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Asus M307 M307 Owner's Manual

Asus cell phone owner's manual
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  Summary of Contents for Asus M307 M307

  • Page 1 ASUS M307...
  • Page 2: Preface

    Preface Congratulations on your purchase of an ASUS M307 mobile phone. Read this manual carefully and keep it in a safe place for future reference. About this manual Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this manual are correct and up to date.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions For your safety and to keep your phone in good operating condition, read the following tips and reminders carefully before using your phone. Do not use your phone while driving, unless you use an earphone or hands-free car kit.
  • Page 4 For use with battery: MANUFACTURER - WELLDONE for M307 Model. Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions. Switch off the phone when refueling. Do not use the phone near fuels or chemicals. Always keep the phone dry and free from dust.
  • Page 5: Copyright

    (including damages for loss of profits, loss of business, loss of use or data, interruption of business and the like), even if ASUS has been advised of the possibility of such damages arising from any defect or error in this manual or product.
  • Page 6: Package Contents

    Products and corporate names appearing in this manual may or may not be registered trademarks or copyrights of their respective companies, and are used only for identification or explanation and to the owners' benefit, without intent to infringe. Package contents The following illustration displays the package contents of your new phone.
  • Page 7: Welcome

    Welcome The M307 is a stylish and fashionable new phone from Asus, with all the functions and utilities to make it a useful tool in today's mobile world. The M307 comes equipped with a built-in camera, MMS/SMS messaging capability, organizer, Java games, audio player, WAP, GPRS, and a miniSD card slot.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Preface ... 2 About this manual ... 2 Safety Precautions ... 3 Copyright ... 5 Package Contents ... 6 Welcome ... 7 Contents ... 8 Overview of M307 ... 15 Rear View ... 16 Front View ... 16 Left View ... 16 Getting Started ...
  • Page 9 Delete a Contact ... 23 Edit Group ... 23 Set Up My Phone Number ... 24 Other Functions ... 24 Reject a Call ... 24 Speed Dial ... 24 Call Waiting ... 24 Hide My Number ... 24 Call Barring ... 24 Call Forwarding ...
  • Page 10 Date/Time ... 33 Language ... 33 Shortcut ... 33 LED ... 33 Auto Keyboard Lock ... 33 Greeting Text ... 34 Factory Settings ... 34 Firmware Upgrade ... 34 Manner ... 35 Personalized Manners ... 35 Idle Mode ... 35 Icons Introduction ...
  • Page 11 Adding Attachment ... 43 Sending MMS ... 43 MMS Settings ... 44 MMS Memory ... 44 MMS Outbox ... 44 Screen Display ... 46 Wallpaper ... 46 Wallpaper from built-in images ... 46 Wallpaper from user’s images ... 46 Idle Screen ... 46 Other Screen Setups ...
  • Page 12 Equalizer ... 58 Detail ... 58 Language Learning ... 58 Ringtone Settings ... 58 Composer ... 58 Keyboard and Notes Table ... 59 Other Functions of Composer ... 59 Other Options for Incoming Ringtone ... 60 Games ... 60 Java Settings ... 60 Network ...
  • Page 13 Currency Exchange ... 69 Stopwatch ... 70 Memory Status ... 70 Mass Storage ... 71 Installing the Handset Manager ... 72 Starting the Handset Manager ... 73 Main Panel ... 73 Settings, Information, and Online Help ... 74 Navigating the Handset Manager Tools ...
  • Page 15: Overview Of M307

    Overview of M307 Screen Left Soft Key: For the main menu display; lower left corner item selection Earphone Jack Call Key: For a call answering; call logs Camera Key Volume Key: For volume adjustment Charger / USB Port: For battery charge and computer connection Basic Functions Receiver Joystick Keys:...
  • Page 16: Rear View

    ASUS M307 Rear View Antenna Outer Speaker Battery Antenna Photoflash Camera Lens Outer Screen Left View Earphone Jack Front View Getting Started When registering with a service provider, users will receive a SIM card. The SIM card is a computer chip that enables phone...
  • Page 17: Sim & Battery Installation

