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In the interest of safety, we would recommend
the use of a cradle while using any form of
handsfree accessory.
While driving, we recommend that you use
voicemail wherever possible, and that you
listen to your messages when you are not in
the car. If you must make a handsfree call
when driving, keep it brief.
Do not place objects, including both installed
or portable wireless equipment, in the area
over the airbag or in the airbag deployment
area. An airbag inflates with great force. If the
airbag inflates, serious injury could result.

Electronic devices

Most modern electronic equipment is shielded
from RF energy.
However, certain electronic equipment may
not be shielded against the RF signals from
your device.
The Health Industry Manufacturers'
Association recommends that a minimum
separation of six (6") inches be maintained
between a phone and a pacemaker to avoid
potential interference with the pacemaker.
These recommendations are consistent
with the independent research by and
recommendations of Wireless Technology
If you have a pacemaker:
Always keep your ZenFone 6 more than
six inches (15cm) from your pacemaker
when turned on.
Do not carry your ZenFone 6 in your
breast pocket.


Table of Contents

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