Safety Information - Asus ZenPhone 6 User Manual

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Safety information

ZenFone 6 care
Do not leave your ZenFone 6 exposed
to strong sunlight or excessive heat for a
prolonged period. This may damage it.
Do not handle your ZenFone 6 device
with wet hands or expose it to moisture
or liquids of any kind. Continuous
changes from a cold to a warm
environment may lead to condensation
inside your ZenFone 6, resulting in
corrosion and possible damage.
When traveling, avoid packing the
device inside a suitcase. Cramming
the device into a suitcase may crack
the LCD display. Remember to switch
off your wireless connection during air
Use your ZenFone 6 in an environment
with ambient temperatures between
-10 °C (14 °F) and 35 °C (95 °F).
IMPORTANT! To provide electrical
insulation and maintain electrical safety,
a coating is applied to insulate the ASUS
ZenFone 6 body except on the sides where
the I/O ports are located.


Table of Contents

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