than one connection using HP dialup; for example, you may create separate connections for access to your personal e-mail and for network access. After you have set up the first e-mail/Internet or network connection, use HP dialup to create another connection.

  • Page 105

    Before you can dial up, you will need to: • If your HP Jornada does not have a built-in modem or you do not want to use the built-in modem, install and configure a PC Card modem .

  • Page 106

    Web. You can use the Inbox program to send and receive e-mail over the Internet with your HP Jornada. You can also exchange e-mail over your company’s intranet, either by remote dial-up (using your modem) or by direct connection (with an NIC).

  • Page 107

    3, Connecting to your desktop or refer to online Help. HP dialup automatically sets up an Inbox service for you. However, you can also set up Inbox services from within the Inbox program. To set up an e-mail service On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Pocket Outlook, and then tap Inbox.

  • Page 108

    If you send messages directly from your HP Jornada, you will first need to configure a connection to your ISP or network, and then set up an e-mail service. You can use the HP dialup application to set up both the connection and the e-mail service, or you can create a connection using Remote Networking, and then set up the e-mail service in Inbox.

  • Page 109

    Word files (.pwd) can only be read by other H/PC 2000 devices such as the HP Jornada. You can choose to save the file as .txt or .rtf if you are unsure, or you can choose to save the file as a Word file (.doc).

  • Page 110

    Inbox topic in online Help. If you choose to download attachments along with your messages, you can save them on your HP Jornada or storage device. To save memory, you can save attachments automatically to a storage card.

  • Page 111

    Creating connections without HP dialup section in this chapter.) If you set up the Web service using HP dialup, you can set different Web browsing options and preferences for each connection. The options you set in HP dialup determine how the connection is made and what home and search pages are displayed.

  • Page 112

    If you prefer to dial up independently of Internet Explorer, you may want to clear the AutoDial option. To connect using HP dialup, use the following procedure. To browse the Web or your company intranet Double-tap the HP dialup icon on your desktop.

  • Page 113

    If you did not use HP dialup to create your connection, you will need to activate the connection you want in Remote Networking. On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Communication, and then tap Remote Networking. In the Remote Networking folder, double-tap the icon of the connection you want.

  • Page 114: Managing Memory

    110 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC HP ChaiVM allows development of custom Java applications · for use on the HP Jornada H/PC. ChaiVM is an HP developed virtual machine, compliant with the Java Machine Specification, and tailored specifically for devices like the Jornada H/PC.

  • Page 115

    Close HP Chai VM and try Internet Explorer again. Some Java applets cause temporary files to be saved in HP ChaiVM. These files can unnecessarily take up precious storage memory, causing programs to run slowly, or causing the Jornada to freeze. It is a good idea to periodically clear the ChaiVM cache to remove these unwanted files and free up the memory they consume.

  • Page 116

    112 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC...

  • Page 117: Managing Battery Power

    This chapter details ways you can optimize your HP Jornada using Control Panel and HP Utilities, and ways you can expand the features and functionality of your HP Jornada by adding software and accessories. This chapter also offers tips on traveling with your HP Jornada and keeping your HP Jornada safe.

  • Page 118

    Microsoft ActiveSync compact disc included with your HP Jornada. The only programs that will run on your HP Jornada are those designed specifically for MS Windows for H/PC 2000. You cannot run programs designed for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 or other Windows Mobile platforms, like Pocket PC, on your HP Jornada.

  • Page 119

    (Please note: When using Internet Explorer, you may encounter a splash screen or an IE favorite labeled for the HP Jornada 720, even if this is not the model you own. These links will connect you to the HP Jornada Web site where you can quickly access the online resources for your particular model.)

  • Page 120

    Programs list, and you may have to manually delete the program if you wish to remove it from your HP Jornada After you have installed a program on your HP Jornada, you can use the ActiveSync Add/Remove Programs tool to remove the program or to reinstall the program after it has been removed.

