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© 2008 Hewlett-Packard
Development Company, L.P.
Microsoft, Windows, the Windows
logo, Outlook, and ActiveSync are
trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
in the U.S. and other countries.
HP iPAQ Products are Powered by
Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5.0
software for Pocket PC.
SD Logo is a trademark of its
Bluetooth® is a trademark owned by
its proprietor and used by
Hewlett-Packard Development
Company, L.P. under license.
Hewlett-Packard Development
Company, L.P. shall not be liable for
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omissions contained herein. The
information is provided "as is" without
warranty of any kind and is subject to
change without notice. The
warranties for Hewlett-Packard
products are set forth in the express
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accompanying such products.
Nothing herein should be construed
as an additional warranty.
This document contains proprietary
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without the prior written consent of
Hewlett-Packard Development
Company, L.P.
Text set off in this manner indicates
that failure to follow directions could
result in damage to equipment or loss
of information.
HP iPAQ Product Information
Third Edition (January 2008)
NOTE: Use of dial-up and wireless
Internet, e-mail, corporate networks,
and other wireless communications,
such as Bluetooth-enabled devices,
might require separately purchased
additional hardware and other
compatible equipment, in addition to
a standard Wi-Fi infrastructure and a
separately purchased service
contract. Check with your service
provider for availability and coverage
in your area. Not all Web content may
be available. Some Web content
might require installation of additional
When you see a ¹ in this document, it
refers to the above note.


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for HP hx2190b - iPAQ Pocket PC

  • Page 1 © 2008 Hewlett-Packard Text set off in this manner indicates Development Company, L.P. that failure to follow directions could result in damage to equipment or loss Microsoft, Windows, the Windows of information. logo, Outlook, and ActiveSync are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation HP iPAQ Product Information in the U.S.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Product Information Guide Welcome ......................1 Frequently Asked Questions ................1 Finding More Information ..................2 Front Components ....................4 Top, Back, Side Panel Components ..............6 Bottom Panel Components ................. 8 HP Desktop Cradle ....................8 Locating What is On The Getting Started Disc ............
  • Page 3 Excel Mobile ....................24 Accessing Calendar ..................25 Accessing Contacts ................... 25 Writing a Note ....................26 Creating a Task ....................26 Different Ways to Access E-mail Messages ............27 Composing and Sending Messages ..............27 Replying to or Forwarding a Message ............... 28 HP Image Zone ....................
  • Page 4: Product Information Guide Welcome

    Product Information Guide Welcome Congratulations on purchasing your HP iPAQ hx2000 Pocket PC series. Use this guide to help you set up your HP iPAQ and to learn how it works. Your HP iPAQ includes the new Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ Version 5.0 for Pocket PC software.
  • Page 5: Finding More Information

    How Do I...? Find information here... Monitor system resources quickly? TodayPanel Lite, page 18 Set up security on my HP iPAQ? HP ProtectTools, page 30 Use wireless connections? Bluetooth, page 31 Wi-Fi, page 32 Copy files from my computer to my Copying (or Transferring) Files, page 16 HP iPAQ? Conserve battery power?
  • Page 6 for information on... see this source... Safety precautions Important Safety Information on the Getting Started disc. Warranty information http://www.hp.com/go/handheldwarranty Accessory products http://www.hp.com/go/ipaqaccessories For customer support http://www.hp.com/support Worldwide telephone support phone http://www.hp.com/country/us/en/ numbers...
  • Page 7: Front Components

    Front Components Component Function Flip Cover Protect the screen. Lift the flip cover before tapping on the screen Power button Turn unit on and off Speaker Listen to notes or music iTask button Open, close, and switch between applications, run utilities, and change settings Messaging button Access your Inbox for...
  • Page 8 Component Function 5-Way Navigation button Scroll through a list and push to select (similar to using a joystick) Contacts Display a list of your contacts from the category you select HP ProtectTools*: Launch security application Calendar Schedule appointments, set reminders, or view your calendar Landscape/Portrait*: Switch between landscape and...
  • Page 9: Top, Back, Side Panel Components

    *To access this function, press and hold for two seconds. NOTE: Not all models or features available in all regions. Top, Back, Side Panel Components Component Function Stylus Use to input information. Slide up to remove, slide down to replace Type II Compact Flash (CF) Supports CF Type I or Type slot...
  • Page 10 Component Function Removable flip cover hinge Connects the removable flip cover to the HP iPAQ Record button Record voice or sound Battery door release latch Pull down to release battery door Battery cover Remove to install or remove the battery NOTE: Not all models or features available in all regions.
  • Page 11: Bottom Panel Components

    Bottom Panel Components Component Function Reset button Push the stylus into this hole for a soft reset of your HP iPAQ Universal sync connector Connects to HP desktop cradle, AC adapter, and USB synchronization cable HP Desktop Cradle The HP desktop cradle connects to the HP iPAQ for charging and/or synchronizing.
  • Page 12: Locating What Is On The Getting Started Disc

