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HP Jornada 700 User Manual

Handheld pc


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hp one-touch features
hot keys
hard icons
Inbox. Send and receive e-mail
HP settings. Control and
messages and attachments from
customize display, sounds, power
clients, co-workers, friends and
settings and system properties all
from one easy-to-use application.
Internet Explorer. Surf the web,
HP backup. Protect your
download files and conduct
important information with fast,
e-business transactions over
secure backup and restore of the
the Internet. *
data on your HP Jornada.
HP viewer. Manage appoint-
HP dialup. Connect to the Internet
ments, tasks, messages and
or your Company network from
documents from one convenient
just about anywhere.
Windows Media Player. Slip
on headphones and listen to
Contacts, Tasks and Calendar.
your favorite MP3 recordings
With Pocket Outlook you can
anywhere with just a touch of
keep all your contacts, to-do
your HP Jornada's audio buttons.
lists and appointments synchro-
nized with your desktop PC.
MS Voice Recorder. Use the built-
CD contents list
in microphone to easily record
voice memos for later playback.
The compact disc included with your HP Jornada
contains important programs from Microsoft. Use these
software products to take full advantage of your HP
HP quick pad. Jot down, save
Jornada's extraordinary capability to share information
with your desktop PC.
and share important notes with
other programs, or send them
•Microsoft ActiveSync—connect your HP Jornada
to a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 PC.
as e-mail messages.
•Microsoft Outlook 2000—synchronize your
contacts, tasks, etc., with your HP Jornada.
programs on
•Microsoft® Internet Explorer—surf the Web
MS Office. With Pocket
the Microsoft
in style on your desktop pc.
CD-ROM are
designed for
•Microsoft® Money 2000—manage finances at
Access, Excel and Word,
Pocket PC
home or on the road with Microsoft Money 2000.
you can take your important
devices, and
are not
Software on the Web:
Office documents with you,
Find a great selection of productivity-enhancing
with the
or create new documents
software available for download at the HP Jornada
HP Jornada
700 series.
Web site (
in a snap.
Modem purchased separately for J710 model. Some websites/content may not be available.
for information on:
see this source:
Programs on your HP Jornada
The HP Jornada 700 Series User's
Guide and online Help. To view
Help, tap
and then tap Help.
In depth information of features,
The HP Jornada 700 Series
setup, and troubleshooting, as
User's Guide.
well as phone numbers for
HP Technical Support
Additional programs that can be
The HP Jornada Web site []
installed on your HP Jornada
and the Extras folder on the Microsoft®
ActiveSync® CD-ROM.
Connecting to and synchronizing
The Getting Started with Microsoft ActiveSync
with a desktop PC
booklet or ActiveSync Help on your desktop PC.
Also on
Last-minute updates and
The Readme files in the Microsoft ActiveSync folder
detailed technical information
on your desktop PC and the ActiveSync CD-ROM
and Also on
Up-to-date information on
Windows-powered Handheld PCs
Hewlett-Packard Company 2000
All brand names and product names
used on this card are trade names,
service marks, trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective owners.
Microsoft, ActiveSync, Outlook, Windows,
and the Windows logo are either
trademarks or registered trademarks
of Microsoft Corporation in the
United States and other countries.
getting started
Connect the ac adapter.
Install the main battery.
Install the backup battery.
Be sure to close the backup
battery cover before shutting
the CompactFlash door.
Follow the Welcome Wizard.
Printed in Singapore.
February 2001
All rights reserved.
Adjust display and volume
Tap the
hard icon at the right edge
of the HP Jornada screen to start the
HP settings utility.
Register your HP Jornada
To ensure that you receive warranty
coverage, technical support, and
information on upgrades, register your
HP Jornada at
For detailed instructions refer to the HP Jornada 700 series user's guide.
hp jornada 700 series handheld pc



Summary of Contents for HP Jornada 700

  • Page 1 HP Jornada screen to start the HP settings utility. Register your HP Jornada To ensure that you receive warranty coverage, technical support, and information on upgrades, register your HP Jornada at For detailed instructions refer to the HP Jornada 700 series user’s guide.
  • Page 2 Microsoft CD-ROM packaged with Choose your desired connection method your HP Jornada. (serial or USB) and set up your HP Jornada as shown in the illustration below. Your Note: If you do not already have a HP Jornada will automatically detect the...