    The SIM Card & Battery Installation 1. Push rightward and unlock the SIM card holder. 2. insert the SIM card in the correct orientation with the gold contacts facedown. 3. Reinstall the battery and press to snap it back into place. NOTE: •...
  • Page 18: Sim & Battery Uninstallation

    ASUS M307 The SIM card & Battery Uninstallation 1. T h e b a t t e r y compartment has a cover latch at the top. Push the latch forward. 2. Lift upward the battery to remove 3. Push rightward to unlock the SIM card holder and withdraw the SIM card from it.
  • Page 19: Battery Charging

    Battery Charging 1. Start Charging 1.Connect the charger to a wall outlet. 2.Connect the charger to the charger port at the bottom of the phone in a correct orientation. 3.The battery will then be charged, and the screen will display a charging animation. ㄅㄆ...
  • Page 20: Charging Complete

    ASUS M307 low, the phone will emit a double beep sound with a message “Battery Low” on the screen to alert users. 2. Charging Complete The screen will display a charged animation after the battery is fully charged. NOTE: The first-time battery charging will take 4 hours to complete.
  • Page 21: International Calls

    2. After the phone number is completed, press (left soft key) to save it to the phonebook. Or press connecting. 2. International Calls Long press (asterisk key) until the “+” is shown and, then enter the country code, the city or area code and phone number respectively.
  • Page 22: Phonebook

    ASUS M307 The display will also show the picture if users have set up earlier in the phonebook. 1. Users could just flip open the phone to answer the phone. 2. For answering the call by pressing any key, go to Settings > Call Settings > Answering Mode and select Any Key.
  • Page 23: Search A Contact

    2. Search a Contact Press to enter the phonebook and press Option to choose Quick Find or Name Search.To search a contact, enter the name of the contact or partial of it and possible contact names will show up. 3. Copy All Contacts Press to enter the phonebook and press Option to select Copy >...
  • Page 24: Set Up My Phone Number

    ASUS M307 The default group names in the phone is as the following: Friends, Family, Business, Colleagues, VIP, Normal, Internet. Users can edit the existed group names. 8. Set Up My Phone Number 1. Go to Settings > Phone Settings > My Phone Number >...
  • Page 25: Call Barring Options

    function. All options can be found in Settings > Phone Settings > Call Barring. NOTE: 1. The function of Call Barring needs support from users’ service provider. 2. The default Network Code password varies according to service providers. 3. Go to Settings > Phone Settings > Security >...
  • Page 26: Fixed Dialing

    ASUS M307 NOTE: The function of Call Forwarding needs supports from users’ service providers. After this function is activated, a icon will show on the display to remind users. 7. Fixed Dialing This function limits users to dial fixed phone numbers.
  • Page 27: Missed Calls

    The limit of the Call Log is 60 calls and 20 records for each missed call, dialed call, answered call. The previous history record will be dropped from the list when the quota is exceeded. 1. Missed Calls When there is a missed call, the screen will alert users with a missed call message.
  • Page 28: Clear Counters

    ASUS M307 Clear Counters Go to Calls > Call Cost > Clear Counters and key in PIN2 code. Press Users can use this function after a monthly phone bill comes out. NOTE: PIN2 code can only accept incorrect input three times and the SIM card will be locked after that.
  • Page 29: Call Filter

    Call Filter Call filter helps users avoid unwanted calls. Just put unwelcomed callers’ phone number on the Ignore List. Unwelcomed calls will be transferred to users’ voice mail or the busy signal will be heard depending on the service provider and users will be informed with a missed call message.
  • Page 30: Security

    ASUS M307 Security 1. PIN To protect users’ privacy and avoid personal information theft, users can activate PIN protection. In this way, users have to enter the PIN code before turning on the phone and use. 1. To activate PIN protection, go to Settings >...
  • Page 31: Text Input Methods

    2. Press the right soft key to delete a letter when mis-typing. 3. To enter symbols or spaces between words, press the asterisk key, and the symbol table will be shown. Use the Joystick Keys to navigate and select the needed symbol.
  • Page 32: Smart Text Entry

    ASUS M307 Smart Text Entry Smart text entry is a predictive text entry method. It uses a built-in dictionary to predict the word users are typing. Users can choose the correct word by pressing keys without selecting the right letters and obtain the words suggested by the phone.
  • Page 33: Common Settings

