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Motorola MVME956AC User Manual

Vme chassis
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MVME956AC VME Chassis
User's Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Motorola MVME956AC

  • Page 1 MVME956AC VME Chassis User’s Manual MVME956ACA/UM2...
  • Page 2 While reasonable efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of this document, Motorola, Inc. assumes no liability resulting from any omissions in this document, or from the use of the information obtained therein. Motorola reserves the right to revise this document and to make changes from time to time in the content hereof without obligation of Motorola to notify any person of such revision or changes.
  • Page 3 Model MVME956 chassis. This chassis is a member of a family of system enclosures that are configurable with a variety of card cage, storage drive, and AC power supply options. The MVME956AC is a 12-slot model designed for rack-mount or lab benchtop applications. The manual supplies general information on the chassis, instructions for its preparation and installation, and support information.
  • Page 4 ® Motorola and the Motorola symbol are registered trademarks of Motorola, Inc. All other products mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. © Copyright Motorola, Inc. 1997, 1998 All Rights Reserved Printed in the United States of America...
  • Page 5: Ground The Instrument

    The safety precautions listed below represent warnings of certain dangers of which Motorola is aware. You, as the user of the product, should follow these warnings and all other safety precautions necessary for the safe operation of the equipment in your operating environment.
  • Page 6 Regulatory Notices Changes or modifications not expressly approved by WARNING Motorola Computer Group could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Use only shielded cables when connecting peripherals to assure that appropriate radio frequency emissions compliance is maintained. FCC (U.S.)
  • Page 7 CE Notice (European Community) Marking a system with the “ “ symbol indicates compliance of that Motorola system to the EMC and Low Voltage directives of the European Community. A system with the CE marking meets or exceeds the following technical standards: EN 55022 “Limits and methods of measurement of radio...
  • Page 8 In accordance with European Community directives, a “Declaration of Conformity” has been made and is on file at Motorola, Inc. – Computer Group, 27 Market Street, Maidenhead, United Kingdom, SL6 8AE. In addition to the above standards, this system has also met the requirements of the following European standards: EN 60555-2 “Disturbances in supply systems caused by...
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Contents CHAPTER 1 General Information Overview ........................1-1 Features ........................1-1 General Description ....................1-2 Chassis Description and Specifications ..............1-3 Power Supply Description and Specifications ............1-4 Power Supply Limit Considerations............1-5 VME Bus Backplane Description and Specifications ........1-5 Safety and Regulatory Compliance................1-6 General Precautions ....................1-7 Operating Environment ....................1-7 Chassis Cooling Considerations ................1-8 Hardware Preparation ....................1-9...
  • Page 10 VME64x Bus Interface Signal Termination ............4-2 Backplane Preparation ....................4-3 Install the Daisy-Chain Jumpers................4-5 Pin Assignments ....................4-6 Power Monitor Connection ................. 4-6 Live Insertion ....................4-7 CHAPTER 5 Removal and Replacement Procedures Overview........................5-1 Following ESD and Safety Procedures..............5-1 Power Supply......................
  • Page 11 Figure 5-2. Disk/Tape Drive Removal..............5-7 Figure 5-3. Backplane Mounting (Card File Removed) ..........5-10 Figure 5-4. Cooling Fan Removal/Replacement ..........5-13 Figure 6-1. MVME956AC Chassis Assembly, 1 of 2..........6-5 Figure 6-2. MVME956AC Chassis Assembly, 2 of 2..........6-6 Figure 6-3. MVME956AC Wiring Diagram..............6-7...
  • Page 12 Table 1-1. MVME956AC Chassis Specifications ............1-4 Table 1-2. 12-Slot VME Bus Backplane Specifications ..........1-5 Table 1-3. Hardware Preparation Items ..............1-9 Table 4-1. Power Monitor Connection ..............4-6 Table 4-2. Live Insertion Connections ...............4-7 Table 6-1. MVME956AC Chassis Parts List ............6-2 Table 6-2. MVME956AC-AC Major Assemblies............6-4 xiii...
  • Page 13: Overview

    MVME956AC 12-slot chassis. Throughout the remainder of this manual, this enclosure may be referred to as the MVME956AC, or simply as the chassis. Features...
  • Page 14: General Description

    +5Vdc, +12Vdc, and -12Vdc power supplied +3.3Vdc power is not supplied General Description The MVME956AC chassis is designed for OEMs and other technical professionals who wish to integrate individual VME module board-level products into a complete, compact, self-contained microcomputer system, including disk and/or tape drive units.
  • Page 15: Chassis Description And Specifications

    MVME956AC chassis and power supply. Table 1-3 lists the specifications for the 12-slot backplane. Specifications for the SCSI drives and VME modules used in the MVME956AC chassis are given in their respective manuals or reference sheets. Refer to...
  • Page 16: Power Supply Description And Specifications