  • Page 121

    HP Jornada programs section in chapter 1.) Your HP Jornada comes with a selection of built-in fonts. You can add Windows fonts (.fon files) or TrueType fonts (.ttf files) to your HP Jornada for use in Pocket Word documents and Pocket Excel spreadsheets.

  • Page 122

    118 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Your HP Jornada can play Wave sounds (.wav files). You can copy a sound file from your desktop PC to your HP Jornada without converting the file. If you want to use a sound as part of a sound scheme or to signal an alarm or a reminder, copy the sound file to the Windows folder on your HP Jornada.

  • Page 123

    Windows 2000) or USB port (Windows 98 and Windows 2000 only). Includes serial sync cable and USB cable. • ac Adapter (HP F1279B)— Connect to ac power anywhere in the world with this World Wide Voltage adapter • Standard Battery (HP F1281A)—Rechargeable Li-ion battery...

  • Page 124

    You can eliminate unused folders by performing a soft reset. (For more information, see the Resetting section in chapter 8.) PC Card insertion on the HP Jornada, with extended release tab indicated by curved arrow...

  • Page 125

    Card, CompactFlash Card, or Smart Card, or install all of them at the same time. The PC Card fits in the slot on the left side of the HP Jornada. To install a PC Card Carefully slide the card into the PC Card slot face up.

  • Page 126: To Install A Compactflash Card

    122 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC To remove a Smart Card • Grasp the Smart Card firmly and pull it gently out of the Smart Card reader slot. The CompactFlash Card slot door is located on the bottom of the unit, near the stylus slot.

  • Page 127

    You can specify how much of the total memory is used for storage and how much is used for running programs. If you notice that your HP Jornada is running slowly or that your programs do not run consistently, try increasing program memory.

  • Page 128

    The Recycle Bin on your HP Jornada desktop works in the same way as the Recycle Bin on your desktop PC. When you delete a file on your HP Jornada, the file is moved to the Recycle Bin. It is not actually removed from memory until you empty the Recycle Bin.

  • Page 129

    Because the data you save on your HP Jornada is stored in RAM, it is extremely important that you maintain a continuous power supply to your HP Jornada at all times. If your HP Jornada loses power, all information you have entered will be lost. The MS Windows for H/PC 2000 operating system and programs are stored in ROM, and cannot be erased;...

  • Page 130

    The coin-sized, lithium ion backup battery does not provide enough power to operate your HP Jornada. It is intended only to protect your data until the main battery is recharged (up to a week if the coin-cell battery is in good condition). When a low battery warning message is displayed, immediately charge the main battery to avoid data loss.

  • Page 131

    CompactFlash door in order to avoid damaging these components. Installing the backup battery CompactFlash door shown open Coin-cell 3V CR2032 backup battery Backup battery compartment Backup battery cover in open position Chapter 7 | Optimizing your HP Jornada | 127...

  • Page 132

    The power area in the Power control panel indicates whether your HP Jornada is running on battery power or connected to ac power, and displays the status of both the main and backup batteries. In addition, the battery icon in the status area of the...

  • Page 133

    (You can use your HP Jornada while the battery is charging.) When the backup battery is low, replace it as soon as possible. It is recommended that you back up your data and run the HP Jornada only on ac power until you have replaced the backup battery.

  • Page 134

    You can also set your HP Jornada to automatically turn on when you touch the screen. To set the power on option On the Start menu, point to Settings, tap Control Panel, and then double-tap the Power icon.

  • Page 135

    Dim display after check box. Select a time interval from the list box at the right to set how long your HP Jornada must be idle before the display is dimmed. Click OK to save your settings and exit.

  • Page 136

    MS Windows for H/PC 2000 desktop. • HP hot keys—Use the HP hot keys control panel to customize your HP Jornada hot keys and hard icons. For more information, see the Customizing the HP hot keys and hard icons section in this chapter.

  • Page 137

    You can save your options as a sound scheme, just as you do with Windows 95/98. Chapter 7 | Optimizing your HP Jornada | 133...

