Driving Safely - Asus ZenPhone 6 User Manual

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If cleaning is necessary, turn your
ZenFone 6 off and wipe carefully with a
soft, slightly damp (not wet) cloth. Use
a cotton swab to clean the camera lens.
Allow your ZenFone 6 to dry completely
before switching it on. Never use
solvents for cleaning.
If you are not going to use your
ZenFone 6 for some time, fully charge
the battery and store your ZenFone 6
in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
Your ZenFone 6 should be switched off
during storage. Recharge every 6 to 12
Never expose your ZenFone 6 to heat or
strong sunlight.
Never expose your ZenFone 6 to
moisture or liquids of any kind.
Do not place stickers that may block the
keypad or affect other components such
as the microphone, earpiece or camera
WARNING! Failure to follow these
instructions may lead to serious personal
injury and possible property damage.

Driving safely

Never use handheld phones while driving.
It is an offence, that while driving, to hold a
phone or cradle it in your neck at any point,
during the setup, making or taking of a phone
call, text message or any other data related
mobile communication. Use of fully installed
car kits are still permitted, as are the use of
alternate handsfree accessories.


Table of Contents

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