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HP Photosmart M440 series User Manual

Hewlett-packard digital camera user guide.
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HP Photosmart
M630 series
Digital Camera
User Guide


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  • Page 1 HP Photosmart M440/M540/ M630 series Digital Camera User Guide...
  • Page 2 Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Windows® is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting started Camera top and back ...3 Camera front, side, and bottom...4 Before taking pictures...4 Install the batteries...4 Turn on the camera...4 Choose the language...5 Set the region...5 Set the date and time...5 Install and format an optional memory card...6 Install the software...6 Using your camera...7 Taking pictures and recording video clips...
  • Page 4 Transferring and printing images Transferring images with HP Photosmart Software...23 Transferring images without HP Photosmart Software...24 Connecting to the computer...24 Using a memory card reader...25 Printing images directly to a printer...25 Using HP Photosmart Express Using the Photosmart Express Menu...27 Marking images for printing...27...
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting started Use this section to get familiar with camera controls, set up your digital camera for use, and begin taking pictures. Camera top and back Power light. button. Shutter button. Delete button—Accesses the Review” on page Flash button— Accesses the flash settings while in the flash”...
  • Page 6: Camera Front, Side, And Bottom

    Camera front, side, and bottom Flash. Self-Timer light (see Microphone. Tripod mount. Dock/USB connector—Provides direct and indirect (via optional dock) USB connectivity. Battery/Memory Card door. Before taking pictures Complete the following procedures before taking pictures or recording video clips. Install the batteries 1.
  • Page 7: Choose The Language

    Choose the language to choose the language you want, then press To change the language later, use the Setup Menu (see on page 31). Set the region Along with the language setting, the region setting determines the default date format. to choose the region you want, then press Set the date and time Accurately setting the date and time will help you locate images once you have transferred...
  • Page 8: Install And Format An Optional Memory Card

    To install the HP Photosmart Software, your computer must meet the system requirements as stated on the camera packaging. If you have trouble installing or using the HP Photosmart Software, see the Hewlett- Packard Technical Support website for more information: Known issues are often fixed with new releases of firmware.
  • Page 9: Using Your Camera

    1. Close all programs and temporarily disable any virus protection software. 2. Insert the HP Photosmart Software CD into the CD drive and follow the on-screen instructions. If the installation screen does not appear, click Start, click Run, type D: \Setup.exe, where D is the letter of your CD drive, then click OK.
  • Page 10: Taking Pictures And Recording Video Clips

    Taking pictures and recording video clips You can take pictures when you are in when you are in video clips. The Image Display resembles the following: 0:15 Taking pictures You can take a picture when the camera is set to 1.
  • Page 11: Recording Video Clips

    Recording video clips You can record a video clip when the camera is set to 1. Slide 2. Frame the subject in the Image Display. 3. Press the Shutter button halfway down to measure focus and exposure. The focus brackets in the Image Display turn solid green when focus is locked (see and exposure”...
  • Page 12: Focusing On The Subject

    Focusing on the subject When you press the Shutter button halfway down, the camera searches for focus within the focus brackets. When it finds focus, the focus brackets turn green. If the focus brackets do not frame your subject, use Focus Lock (see on page 11).
  • Page 13: Using Focus Lock

    Using Focus Lock Use Focus Lock to focus on a subject that is not in the center of the picture, to capture action shots more quickly by pre-focusing in the area where the action will occur, or to focus in low light or low contrast situations. 1.
  • Page 14: Optical Zoom

    Optical zoom Optical zoom moves the lens between wide angle (1x) and telephoto (3x). While in Picture Capture or buttons on the Zoom lever to control zoom. Press to zoom out. NOTE: You can set the optical zoom to the position you want just before recording video clips.
  • Page 15: Setting Options For Taking Pictures And Recording Video Clips

    Setting options for taking pictures and recording video clips Your camera's default settings work well for most shooting situations. For some situations, however, the features described in this chapter can improve the pictures you take and the video clips you record. In addition to setting features that optimize the camera for lighting and motion, you can also set the camera to take a series of pictures rapidly or take images 10 seconds after you press the Shutter button, giving you time to place yourself in the image.
  • Page 16: Using The Picture Capture And Video Record Menus

    Using the Picture Capture and Video Record menus Picture Capture and settings that affect the characteristics of the pictures and video clips you capture. The Picture Capture Menu displays only those features available for taking pictures while Video Record Menu displays only features available for recording video clips. 1.
  • Page 17: Using The Self-timer Setting