    General Information Table 1-1. MVME956AC Chassis Specifications Characteristics Specifications Dimensions Width (with front flange) 19.00 inches (482.6 mm) (without front flange) 17.20 inches (436.8 mm) Depth 19.02 inches (483.1 mm) Height 12.22 inches (310.4 mm) Weight 32 pounds (15 kg)
  • Page 17: Power Supply Limit Considerations

    General Description Power Supply Limit Considerations The MVME956AC chassis is supplied with a 550-watt, 3-output switching power supply. The power supply is capable of higher output currents than the interconnection to the backplane. As designed, the enclosure +5 Vdc output is rated at 60 amperes, the +12 Vdc output at 10 amperes (16 peak), and the -12 Vdc output at 10 amperes.
  • Page 18: Safety And Regulatory Compliance

    VME Extensions Standard, VITA 1.1-199X, which can be found at Safety and Regulatory Compliance All systems integrated by Motorola meet the standards claimed for those systems with regard to electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), and overall safety. It is possible, however, to install circuit boards and drives in the MVME956AC enclosure that produce a system not in compliance with the applicable emission limits.
  • Page 19: General Precautions

    The air inlet temperature must not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. If the MVME956AC is installed in a rack with other chassis, be sure that each chassis in the rack is provided with its own supply of fresh cooling air.
  • Page 20: Chassis Cooling Considerations

    This equipment is intended for use in an enclosure consisting of the front bezel together with the Motorola top panel and side panels or equivalent. Operating this equipment without a front bezel may compromise compliance with RFI and/or product safety regulations.
  • Page 21: Hardware Preparation

    VME bus backplane jumpers of this manual Install modules User’s manual(s) for the respective module(s) Install cables (as required) MVME956AC installation instructions, also other user’s manual(s) as applicable Chapter 2 Chassis rack mounting of this manual Jumper options on modules used in User’s manual(s) for the respective...
  • Page 22: Related Documentation

    General Information Related Documentation Document Title Motorola Publication Number MVME946 Desktop Cover Kit Installation MVME946CVR Instructions MVME946 Rack Mount Kit Installation MVME946RKMT Instructions MVME946 Air Filter Kit Installation Instructions MVME946AFO System Manual Module Set 68-SYSMODULE The following VMEbus publications are available from the sources indicated.
  • Page 23: Overview

    Benchtop Operation The MVME956AC chassis can be placed on a standard table or desk for operation as a lab benchtop unit. For this configuration, the chassis must be equipped with the Motorola side panels, top panel, and disk drive cover.
  • Page 24: Install The Desktop Cover Kit

    Chassis Mount Options Install the Desktop Cover Kit 1. The top and side panels are attached with ball stud pop-on, pop-off catches. If the ball studs are not already installed on the chassis, unpack the studs and thread them into place in the holes provided in the top and sides of the chassis.
  • Page 25: Figure 2-1. Cover Kit

    Chassis Installation Instructions If you desire to have an MVME956AC chassis with top and side panels after previously having purchased a chassis without them, order the cover kit (MVME946CVR) referenced in Related Documentation on page 1-10. TOP PANEL SIDE PANEL...
  • Page 26: Rack Mounting Option

    3. Remove the ball studs from the top and sides of the chassis. 4. Remove the disk drive cover from the front opening. To rack mount the MVME956AC unit, you must use the optional slide mounting kit, MVME946RKMT. Be sure to observe and follow the special...
  • Page 27 Chassis Installation Instructions 5. Secure the chassis using the rear mounting bracket supplied. 6. Reinstall the front bezel by aligning the pop-on/off catches on the back of the bezel with the ball studs on the front panel of the chassis. Press firmly into place.
  • Page 28: Overview

    For a description of other related controls and indicators, refer to the documentation that came with your module(s). The control provided for the MVME956AC chassis is an AC power ON/OFF switch. With the switch in the OFF position, power to the modules is removed but the primary side of the power supply remains energized.
  • Page 29: Power Control Procedure

    Operating Procedures Power Control Procedure A suggested power-on procedure for the chassis is as follows: 1. Ensure that all modules and cabling are properly configured and installed. Also check that all required external cabling (to peripherals) is correctly installed. 2. Plug in the AC line cord (at the rear of the chassis) and connect the cord to an AC power source.
  • Page 30: 12-Slot Vmebus Backplane

    Backplane Power VME modules that plug into the backplane require voltages of +5 Vdc, +12 Vdc, and -12 Vdc for operation. The MVME956AC chassis contains a power supply and wiring that provide these voltages to the backplane. The power connectors characteristics and the number and arrangement of...
  • Page 31: Backplane Bus Connectors

