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Rear Pane - Phonic PHA 4800 User Manual

Phonic pha 4800 headphone distribution amplifier user's manual
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Table of Contents
7. AUX Input
The auxiliary input, located on each individual
headphone amp section, allows users to add an external
signal to the signal they're monitoring. Both the AUX and
the main signal will be heard in unison, depending on
how the balance control is adjusted.
8. Bass Control
This control allows users to boost or attenuate the low
frequency sounds of their audio by ±12 dB.
9. Treble Control
This control allows users to boost or attenuate the high
frequency sounds of their audio by ±12 dB.
10. Balance Control
This control will allow users to boost and attenuate the
main left and right signals, thereby governing the stereo
image of the signal. If the AUX input is in use, this control
will then allow users to adjust the balance of these two
signals that should be heard by the listener. Turning the
control to the left will attenuate the main signal and boost
the AUX signal, whereas turning it to the left will do the
11. Output Level Control
This control adjusts the outgoing left and right signal
level from each channel, which is sent to the headphone
12. Power Button
This button will turn the PHA4800 on and off. Make sure
the unit is off when connecting or disconnecting the
mains power.
Rear Panel
13. AC Power Inlet
This inlet is used to connect the
provided AC power cable, the other
end of which is connected to a
suitable power source. Check local
voltage levels are compatible before
attempting to use this device. The
power supply's fuse is imbedded in
this socket. If for some reason the
fuse blows, please remove the fuse
cover and replace it with another
suitable fuse.
14. Headphone Outputs
These outputs are used to connect to headphones with a
loading of 100 ohms or greater. The signal sent through
these outputs will be from the corresponding headphone
amp channels.
15. Main Outputs
These balanced XLR and 1/4" outputs are used to send
the main output signal of the PHA to external devices.
16. Main Inputs
These balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs are accept signals
from external devices, the signal of which can be used
for monitoring using the PHA headphone distribution
PHA 4800


Table of Contents

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