    • VGA—For sending images via e-mail or posting them to the Internet. Burst ( setting” on page Color (M440 series only; To set Full Color (Default), Black & White, Sepia Date & Time Imprint ( remains in effect until it is changed, even when you turn off the camera.
  • Page 18: Using The Burst Setting

    Self-Timer setting resets to Off after the image is taken. Using the Burst setting Burst allows you to take up to two (M440 series) or three (M630/M540 series) pictures as quickly as possible when you press and hold the Shutter button all the way down.
  • Page 19 Reviewing images and video clips You can review and manipulate images and video clips in here. For information about enhancing images, see on page 1. Slide 2. Use to scroll through your images and video clips. Press to view video clips. Press playing the video clip, or press During Playback, the Image Display also indicates additional information about each...
  • Page 20: Reviewing Images And Video Clips

    Deleting images To delete a displayed image during 1. Press 2. Use to select an option, then press • This Image—Deletes the image or video clip. • All Except Favorites—Deletes all images except those tagged as Favorites. This menu option only appears if you have images tagged as Favorites (see “Tagging images as Favorites”...
  • Page 21: Removing Red Eyes

    On M630/M540 series, access this feature from the “Using the Design Gallery Menu” on page Crop (M440 series only)—Allows you to crop an image to a selected orientation (see “Cropping images” on page On M630/M540 series, access this feature from the “Using the Design Gallery Menu”...
  • Page 22: Tagging Images As Favorites

    3. For each additional image you want to tag as a Favorite, use then repeat Step 2. 4. To exit the If you have the HP Photosmart Software installed on your computer, tagged images retain the tag when transferred to your computer (see on page 23).
  • Page 23: Using The Design Gallery Menu

    90-degree increments. Press Crop—Allows you to crop an image to a selected orientation (see on page 22). On M440 series, you access this feature through the the Playback Menu” on page Unless otherwise stated, the original image is retained. Modifying colors TIP: If you plan to modify colors, do so before adding a border.
  • Page 24: Cropping Images

    Add Borders allows you to add one or more predefined borders to the displayed image. To add a border: 1. From the Design Gallery Menu, use 2. Use to select a border type and preview the effect it has on the image. •...
  • Page 25: Transferring And Printing Images

    You can transfer pictures and video clips with or without the HP Photosmart Software that came with your camera. However, the HP Photosmart Software has several features for transferring and managing your images and also guides you through the transfer process.
  • Page 26: Transferring Images Without Hp Photosmart Software

    After you have transferred the images, you can then use the HP Photosmart Software to edit, print, or send the images from your computer. Transferring images without HP Photosmart Software If you do not install the HP Photosmart Software: •...
  • Page 27: Using A Memory Card Reader

    NOTE: You cannot print video clips using the method described in this section. You can, however, print a frame from a video clip using the HP Photosmart Software. For more information, see Help in the HP Photosmart Software. 1. Check that the printer is turned on, there is paper in the printer, and there are no printer error messages.
  • Page 28 5. After the printer has printed all the images you selected, disconnect the camera from the printer. NOTE: If you connect the camera to a non-HP printer and encounter problems with printing, contact your printer manufacturer. HP does not provide customer support for non-HP printers.
  • Page 29: Using Hp Photosmart Express

    “Buying prints online” on page images” on page 29) the next time you connect the camera to your computer or printer. You must have the HP Photosmart Software installed on your computer to use some features in the software, see “Install the software”...
  • Page 30 5. When you are done marking images for printing, hold down disappears. 6. To print the marked images directly to a printer, see printer” on page “Transferring images with HP Photosmart Software” on page Using HP Photosmart Express 20). Photosmart Express Menu, use .
  • Page 31: Buying Prints Online

    Buying prints online You can mark images you want to order as prints. The next time you connect the camera to a computer with the HP Photosmart Software installed, you can order prints of the marked images online. 1. While in the Online, then press 2.
  • Page 32: Sending Images To Online Destinations

    “Setting up online 29). You . This option is available only if you have 20). . This option is available only if you have more “Transferring images with HP Photosmart to highlight Share, then to select each destination. “Tagging images as to select each destination.
  • Page 33: Using The Camera Setup Menu