  • Page 138

    To open the World Clock control panel, double-tap the clock in the status area of the taskbar. The HP hot keys (on the top row of the keyboard) and the HP hard icons (along the right edge of the screen) give you one- touch access to your favorite programs.

  • Page 139

    (Certain files or programs will not run when invoked by a hot key or hard icon.) Tap OK to save you new settings and close the HP hot keys application. To see which programs are currently assigned to the HP hard icons, tap and hold any hard icon.

  • Page 140

    Move the sliders to adjust the volume settings to a comfortable level. The modem slider is available only on HP Jornada models with built-in modem; the modem volume slider is not functional on hard icon.

  • Page 141

    Your HP Jornada has four preset HP settings profiles on both the Display Profiles and Volume Profiles tabs You can launch any profile on either tab by selecting it.

  • Page 142

    138 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC To change HP settings profiles On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to HP Utilities, and then tap Settings. –or– Press the HP settings On the either the Display Profiles or the Volume Profiles tab, select the profile you want to change.

  • Page 143

    The HP Settings window also displays the power status of your main battery. The Memory tab shows the available Program memory, Storage memory, and Storage Card memory. On the Memory tab, tap dialog, —or— at any time in the HP settings window, tap Power Properties dialog.

  • Page 144: Security

    HP Jornada). To display your owner properties information each time you turn on your HP Jornada, on the Identification tab under At Power On, select the Display Owner Identification check box.

  • Page 145

    Use the Primary tab to set your primary password, and enable primary password protection. With primary password protection enabled, you must enter your password each time you start your HP Jornada or open the HP security application. To set a primary password and enable primary...

  • Page 146

    Double-tap the Confirm text input box and press the delete key again. This will remove your password and you will no longer be prompted for your password when you open the HP security control panel. Click OK to exit and save your settings.

  • Page 147

    Use the Log tab to record all attempts to access your HP Jornada, and any attempts to modify the password settings. You can view the log on your HP Jornada or export it as a file to save, view or edit on your desktop PC. To enable security logging: On the Log tab, select the Enable logging check box.

  • Page 148

    Or, you may be able to buy a power cable for the country you are visiting in a local store or HP distributor. • Modem card and cable—If you do not have an HP Jornada with internal modem, you’ll need your PC Card modem...

  • Page 149

    Before you put your HP Jornada in your briefcase, take a few minutes to prepare, and your trip will run smoothly. • Identify your HP Jornada—If you will be traveling for an extended period, update the owner properties to include your address or contact information at your destination.

  • Page 150

    146 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC...

  • Page 151: Troubleshooting Basic Problems

    To clean the screen, use a commercial glass cleaner sprayed on a soft cloth. Avoid spraying the screen directly. Be sure to turn off your HP Jornada before cleaning the touch screen Chapter 8 | Troubleshooting | 147...

  • Page 152

    To keep your HP Jornada in good operating condition, follow these guidelines: • Only open your HP Jornada case as far as the hinges allow. • Do not use excessive force when inserting or removing CompactFlash Cards or PC Cards or when opening or closing the CompactFlash Card door.

  • Page 153

    If you have a specific problem, review the information below to see if you can quickly find the answer. Or, visit the HP Jornada Web site at for current information about common difficulties. Problem HP Jornada does not turn on when connected...

  • Page 154

    150 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Problem HP Jornada automatically shuts down/suspends. HP Jornada locks up when running applications. Diagnosis/Remedy Main battery is too low to run device. When a critically low-battery condition is encountered, the HP Jornada initiates a safety shutdown.

  • Page 155

    Temporary files may have accumulated in HP ChaiVM, and you need to clear the ChaiVM cache. To clear the cache in HP ChaiVM, on the Start menu, tap Programs, then tap HP Applications. Open HP ChaiVM and tap Options, then...