    Common Settings In the Settings section, users can customize their preference setup, such as ringtones, display settings, date/time or language. Date/Time Go to Settings > Phone Settings > Date/ Time. 1. Select Set Date/Time and key in with keypad. Press to confirm.
  • Page 34: Greeting Text

    ASUS M307 When the keyboard is locked, users can still press to answer the incoming call and operate other functions normally during the call. The keyboard will remain locked after users end or reject the call. Greeting Text Users can personalize the greeting text.
  • Page 35: Manner

    Manner In the Manner menu, users can select manners, including Normal, Meeting, Indoor, Outdoor, Custom and even further personalize and rename those manners. NOTE: Long press in the idle mode, users can enter the Manner menu directly. Personalized Manners 1. Go to Manner menu and press select Personalize.
  • Page 36: Icons Introduction

    ASUS M307 Icons Introduction Icon Discription signal strength call forwarding activated line 1 or line 2 selected ringtone enabled ringtone and vibrate disabled keyboard locked vibrate enabled alarm clock set text message received multimedia message received e-mail received in roaming...
  • Page 37: Main Menu

    Main Menu In the idle mode, press to enter the main menu and navigate with joysticks.Press to select an item. For exit from the main menu or sub-menu, simply press table beneath will introduce the icons and functions in the main menu. Icon Discription Network: Enables users to...
  • Page 38: Messages

    ASUS M307 Messages M307 supports SMS and MMS message service. SMS enables users to read, compose, send and receive text messages; while MMS allows users to receive and send multimedia messages. If the message quota is exceeded, users have to delete old messages for the new ones.
  • Page 39: Outbox

    NOTE: Users can use switch the input methods. 3. After the editing is over, press confirm and press > Send. 4. “Save to outbox” message will show up and press Yes to save it to outbox. Functions available when sending a SMS: Option Discription Send...
  • Page 40: Sms Memory

    ASUS M307 Option Service Center to modify the service center number Send Format to set up the send format: Implicit, Text, Fax, ERMES, Paging, X400 and E-mail Validity Period to set up the validity period for the message Common Words to edit common words Delivery Rpt.
  • Page 41: Cell Broadcast

    Cell Broadcast Cell broadcast can offer users messages about weather, latest news, or financial market. The broadcast has been defaultly set up, users only need to activate and use this function. Option Discription Activate to start or stop the function Topics to edit broadcast messages topic wished to receive...
  • Page 42: Other Functions

    ASUS M307 2. Press > Send. Key in messages and press to send. The reply messages will be saved in this chatting room. 3. Press to exit from the chatting room. 3. Other Functions Other functions of the chatting rooms available...
  • Page 43: Adding Image

    Adding Image 1. After the text part is done, press Add Image > 2. Locate the wanted image and press confirm the addition. 3. If users would like to edit or delete the image, simply press to Edit, set up Duration or Delete.
  • Page 44: Mms Settings

    ASUS M307 3. For more recipients, repeat the previous step. 4. Press > Send > Users can find a copy in the MMS Outbox. Other options for sending MMS: Option Discription Preview to preview the MMS Send to send the MMS...
  • Page 45 Option Discription View to view the content Send to send the message Delete to delete the selected MMS Delete All to delete all MMS Move to to move the MMS to Handset handset Move to to move the MMS to the Memory Card memory card Message...
  • Page 46: Screen Display

    ASUS M307 Screen Display 1. Wallpaper Wallpaper from built-in images 1. Go to Settings > Display Settings > Wallpaper > Main Wallpaper/ Sub Wallpaper. 2. Navigate upward and downward to browse the built-in images and select one. Press and press Wallpaper/ Sub Wallpaper.
  • Page 47: Camera

    Option Discription Backlight Timer set up the backlight time to save power Sleep Timer set up the sleep time to save power Camera M307 is equipped with a 2.0 mega pixel camera, which supports photo capture, continuous shots, video recording. Users can set the image and video files as the wallpaper or power on/off animation.
  • Page 48: Camera Settings

