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RCA CD-9400 Owner's Manual

Pofessional series compact disc changer
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  Summary of Contents for RCA CD-9400

  • Page 1 owner’s manual Compact Disc Changer...
  • Page 2 INTRODUCING THE RCA CD-9400 Your RCA CD-9400 Compact Disc Changer is the next step in CD changer technology. It lets you load up to 101 CDs. This lets you select up to 100 CDs for continuous play and gives you more musical variety without your having to continually remove and load CDs.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This CD Changer is made and tested to meet exacting safety standards. It meets both UL and FCC requirements and complies with safety performance standards of the US Department of Health and Human Services. WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Storing a Pause within a Programmed Sequence for Recording to Cassette ... 14 Care and Maintenance ... 15 Caring for CDs ... 15 Caring for the CD-9400 ... 15 Precautions for Use ... 15 CD Care Tips ... 15 FCC Information ... 16 Troubleshooting ...
  • Page 5: Preparing Your Cd Changer

    PREPARING YOUR CD CHANGER CONNECTING THE CD CHANGER TO YOUR RECEIVER/AMPLIFIER Caution: Do not connect the CD changer to AC power until you complete all other connections. Select a location for your CD changer that is near your receiver/amplifier and a standard AC outlet. Plug one end of the supplied audio cable into the CD changer’...
  • Page 6: Installing The Remote Control'sbatteries

    INSTALLING THE REMOTE CONTROL’S BATTERIES Your CD changer’ s remote control requires two AA batteries (not supplied) for power. We recommend alkaline batteries, available from your local RadioShack store. l. Press in the battery compartment cover’ s latch and lift off the cover.
  • Page 7: Basic Operating Instructions

    BASIC OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Warning: To protect your hearing, set the volume on your receiver or amplifier to its lowest level before you load and play a CD. Caution: Do not set the volume on your receiver or amplifier too high while playing soft or quiet portions of a music program.
  • Page 8: Loading A Cd In The Single Play Slot

    0 on the remote control. The display shows the disc number as P0. USING THE DEMO The demo showcases the features of your CD-9400 and its display. To turn on the demo, press 4 1 within SINGLE PLAY/ second of turning on the CD changer.
  • Page 9: Playing Cds

    PLAYING CDS To select a CD, enter its number on the remote control, then within 5 seconds. You can also use 2 press DISC SET 3 (or 2 3 on the remote) to step through NUMBER DISC the disc numbers until you reach the desired CD. (Hold down either button for a rapid search.) If the position you select does not have a CD, the CD changer displays no disc and plays the next CD.
  • Page 10: Checking The Time Remaining And Elapsed On A Cd

    CHECKING THE TIME REMAINING AND ELAPSED ON A CD The display normally shows the current CD and track numbers, and the current track’ s elapsed play time. Press on the remote control once during play to DISPLAY display the current track’ s remaining time. Press again to display the current CD’...
  • Page 11: Special Features

    SPECIAL FEATURES QUICKLY SELECTING TRACKS When the CD changer is stopped or paused, press 4 1 or ¡ ¢ (or 4 or ¢ on the remote control) until the CD changer displays the desired track’ s number. Or, enter the track number using the remote control’ s number buttons, then press TRACK SET If you use this feature while a CD plays, the CD changer...
  • Page 12: Storing Your Best Tracks

    STORING YOUR BEST TRACKS You can save up to 20 tracks in a special best memory, and then replay them at any time. To save a track in best memory, just press while that track is playing. BEST BEST flashes three times. To play the tracks you have saved in best memory, press while the changer is stopped.
  • Page 13: Playing Tracks In Random Order

    PLAYING TRACKS IN RANDOM ORDER With play stopped, press RANDOM appears on RANDOM. the display, and random play starts in the selected play mode. SINGLE - randomly plays all of the current CD’ s tracks. Once all the CD’ s tracks have played, the CD changer stops. ALL - selects a track from a CD and plays the track, then repeatedly selects another CD and plays another track.
  • Page 14: Programming A Sequence While A Cd Is Playing

    Programming a Sequence while a CD is Playing While the CD changer is playing, you can program a sequence of tracks, but not an entire CD. Press during play, then select the CD and track using the remote control’ s number buttons and press When the current track finishes playing or you PGM.
  • Page 15: Care And Maintenance

    • CDs that this changer can play have this mark on them: • The CD-9400 has a wide dynamic range. As a result, if you turn your amplifier’ s volume up too high during low-volume sections of a program, you might damage your speakers when a sudden loud passage is produced.
  • Page 16: Fcc Information

    FCC INFORMATION This equipment complies with the limits for a Class B digital device as specified in Part 15 of FCC Rules. These limits provide reasonable protection against radio and TV interference in a residential area. However, your CD changer might cause TV or radio interference even when it is operating properly.
  • Page 17: Index To Features By Control Name

    INDEX TO FEATURES BY CONTROL NAME This table lists the control names found on the front of your receiver and on the remote control, along with the page number where the control is discussed. ASMS 4 and ¢ ASMS/SEARCH 4 1 and¡ ¢ CLEAR DISC HI-LITE SCAN...
  • Page 18: Self-Diagnostics

    SELF-DIAGNOSTICS The CD-9400 has a self-diagnostic function. When the CD changer detects an abnormal condition, it displays an error number on the display. If this happens, try the suggestion shown. If the error number still appears, take the CD changer to your local RadioShack store for assistance.
  • Page 19: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Audio Frequency Response ... 2-20,000 Hz Wow and Flutter ... Limit of Measurement (0.001% or less, EIAJ) Disc Diameter ... 3- and 5-inch Power Requirements ... 120 V AC, 60 Hz Power Consumption ... 12 Watts Size (HWD) ... 7 10/16 x 16 9/l6 x 15 l3/l6 Inches (193 x 420 x 402 mm) Weight ...
  • Page 20 Limited One-Year Warranty This product is warranted by RadioShack against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use for one (1) year from the date of purchase from RadioShack company-owned stores and authorized RadioShack franchisees and dealers. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN, RadioShack MAKES NO EXPRESS WARRANTIES AND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE DURATION OF THE WRITTEN LIMITED WARRANTIES CONTAINED HEREIN.