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Introduction; Features; Unit Overview; Front Panel - Phonic PHA 4800 User Manual

Phonic pha 4800 headphone distribution amplifier user's manual
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Congratulations on your purchase of another quality
product! We hope your PHA4800 headphone distribution
amplifier proves itself to be a worthwhile investment
and provides you with years of dependable use. These
units were meticulously designed by skilled engineers to
provide you with up to 4 unique monitoring mixes, sent to
up to 12 sets of headphones simultaneously.
We know how eager you are to get started, however
we advise that you take the time to read through this
manual before storing it in an easy to remember place
for future reference. Within this manual you'll find helpful
information on the operation and treatment of your PHA


Professional multi-purpose headphones amplifier sys-
tem for stage and studio applications
Four independent high-power amplifier sections pro-
vide up to four stereo mixes
Each input/aux section can be separately set to cap-
ture individual demands for "more me mixing"
Multi-functional ST/2-CH switch on each channel
allows for either stereo playback or double mono
Ultra-musical high and low EQ per channel
Output level control with accurate 4-digit LED output
meter on each channel
One front and two rear stereo 1/4" TRS outputs per
Main stereo XLR and 1/4" TRS input and output
Ultra low-noise operational amplifiers for outstanding
audio performance
PHA 4800


Front Panel

1. Direct Input
Connecting any device's output to this balanced 1/4"
input will allow you to feed in an additional stereo device.
This signal has the same priority as the main signal, and
thus both will be heard simultaneously.
2. Master Level Control
This controls the level of the main inputs on the rear, as
well as the direct input jack on the front of the devices.
3. Input Level Meter
This 4-segment input meter gives users a visual
representation of the signals received by the PHA. When
the power is on, the ON LED will illuminate. To make the
most of your audio, set the level so this meter sits just
below the clip LED.
4. Output Level Meter
This 4-segment meter will allow you to see when your
channel's output between -0 and 0 dB, plus a red clip
LED. If the clip LED lights up, users are advised to turn
the output level control down slightly to help keep the
integrity of their audio.
5. L and R Mute Buttons
These buttons will allow you to mute their respective
input signals.
6. Headphone Outputs
This output, located on every headphone amp channel,
is used to connect to headphones to monitor that
particular channel's audio signal.

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Table of Contents

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