    ASUS M307 Option Discription Flash Switch: repeated presses can enable or disable the photoflash. Capture Timer: repeated presses can set up the delay seconds. Multi-Capture: repeated pressess can set up the number of shots. Storage Set.: repeated pressess can set up the storage position.
  • Page 49: Other Settings

    8. Photo Orientation: switch the orientation with left / right joystick keys. Options: Vertical, Horizontal. 9. Flash Switch: start or stop the flash with left / right joystick keys. 10. Capture Sounds: Sound 1-3 to choose from. 11. Storage Set.: set up the storage position with left / right joystick keys.
  • Page 50: Video Recorder Settings

    ASUS M307 Preview Effect: repeated pressescan switch different effect settings. Record Mode: repeated presses can switch different capture modes. Flash Switch: repeated presses can enable or disable the photoflash. Record Sound: repeated pressess can enable or disable the voice recording.
  • Page 51: Photo Editing

    Photo Editing 1. My Album The captured images will be saved in My Album. Go to Camera > My Album > Handset / Memory Card and select a picture for editing. Press to use the following function. Option Discription View to view the selected image Change View to change ways of browsing images, Thumbnail or Name...
  • Page 52: Private Album

    ASUS M307 2. Private Album Personal pictures can be saved in the Private Album. 1. Go to Media Center > Image Gallery > Private Album and enter password (default :1234) before viewing the pictures. 3. To move the images back to My Album, just press >...
  • Page 53: Video Playing

    NOTE: Users can also find My Video in Media Center > Animation. Video Playing Users can go to Camera > My Video. Select a video to and press to play it. During the video playing, users can use the following functions: Option Discription press...
  • Page 54: Mp3 Player

    ASUS M307 MP3 Player M307 is equipped with a high quality MP3 player for digital music files. Go to Media Center > MP3 Player and the interface on the right side will show up. Or, users can simply press center menu.
  • Page 55: Mp3 Player Settings

    3. MP3 Player Settings Go to Media Center > MP3 Player and press to use the following functions. Playlist Editor 1. Go to Media Center > MP3 Player and press to enter the Playlist Editor. 2. Press to use the functions below. Option Discription Play...
  • Page 56: Category

    ASUS M307 1. Go to Media Center > MP3 Player and press to select Playlist Manager. 2. Press to use the functions below. Option Discription Edit to edit the playlist Play Playlist to play all the songs on the playlist...
  • Page 57: My Favorite

    NOTE: Users can directly select songs and play in every category and save it as a playlist, which will be set up as the default playlist until users change the playlist. My Favorite Go to Media Center > MP3 Player and press to select My Favorite for the following functions.
  • Page 58: Equalizer

    ASUS M307 Equalizer Go to Media Center > MP3 Player > Equalizer. Users can apply different equalizers, including Normal, Classic, Pop, Bass, Rock and None. NOTE: Users can apply a different equalizer even when the music is playing. Detail Users can check the information about the songs in the option such as Name, Album, Title, Artist and etc.
  • Page 59: Keyboard And Notes Table

    5. When users finish composing, press > Save and key in a wanted file name. Press to confirm the composing and saving. Keyboard and Notes Table Discription Rest to prolong the note to shorten the note to rise the note an octave to add/ subtract a dotted note to flat a note or rise a semitone...
  • Page 60: Other Options For Incoming Ringtone

    ASUS M307 Other Options for Incoming Ringtone In addition to MP3 music or self-composed tunes, the incoming ringtone can be set up in other ways as following. 1. Music in Media Center > Music > Ringtone > Default Ringtone or Download Ringtone can all be set as the incoming ringtone.
  • Page 61: Network

    Network The built-in browser of M307, which supports WAP 1.2.1 and WAP 2.0 enables users to browse most WML WAP web pages. In addition to WAP, M307 also supports GPRS Multi-slot Class 10. Push Inbox enables users to get messages such as news website addresses or MMS information.
  • Page 62: Wap Settings

    ASUS M307 Option Discription GPRS Settings to change the APN, login name, and password in a GPRS type of connection GPRS Adv. Set. to change advance GPRS settings including data and header compression, authentication, and quality of service Message Server to set the message server...
  • Page 63: Network Selection