  • Page 156

    152 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Problem Insufficient memory error occurs when running an application. HP Jornada does not detect a PC Card. Diagnosis/Remedy HP Jornada has run out of program memory for the application. For detailed instructions on making...

  • Page 157

    Microsoft ActiveSync Help for more information. Only PIM data can be migrated to HP Jornada 700 Series. Because the HP Jornada 700 Series uses a newer operating system, it is recommended that you restore PIM data from an older device by using Microsoft ActiveSync or Microsoft Outlook rather than HP backup.

  • Page 158

    154 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Problem Unable to synchronize through USB port. The HP viewer seems to launch slowly. Diagnosis/Remedy The wrong version of Microsoft ActiveSync is installed on your desktop PC. Ensure that you have installed the version of Microsoft ActiveSync included with your HP Jornada 700 Series.

  • Page 159

    Chapter 8 | Troubleshooting | 155 Diagnosis/Remedy The appointment may not be updated real time in HP viewer after synchronization . Perform a soft reset to clear the cache and re- start the HP viewer. Message header is too big. If your address list exceeds 32 KB, Inbox cannot send the message.

  • Page 160

    156 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Problem While printing multiple files, printing message box does not disappear after finished printing the first file. Some of the icons from the desktop disappear. It is difficult to install or run software from...

  • Page 161

    This section offers troubleshooting help for trying to connect your HP Jornada to other computers. For problems communicating with your desktop, see Microsoft ActiveSync Help. • If you are using a PC card modem, verify that the modem is installed correctly and connected to a telephone line.

  • Page 162

    • Close the dialog box, wait a few minutes, and try again. • Reset your HP Jornada. (See the Resetting section in this chapter.) If you are unable to transfer information between H/PC 2000 devices by infrared, try the following.

  • Page 163: Resetting

    If you are having trouble viewing your data, here are some suggestions. If your HP Jornada fails to respond when you briefly press the On/Off button, be sure you have pressed the button firmly. If that does not work: •...

  • Page 164: To Perform A Soft Reset

    5. Perform a soft reset after restoring data from a backup file or when your HP Jornada appears to be frozen or locked up. To perform a soft reset Disconnect the sync cable and/or the telephone line from your HP Jornada, or remove it from the docking cradle (optional on the HP Jornada 710).

  • Page 165

    When you perform a soft reset you will lose unsaved data in all open documents or programs. Perform a factory default reset only when your HP Jornada does not respond to a soft reset. A factory default reset will erase all data you have entered, including all files, system settings, and programs you have installed.

  • Page 166

    (For more information, see the Setting up your HP Jornada section in chapter 2.) Your HP Jornada should turn on automatically and display the MS Windows for H/PC 2000 Welcome Wizard. For more information about this wizard, see the Completing the Welcome Wizard section in chapter 2.

  • Page 167: Web Site

    Chapter 9 | Support and service | 163 You can obtain product information as well as tips and hints on how to get more from the HP Jornada product at our worldwide Web site. This computer service is provided free of charge; you pay only for telephone charges and Internet service fees.

  • Page 168

    164 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Before you contact us for help, be sure to: Review the manuals whenever possible. Have the following information about the product: Model number · Serial number · Purchase date · Have your product ready to use. The support personnel may ask you to run tests and other operations.

  • Page 169

    Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Malaysia Mexico (Mexico City) Mexico (outside Mexico City) Netherlands New Zealand Norway Philippines Poland Portugal Russia Singapore South Africa Spain Chapter 9 | Support and service | 165 45-39-294099 358-20347288 33-1-43623434...

  • Page 170

    166 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Sweden Switzerland (German) Switzerland (French) Taiwan Thailand Turkey Pre-sales Information Support & Service Venezuela (in Caracas) Venezuela (outside Caracas) Vietnam All Customer Care Centers are available during office hours. Pre- sales Information in the USA is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • Page 171

    Appendix A | Ergonomics | 167 This chapter provides guidance and hints to help you work in a comfortable and ergonomically low-risk environment. If you experience pain or discomfort while using this or any other equipment, you should stop working and review this chapter. If the discomfort continues, stop using the equipment and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Page 172

    168 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC many uninterrupted repetitions of an activity or motion, performing an activity in an awkward or unnatural posture, maintaining static posture for prolonged periods, failing to take frequent short breaks, and stress. Certain medical conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, may contribute to RSI.