    12-Slot VMEbus Backplane Backplane Bus Connectors All rows of J101 through J112 (Z, A, B, C, D) are interconnected across all 12 slots, which provides the required signals for A24/D16 operation. The center row (B) of J201 through J212 is interconnected across all 12 slots, which provides the required signals for extended operation (A32/D32).
  • Page 32: Backplane Preparation

    (wire side) of the backplane. Refer to VITA 1.x Live Insertion for VME64x requirements standard for more electrical detail and information on daisy- chain jumpering. Note Backplane daisy-chain jumpers normally are shipped with the chassis. If necessary, additional jumpers can be ordered from Motorola.
  • Page 33: Rear View

    12-Slot VMEbus Backplane Row 1 - V2 - V1 + V2 + V1 +3. 3V +3. 3V +3. 3V +3. 3V J101 J112 J111 J110 J109 J108 J107 J106 J105 J104 J103 J102 Row 2 Row 3 GROUND J212 J211 J210 J209 J208...
  • Page 34: Install The Daisy-Chain Jumpers

    Install the Daisy-Chain Jumpers Install the Daisy-Chain Jumpers All daisy-chain lines of the VME64x bus can be separately bypassed with removable shorting jumpers on every connector socket. Shorting the input to the output of the daisy-chain signals is required if the daisy-chains are in use, and if a VME64x module design does not provide for the propagation of the daisy-chain.
  • Page 35: Pin Assignments

    12-Slot VMEbus Backplane – Row of pins, left side of slot J103 - BG0, BG1, ... – Row of pins, left side of slot J106 - BG0, BG1, ... Carefully align the jumper(s) on the correct pair of pins to be jumpered and gently push until the top of the jumper is flush with the top of the pins.
  • Page 36: Live Insertion

    Install the Daisy-Chain Jumpers Live Insertion Sockets J4-J14 allow the daisy-chained bus grant arbitration and interrupt priority resolution processes to continue unaffected during live insertion or removal. These sockets, in conjunction with the headers for bus grant signal jumpers and the headers for IACK signal jumpers can be used with a user-supplied daisy-chain switch module.
  • Page 37: Figure 4-2. Backplane Daisy-Chain Jumper Wiring

    12-Slot VMEbus Backplane Figure 4-2. Backplane Daisy-Chain Jumper Wiring Computer Group Literature Center Web Site...
  • Page 38: Overview

    Fan(s) Optional Air Filter Kit Following ESD and Safety Procedures Motorola strongly recommends that you use an antistatic wrist strap and a Use ESD conductive foam pad when installing or upgrading the system. Electronic components, such as disk drives, computer boards, and memory modules, can be extremely sensitive to ESD.
  • Page 39: Power Supply

    1. Turn the power OFF to all equipment and disconnect the power cable from the AC power source. 2. If the MVME956AC chassis is rack mounted, slide it from the rack, or if it is a lab benchtop unit, remove the top panel and right side panel.
  • Page 40 Power Supply 3. Remove the screws holding the top cover to the chassis and remove the top cover. 4. Remove the power supply mounting screw from the right side of the chassis. Remove the additional screws from the back of the chassis. 5.
  • Page 41: Replacement

    Removal and Replacement Procedures Figure 5-1. Power Supply Removal/Replacement Replacement To replace the power supply assembly or to install an exchanged assembly, follow these procedures. 1. Slide the power supply assembly vertically back into the chassis. 2. Reconnect the +5V, +12V, -12V, and RTN wires disconnected in Step Computer Group Literature Center Web Site...
  • Page 42 Step 4 above. 5. Replace the chassis’ top cover with the screws removed in Step 3 above. 6. Slide the MVME956AC chassis back into its rack mounting or reinstall the top and side panel on your lab benchtop unit.
  • Page 43: Disk And Tape Drive

    1. Turn the power OFF to all equipment and disconnect the power cable from the AC power source. 2. Slide the MVME956AC chassis out from its rack mounting remove the top panel and the side panel nearest the drives. 3. Remove the front bezel.
  • Page 44: Replacement

    Disk and Tape Drive 11823.00 9708 Figure 5-2. Disk/Tape Drive Removal Replacement 1. Follow the replacement procedure in the installation instructions that came with your drive. Note: Use the short (1/4 inch long) screws to attach the brackets to the drive. The longer screws may damage the drives. Ensure that all drives are properly identified and that the terminating resistor is installed or removed as applicable.
  • Page 45 Removal and Replacement Procedures 5. Replace the front bezel. 6. Slide the MVME956AC chassis back into its rack mounting or replace the side panel and the top panel to your lab benchtop unit. To reset the jumper addresses, refer to the installation instructions that came with your drive.
  • Page 46: Vme64X Bus Backplane