    USB Configuration—Specifies how a computer recognizes the camera. See “Connecting to the computer” on page • Digital Camera (Default)—Recognizes the camera as a digital camera using PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). • Disk Drive—Recognizes the camera as a disk drive using MSDC (Mass Storage Device Class).
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    Known issues are often fixed with new releases of firmware. To optimize your digital photography experience, periodically check the Hewlett-Packard Technical Support website ( for updates to your camera's firmware, software, and drivers. How can I get professional-quality prints if I don’t have a photo printer?
  • Page 35 Try charging the batteries again after they have drained awhile. • If charging the batteries in an optional battery charger or when docked in an optional HP Photosmart dock does not work, replace the batteries. It takes the camera a long time to turn on. •...
  • Page 36 14). Auto Flash or Flash On and set the shooting mode to “Setting the flash” on page “Setting the flash” on page 18). 11). “Using the Picture 13). “Setting the flash” 13), or wait for “Digital zoom” “Using the...
  • Page 37 I have two memory cards that are the same size, but one stores many more pictures than the other. • Your memory card may contain files that are not images or videos recognized by the camera. Save any data on the memory card that you want to keep, then format the memory card (see •...
  • Page 38 Macintosh. Open the HP Photosmart Camera settings in System Preferences to make changes, or to view the camera software help. The HP Photosmart Software takes a long time before it is ready to transfer images from my camera.
  • Page 39: Camera Error Messages

    • Recharge the batteries. • Connect the camera to AC power via an optional HP Photosmart dock, then turn on the camera. • Replace the batteries. I am having a problem installing or using the HP Photosmart Software.
  • Page 40: 10 Product Support

    Support; firmware, software, and driver updates; support information Windows Vista support Getting assistance To get the best from your HP product, consult the following standard HP support offerings: 1. Consult the product documentation. • Review “Troubleshooting” on page 32 •...
  • Page 41: A Managing Batteries

    If you are turning on the camera only to view images, slide camera to start in • When transferring or printing images, place your camera in an optional HP Photosmart dock connected to AC power. Safety precautions for using batteries •...
  • Page 42: Power Indicators

    For more information about batteries, go to code AA-400. Managing batteries Description Battery level is low. Camera will soon power down. Battery is depleted. Camera will power down. Camera is operating on AC power. 39). “Top points and search on the...
  • Page 43: Recharging Nimh Batteries

    Want to recharge battery Recharging NiMH batteries You can recharge optional NiMH batteries with an optional HP quick recharger or with an optional HP Photosmart dock. For information about recharging NiMH batteries, as well as safety precautions when recharging, see the documentation that came with your HP quick recharger or HP Photosmart dock.
  • Page 44: B Specifications

    320 by 240 total pixel count, 24 frames/sec M630/M540 series: Diagonal 7.34 mm (1/2.5-inch, 4:3 format) CCD M440 series: Diagonal 7.12 mm (1/2.5-inch, 4:3 format) CCD 36 bit (12 bits by 3 colors). 36 bit images are transformed into an optimized 24 bit image and stored in the JPEG format.
  • Page 45: Memory Capacity

    0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F) at 15% to 85% relative humidity Storage: –30° to 65° C (–22° to 149° F) at 15% to 90% relative humidity Image Quality settings (see Image Quality “Memory capacity” 14), go to Memory capacity...
  • Page 46: Index

    9 brackets 9 focus lock 11 optimizing 10 format memory card 6 getting assistance 38 HP Photosmart Express 27 HP Photosmart Software 6 Image Display 3 Image Quality 14, 43 images Date & Time Imprint 15 Image Quality 14...
  • Page 47 print images 25, 27 prints, buy online 29 problems and solutions 32 record video clips 9 red-eye removal 19 Region 5 remaining pictures count 8 removing red eyes 19 resolution 42 reviewing images 17 safety precautions for batteries 39 selecting images for destinations 29, 30 selecting images for printing 27 Self-Timer...
  • Page 48 L2454A, L2455A, L2456A, L2457A, L2458A, L2459A (M630 series) Regulatory model: SNPRB-0704 (M440/M540 series) SNPRB-0705 (M630 series) Product options: HP Photosmart 2200 Camera Charging Dock (product number Q6262A, Regulatory Model SDCAB-0703) . Conforms to the following Product Specifications: Safety IEC/EN 60950-1:2001 IEC/EN 60825-1:1994+A1:2002+A2:2001 Class 1 LED...

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