  • Page 173

    Appendix A | Ergonomics | 169 90º. Pull your chin in to look down, and try to lean back in the chair. The backrest should support you in the hollow of your back. Have your eyes checked on a regular basis and ensure your eyeglass prescription is suitable for working on a computer screen.

  • Page 174

    170 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC...

  • Page 175: Handheld Pc

    If you are currently using a Windows-powered palm-size or handheld PC, you can transfer data to your HP Jornada. If you have offline folders in Inbox on your palm-size or handheld PC that contain e-mail messages you want to transfer to your Pocket PC, you will have to follow a separate procedure, included below.

  • Page 176

    Click OK to transfer the messages. Now you must transfer the messages from your desktop PC to your HP Jornada. In Inbox on your HP Jornada, tap Tools and then tap New Folder to create a folder for the messages you are going to transfer.

  • Page 177

    Connect your HP Jornada to your desktop PC, and then click Windows CE Inbox Transfer on the Outlook Tools menu. Select Copy selected messages to your mobile device, and then click the Browse button. Select the offline folder on your device that you want to transfer the messages to, and then click OK.

  • Page 178

    174 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC...

  • Page 179

    Appendix C | Using the Keyboard in Terminal Server Client | 175 key combinations that normally create extended and international characters on the HP Jornada keyboard (color-coded yellow symbols on selected keys) are not available when typing in the TSC application. However,...

  • Page 180

    The table below illustrates the characters available and the corresponding keystrokes that create them in a Terminal Server Client window. Terminal Server Client is available in U.K. and U.S. English versions of the HP Jornada 700 Series only. To create this Type these character:...

  • Page 181

    PC. You can specify the type of data you want to synchronize. backup file A duplicate copy of your HP Jornada files and data that is stored on your desktop PC or on a PC Card. This file does not include your HP Jornada settings and information stored in ROM, such as factory-installed software.

  • Page 182

    HP Jornada in the docking cradle for instant connectivity with your PC partner. Once you have seated your HP Jornada into the docking cradle you can sync with your PC partner, transfer documents, send e-mail and charge your main battery.

  • Page 183

    HP settings, HP backup, HP dialup and Windows Media Player applications. hot keys The keys in the top row of the Jornada keyboard, just below the display screen. Hot keys provider one- touch access to the most frequently used programs on...

  • Page 184

    An established relationship between your HP Jornada and your PC for the purpose of synchronizing and transferring data. Your HP Jornada can have partnerships with up to two desktop computers.

  • Page 185

    A connection between your HP Jornada and a remote computer or server. reset A process that either causes your HP Jornada to restart (soft reset) or causes all data stored in RAM to be erased (factory default reset). For more information, see the Resetting section in chapter 8.

  • Page 186

    182 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC...

  • Page 187

    HP Jornada 720 Web site hot key , 115, 138 .2bp files, 118 .bmp files, 118 .doc file, 105 .pwd file, 105 .rtf file, 105 .ttf files, 117 .txt file, 105 .wav files, 118 56K V.90 modem, 89 9-pin serial port, 36...

  • Page 188

    184 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Background tab, 118 Backing up to a CompactFlash Card, Backing up and restoring data, 78, 81, 91, 181 Backup file, 177 Bass and treble setting, 137 Battery backup, 126 backup, replacing, 126 main, 125...

  • Page 189

    132 Cookies, 177 Corporate networks remote access, 51 Customer service, 163 Customizing general options, 132 HP hard icons, 134 HP hot keys, 134 Data synchronizing general, 47 synchronizing selected, 48 Data loss, 155 Databases, creating, 76 DC jack, 36, 37, 38...