    Locating What is On The Getting Started Disc The Getting Started disc includes: ● Windows Mobile™ Version 5.0 for Pocket PC software ● Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 ● Microsoft Outlook 2002 ● Additional Product Information ● Important Safety Information All software and documents are designed to be installed on your personal computer to enhance your ability to use your HP iPAQ to its full potential.
  • Page 13: Entering Owner Information

    Entering Owner Information Be sure to enter your owner information so your HP iPAQ can be returned to you in case it is lost. Tap Start > Settings > Personal > Owner Information. On the Identification tab, enter your personal information. TIP: If owner information is displayed on the Today screen, you can open and edit the information directly from the Today screen.
  • Page 14: Finding The Product Id And Serial Number

    To change the regional settings: Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Regional Settings. Tap the Region tab. Select your region. The region you select determines which options will be available on the other tabs. To customize additional settings, tap the appropriate tabs and select the options you want.
  • Page 15: Resetting Your Hp Ipaq

    Resetting Your HP iPAQ You may need to reset your HP iPAQ if it does not respond to your pressing a button or tapping on the screen. The three types of resets are soft, hard, and clean. Performing a Soft Reset A soft reset stops all running applications, but does not erase any programs or saved data.
  • Page 16: Synchronizing With A Computer

    To perform a clean reset and return your HP iPAQ to factory settings: Press and hold the Calendar, Power, and Messaging buttons. While holding down these buttons, use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button on the bottom of the HP iPAQ until the device restarts. When the HP iPAQ restarts, release all of the buttons, and then remove the stylus from the Reset button.
  • Page 17 CAUTION: To avoid damaging your HP iPAQ or the cradle, check to be sure the device and cradle connectors are properly aligned before pushing the HP iPAQ into the HP Desktop Cradle. To avoid damaging your HP iPAQ or the autosync cable, be sure the HP iPAQ and cable connectors are properly aligned before pushing the cable into the universal sync connector.
  • Page 18: Synchronizing With Multiple Computers

    If you get this error, do one of the following: Be sure that your HP iPAQ is seated properly in the desktop cradle. Be sure the autosync cable is securely connected to your HP iPAQ and computer. Once the connection issue is resolved, ActiveSync begins synchronizing automatically.
  • Page 19: Changing What Is Synchronized

    Changing What Is Synchronized NOTE: Outlook e-mail can be synchronized with only one computer. To change available synchronization settings, select the type of information and tap Settings. In ActiveSync on your HP iPAQ, tap Menu > Options. Do one or both of the following: ●...
  • Page 20: Today Screen

    Today Screen The Today screen shows your appointments, active tasks, and information about e-mail messages. Along the top of the Today screen are the connectivity indicators, Volume icon, and the clock. You can tap a section of the Today screen to open the program that is associated with that section.
  • Page 21 Icon Name Description Main memory View the amount of main memory available on the HP iPAQ. Also you can view, activate, and stop all running programs from this screen. Storage memory View the amount of storage memory available. Also you can view, activate, and stop all running programs from this screen.
  • Page 22: Status Icons

    To remove the TodayPanel Lite application from the Today screen: Tap Start > Settings > Today icon > Items tab. Uncheck the TodayPanel check box and tap OK. Status Icons The following status icons are displayed on the Navigation or Command bar.
  • Page 23: Changing The Screen From Portrait To Landscape Mode

    Icon Status E-mail messages received. Instant messages received. HP iPAQ is connected to the desktop cradle. This icon appears only when there is an active connection. iPAQ Wireless icon—Tap to display Wireless screen. Provides a control center to turn all wireless activities on and off, and to configure their settings.
  • Page 24: Entering Text

    Entering Text Depending on your preference, you can use the on-screen keyboard or a handwriting recognition feature such as Block Recognizer, Letter Recognizer, or Transcriber to enter text in programs. Tap Start > Settings > Personal tab > Input. On the Input Method tab, select a text input method and change options as appropriate.
  • Page 25: Microsoft Programs

    Microsoft Programs Windows Mobile 5.0 software includes the following programs: ● Windows Media Player 10 Mobile ● Internet Explorer Mobile ● PowerPoint Mobile ● Word Mobile ● Excel Mobile You can: ● Transfer songs, videos, and pictures from your PC to your HP iPAQ. ●...
  • Page 26: Internet Explorer Mobile

    With this new version, you can: ● Use Windows Media Player 10 Mobile to sync your music, photos, videos, and recorded TV to your HP iPAQ for easy enjoyment on the ● Automatically convert video and recorded TV during sync to an optimized and size reduced format for better viewing on your HP iPAQ.
  • Page 27: Word Mobile

    ● copy a presentation to your HP iPAQ via a storage card, ● obtain a presentation by synchronizing with your computer. NOTE: Slide shows created in *.ppt or *.pps format with PowerPoint ‘97 and later can be viewed on your device. PowerPoint features not supported on your HP iPAQ include: ●...
  • Page 28: Accessing Calendar