    Go to URL Show Address Bookmark Set Bookmark Save Image Edit About Exit Browser Network Selection When users’ M307 cannot receive signal but the service provider operate normally. First check the SIM card and see if it is broken. If there is nothing wrong with the SIM card, then users can try to connect to the network through manual setup.
  • Page 64: Alarm Setup

    ASUS M307 Alarm Setup M307 enables users to set up 5 alarm clock for wake up alarm or reminders for important schedules. 1. Go to Organizer > Alarm and press select one. Press following Alarm Setting. Option Discription Alarm Time...
  • Page 65: Calendar

    Calendar M307 can help users schedule important meetings, and appointments. Check the Calendar 1. Go to Organizer > Calendar, and navigate with joystick keys on the calendar. 2. Press volume adjustment keys on the left side to check the next or the previous month.
  • Page 66: Calculator

    ASUS M307 Calculator The calculator of M307 can help users with basic calculating jobs. Go to Organizer > Calculator to use the functions below. Function Keyboard number input the number keyboard the joystick keys Clear C/AC Back World Clock Go to Organizer > World Clock, users can check the time all over the world.
  • Page 67: Voice Recognition

    Option Discription Detail to check the detailed information of the recording Send MMS to send the recording via Voice Recognition Voice recognition allows users to do the Name Dialing or the Voice Command. Name Dialing Any words can be used as the command for the name dialing.
  • Page 68: Make A Call With Name Dialing68

    ASUS M307 NOTE: 1. The function of name dialing has nothing to do with language but the recorder’s voice 2. Please record the name dialing in a quiet surroundings. 3. Please use clear and specific names for each name dialing, and avoid similar names for different phone numbers.
  • Page 69: Give Voice Command

    7. Press to do the following operation. Option Discription Play to play the voice command Delete to delete the selected voice command Delete All to delete all voice commands Add Item to add a voice command item (users have to delete one before add one.) Delete Item to delete a voice command...
  • Page 70: Stopwatch

    ASUS M307 NOTE: Before using the function of currency exchange, users have to add rate first. 5. Press to use the following function. Option Discription Modify Rate to modify rate Delete Rate to delete rate List Currency to list the built-in currency...
  • Page 71: Mass Storage

    Mass Storage M307 supports mini SD card, so users can use the handset as a card reader for an easy file storage and transmission. 1. Connect the USB cable to the handset and the PC. 2. Go to Settings > Transmit > Mass Storage, and press to confirm.
  • Page 72: Installing The Handset Manager

    USB driver before installing the Handset Manager software. • To uninstall software, click the Add/ Remove Programs icon in the control panel. Select the ASUS M307 USB-Handset Manager from the list. Click the Remove button and follow the instructions on screen.
  • Page 73: Starting The Handset Manager

    2. A list of connection types appears in the handset window. Select COM Port. 3. Select Asus M307 USB-Handset Manager > Asus M307 USB-Handset Manager from the computer’s program list, OR Right click the phone icon in the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Page 74: Settings, Information, And Online Help

    Message clicking on the • Select Help Topics to open online help. You can also open online help from the program list: Asus M307 USB-Handset Manager > User’s Guide. • Under Settings, you can select whether Video to run the Handset Manager automatically when you start the computer.
  • Page 75: Navigating The Handset Manager Tools

    Navigating the Handset Manager Tools No matter which Handset Manager tool you are working with, you can access functions and commands in the following three ways. The Messages window is shown as an example. 1. Right-click to bring up the pop-up menu or click icons on the menu toolbar, OR 2.
  • Page 76: Transferring Files To And From The Handset

    ASUS M307 • The left preview pane shows a preview of the files you select. A drop-down menu on the left lets you select the location of phone files. Select Handset or Memory Card. • Thumbnails of files in the phone are shown in the lower left pane.
  • Page 77: Handset Manager Folder Location

    Handset Manager Folder Location The Handset Manager creates a default folder in the My Documents folder in Windows. Find this folder in My Documents > Mobile Action > Handset Manager. There are also sub-folders for the different types of files you can work with in the Handset Manager.
  • Page 78 ASUS M307...

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