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Magnetic Media; Other Safety Guidelines; Blasting Areas; Potentially Explosive Environments - Asus ZenPhone 6 User Manual

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Magnetic media

Magnetic fields generated by mobile devices
may damage data on magnetic storage
media, such as credit cards, computer discs
or tapes. Do not place your ZenFone 6 next
to such media.
You should never expose your ZenFone 6
to strong magnetic fields as this may cause
temporary malfunction.

Other Safety Guidelines

Regulations prohibit using your mobile device
while onboard an aircraft. Switch off your
ZenFone 6 before boarding an aircraft or turn
off the wireless connection.

Blasting areas

To avoid interfering with blasting operations,
turn your ZenFone 6 off when in a 'blasting
area' or in areas posted: "Turn off two-way
radio." Obey all signs and instructions.

Potentially explosive environments

Turn your ZenFone 6 off when in any area
with a potentially explosive environment and
obey all signs and instructions.
Sparks in such areas could cause an
explosion or fire resulting in bodily injury or
even death.


Table of Contents

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