    Accessing Calendar Use Calendar to schedule: ● Appointments ● Meetings ● Other events You can display appointments on the Today screen. If you use Outlook on your computer, you can synchronize appointments between your HP iPAQ and computer. You can also set Calendar to remind you of appointments with a sound or flashing LED.
  • Page 29: Writing A Note

    For more details, refer to Additional Product Information located on the Getting Started disc. Writing a Note Tap Start > Programs > Notes. NOTE: Writing must be selected as the default input mode. In the note list, tap New. Write your text on the screen. When finished, tap OK to return to the note list.
  • Page 30: Different Ways To Access E-Mail Messages

    Different Ways to Access E-mail Messages When using Messaging, you can send and receive e-mail messages several ways: ● Outlook E-Mail Tap Start > Messaging to use your Outlook e-mail address. ● Internet e-mail messages You can use the e-mail address you received from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your employer ●...
  • Page 31: Replying To Or Forwarding A Message

    NOTE: Tap on the Inbox drop-down arrow to access other Outlook folders such as Drafts, Outbox, and Sent Items. Replying to or Forwarding a Message To reply to or forward a message: Tap on the message to open it, and then tap Reply, Reply All, or Forward.
  • Page 32: Hp Protecttools

    HP ProtectTools Security features including the unique fingerprint reader on one model (hx2700 series) and HP ProtectTools on all models provide: ● User authentication ● Data encryption capabilities Fingerprint Reader protects the information on your HP iPAQ. With your HP iPAQ, this feature allows you to easily authenticate yourself by using your fingerprint or a combination of a PIN and/or fingerprint (available on HP iPAQ hx2700 series Pocket PC).
  • Page 33: Changing Your Password

    Changing your Password Tap Start > Settings > Personal tab > Password. You are prompted to enter your current password. In the Password box, enter your new password. On the Hint tab, enter a phrase that helps you remember your password, but does not allow others to guess your password.
  • Page 34: Turning Bluetooth On Or Off

    Turning Bluetooth On or Off To turn on Bluetooth: From the Today screen, tap the iPAQ Wireless icon located in the Navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. On the iPAQ Wireless screen, tap the Bluetooth icon. When Bluetooth is turned on, the Bluetooth LED on the front of your HP iPAQ flashes blue.
  • Page 35: Turning Wi-Fi On Or Off

    Turning Wi-Fi On or Off To turn Wi-Fi on or off: From the Today screen, tap the iPAQ Wireless icon in the Command bar located at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Wi-Fi button on the iPAQ Wireless screen. When Wi-Fi is powered on: ●...
  • Page 36: Battery Saving Tips

    Battery Saving Tips To conserve battery power, here are some helpful hints: ● Leave your device connected to AC power at all times when not using ● Dim the backlight. On the Today screen, in theTodayPanel Lite, use your stylus to adjust the Backlight Brightness Level slider, located under the Light bulb icon, halfway across to the middle position.
  • Page 37: Protecting The Hp Ipaq Screen From Cracking Or Damage

    Protecting the HP iPAQ Screen from Cracking or Damage CAUTION: The screen of your HP iPAQ is made of glass and can be damaged or broken by drops, impacts, or pressure. To reduce the risk of damage to the internal components, do not spray liquid directly on the screen, or allow excess liquid to drip inside your HP iPAQ.
  • Page 38: Obtaining Services For A Cracked Or Damaged Screen

    Obtaining Services for a Cracked or Damaged Screen NOTE: HP is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions that came with the HP branded product. Refer to the warranty document included with your HP iPAQ for more information.
  • Page 39: Index

    Index LED 31 Accessing e-mail short range wireless communication 30 Internet ISP 27 technology 30 Outlook 27 turning off 31 Pocket MSN 27 turning on 31 Accessory products 2 Bottom Panel Components 8 ActiveSync 13 ActiveSync 4.5 Copying 16 Calendar Explore 16 accessing 25 My Documents 16...
  • Page 40 disc Getting Started 9 Keyboard, on-screen 21 Entering text Letter Recognizer 21 in programs 21 Excel Mobile Starting 24 Messages E-mail account types create 27 HTTP 27 reply 27 IMAP4 27 send 27 Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 13 Microsoft Programs Getting Started disc Starting 22 accessing documents 9 HP iPAQ enhancements 9...
  • Page 41 Outlook e-mail 13 Regional Settings Wi-Fi 13 changing 10 customizing 10 style in numbers, currency, dates, and Tasks (creating) times 10 Appointments 26 Resets appointments 26 clean 12 Contacts 26 data loss 12 Creating 26 factory settings 12 organize 26 hard 12 Time, changing 10 Persistent Store 12...
  • Page 42 LED 32 turning on/off 32 using hotspots 31 using VPNs 31 WLAN-enabled devices 31 Word Mobile 24...

Table of Contents