    VME64x Bus Backplane VME64x Bus Backplane To remove or replace the backplane used in the MVME956AC chassis, follow these procedures. Removal 1. Turn the power OFF to all equipment and disconnect the power cable from the AC power source. 2. Remove all external cabling connected to modules installed in the chassis.
  • Page 47: Figure 5-3. Backplane Mounting (Card File Removed)

    Removal and Replacement Procedures 11. Now remove the stiffener from the backplane by removing the screws from the front of the backplane. Note that the adhesive associated with the insulating tape on the stiffener may make the removal of the stiffener from the backplane somewhat difficult. Take caution to prevent damage to the backplane when prying the stiffener off.
  • Page 48: Replacement

    10. Replace the top cover of the chassis with the screws removed in Step above. 11. Slide the MVME956AC chassis back into its rack mounting or reinstall the top panel on your lab benchtop unit. 12. Connect all external cabling removed in Step 2 above.
  • Page 49: Cooling Fan

    5. If the MVME956AC is not mounted in a rack, lay the unit on one side. 6. Remove the screws that keep the fan tray and air filter door secured.
  • Page 50: Figure 5-4. Cooling Fan Removal/Replacement

    Cooling Fan Figure 5-4. Cooling Fan Removal/Replacement 5-13...
  • Page 51: Optional Air Filter Kit

    Set the unit upright if it is not mounted in a rack. 4. Reinstall the front bezel. 5. Slide the MVME956AC chassis back into its rack mounting or reinstall the top panel and side panels on your lab benchtop unit.
  • Page 52: Introduction

    Drawings/Wiring Diagram Chassis assembly drawings for the MVME956AC chassis are provided in this chapter. A chassis wiring diagram is included as part of the main assembly drawing of the chassis. These drawings represent the latest design at the time of printing.
  • Page 53: Parts Lists

    The parts list for the major assemblies is in Table 6-2 on page 6-4. The main assembly parts location is illustrated in Figure 6-1 on page 6-5 Table 6-1. MVME956AC Chassis Parts List COMPONENT DESCRIPTION 27-W5328C01x Chassis assembly 01-W1631B02x...
  • Page 54 Parts Lists Table 6-1. MVME956AC Chassis Parts List (Continued) COMPONENT DESCRIPTION 64-W4727C01x Front panel blanks 13-W6275B01x Brk, mld dr flr 42NW9401A80 Mount, push cable tie 42NW9401B28 Tywrap, nylon,L3-7/8,B3/4 42NW9401B33 Retainer, tywrap, self-adhesive 42NW9401B35 Tywrap, nylon, L7-3/8,B1-7/8 75NW9402A32 Foot, round 29NW9805A83 Lug, quick connect, .250 w/blde...
  • Page 55: Table 6-2. Mvme956Ac-Ac Major Assemblies

    Support Information Table 6-2. MVME956AC-AC Major Assemblies Model Part Common Description Number Name MVME956- Chassis Chassis with card cage, power assy supply, backplane, power switch, and cooling fans. Operates on 115/220 Vac input power. Power Power supply, 550W, 115/230 Vac...
  • Page 56: Figure 6-1. Mvme956Ac Chassis Assembly, 1 Of 2

    Cable Assy. DC Card Cage harness/enable Chassis Access Cover Assembly Left Side SCSI Cable Cover BDL. 1 wide Cable Assy Switch/Enable Access Cover Fan Assembly Right Side Foot Bezel Assembly 11877.00 9710 Figure 6-1. MVME956AC Chassis Assembly, 1 of 2
  • Page 57: Figure 6-2. Mvme956Ac Chassis Assembly, 2 Of 2

    Support Information Chassis Top Cover Access Cover Right Side AIR FLOW Fan Assembly Filter Door Fan & Filter Frame Fan Guard Optional Air Filter 11876.00 9710 Figure 6-2. MVME956AC Chassis Assembly, 2 of 2 Computer Group Literature Center Web Site...
  • Page 58: Figure 6-3. Mvme956Ac Wiring Diagram

  • Page 59 Index major assemblies operating environment A24/D16 operation power supply A32/D32 operation regulatories ACFAIL setup precautions air cooling 1-3, specifications air filter door 5-14 use and purpose air filter, optional chassis assemblies, removal and replacement assemblies backplane control switch, location chassis cooling requirements power supply cover kit, installation...
  • Page 60 Index safety to rack mount front panel, description publications, related 1-10 hardware issue rack mount, slide mounting kit hardware preparation remove/replace AC power supply remove/replace backplane 5-11 I/O functions, backplane connectors remove/replace cooling fan 5-12 5-14 IACK pins remove/replace drives install drive brackets RF emissions, precautions installation instructions...