  • Page 190

    186 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Fields, mapping, 67 File attachments MIME encoding, 106 saving on storage cards, File Conversion Properties dialog box, 54 File formats GSM, 69 Microsoft Pocket Word, 72 PCM, 69 recording, 68 File types .rtf file, 105 .txt file, 105...

  • Page 191

    HP Jornada backup application, 79, 80 HP Jornada, infrared connection, setting up, 45 HP parallel printer cable (F1274A), 77 HP quick pad, 63 overview, 8 using, 64 HP security, 140 overview, 8 HP security control panel, 132, 140 HP settings...

  • Page 192

    188 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Keyboard control panel, 133 LAN (Local Area Network), 35, 88, 179 Locking up, troubleshooting, Main battery, 125 when traveling, 144 Maintenance and cleaning, Make New Connection dialog box, 52 Memory allocations, adjusting, 123...

  • Page 193

    HP F1258A, 118 HP F1274A, 119 HP F1279B, 119 HP F1281A, 125 HP F1281A, 119 HP F1295A, 119 HP F1822A, 118 HP F1840A, 119, 125 HP F1841A, 119 HP F1842A, 119 HPF1227A, 119 Partnership establishing, 39 New Partnership Wizard, Partnership between PC...

  • Page 194

    190 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC PCT (Private Communication Technology), 180 Performance, fine-tuning, PIM (personal information manager), 40, 153 Pocket Access, overview, 6 Pocket Excel, overview, 6 Pocket Outlook, 55 Calendar, 56 Contacts, 58 Inbox, 59 Tasks, 58 Pocket PowerPoint,...

  • Page 195

    factory default, 160, 161, soft, 160, 181 Resolve Conflicts dialog box, Restore full, 82 PIM databases, 81 using ActiveSync, 79 warning message, 153 Restoring using ActiveSync, 81 Restoring data, 78, 181 Rich Ink technology, 78 rtf file, 105 Safety precautions, 148 Screen, viewing difficulties, Security, 139 Security Log...

  • Page 196

    192 HP Jornada 700 Series Handheld PC Terminal Server Client (TSC) keyboard use, 175 Transferring data difficulties, 158 Transferring files, 54 Traveling with HP Jornada, Troubleshooting display, 151 HP backup, 153 installing software, 156 insufficient memory, 152 locking up, 150...

  • Page 197

    HP will either, at its option, repair or replace products that prove to be defective. Should HP be unable to repair or replace the product within a reasonable amount of time, the customer's alternate exclusive remedy shall be a refund of the purchase price upon return of the product.

  • Page 198

    The remedies provided above are the customer's sole and exclusive remedies. In no event shall HP be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages (including lost profit), whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory.

  • Page 199

    Warranty | 195 The above warranty terms or any other warranty statement enclosed with this product, except to the extent lawfully permitted, do not exclude, restrict or modify and are in addition to the statutory rights implied by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 applicable to the sale of this product to you.

  • Page 200

    Important: Carefully read this License Agreement and the Limited Warranty statement before operating the equipment. The rights to the software are licensed, not sold. HP or its licensors continue to own all intellectual property rights to the software, and you will be granted certain rights to use the software upon your acceptance of this license.

  • Page 201

    You agree that no warranty, free installation, or free training is provided by HP for any copies or adaptations made by you. All copies and adaptations of the software must bear the copyright notice(s) contained in or on the original.

  • Page 202

    HP may terminate this software license for failure to comply with any of these terms, provided HP has requested you to cure the failure and you have failed to do so within thirty (30) days of such notice.

  • Page 203

    HP Software Product Limited Warranty with regard to that third party software. HP warrants for a period of NINETY (90) DAYS from the date of purchase that the software product will execute its programming instructions when all files are properly installed.

  • Page 204

    In no case shall HP's liability exceed the purchase price for the software and/or product. The limitations set forth above will apply regardless of whether you accept the software.

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