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Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL User Manual

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Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL

  • Page 1 ZE520KL User Guide...
  • Page 2: Care And Safety

    Use only AC adapters and cables approved by ASUS for use with this device. Refer to the rating label on the bottom of your device and ensure that your power adapter complies with this rating.
  • Page 3: Proper Disposal

    DO NOT throw this product in fire. DO NOT short circuit the contacts. DO NOT disassemble this product. WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. ZenTalk Fans Forum (
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Lock Screen .........................30 Customizing your lock screen ......................30 Customizing the quick access buttons ..................31 Fingerprint ID sensor ....................32 Starting your ASUS phone for the first time ................32 Setting up fingerprint ID from Settings ..................33 Work hard, play harder Chrome ........................35 Launching Chrome ..........................35...
  • Page 5 The Cloud ........................42 ASUS WebStorage ..........................42 ZenFone Care ......................43 Keeping in touch Call in style ........................44 Dual SIM feature ...........................44 Making calls ............................46 Receiving calls ............................49 Other call options ..........................51 Managing multiple calls ........................52 Recording calls .............................55 Managing contacts .....................56 Contacts Settings ..........................56...
  • Page 6 Connecting to a Wi-Fi network .......................85 Disabling Wi-Fi ............................85 Bluetooth® ........................85 Enabling Bluetooth® ...........................85 Pairing your ASUS Phone to a Bluetooth® device ..............86 Unpairing your ASUS Phone from the Bluetooth® device ............86 Tethering ........................87 Wi-Fi Hotspot ............................87 Bluetooth Tethering ..........................88 Travel and Maps Weather ........................89...
  • Page 7: Basics

    Explore the intuitive simplicity of ASUS Zen UI 3.0! ASUS Zen UI 3.0 is a charming and intuitive interface exclusively for ASUS Phones. It provides you with special apps, which are integrated in or with other apps, to fit your unique individual needs and make your life easier while letting you have fun with your ASUS Phone.
  • Page 8: Get Your Asus Phone Ready

    • To avoid network connection and battery issues: • DO NOT place a metallic sticker on the antenna area. • DO NOT use a metallic protective frame/case on your ASUS Phone. • D O NOT cover the antenna area with your hands or other objects while using some functions such as making calls or using the mobile data connection. • We recommend that you use ASUS-compatible screen protectors. Using non-ASUS-compatible screen protectors may cause your ASUS Phone's sensor to malfunction. NOTES: • The USB Type-C port supports USB 2.0 transfer rate. • The Micro SIM / Nano SIM card slots support LTE GSM, WCDMA, and GSM/EDGE network bands. • The MicroSD card slot supports MicroSD and MicroSDHC card formats. IMPORTANT! • We do not recommend using a screen protector as it can interfere with the proximity sensor. If you want to use a screen protector, ensure that it does not block the proximity sensor.
  • Page 9 Your ASUS Phone comes with one Micro SIM and one Nano SIM card slot that allow you to set up and use two mobile network services without having to carry two mobile devices at the same time.
  • Page 10 Removing a Micro SIM / Nano SIM card CAUTION: Be extra careful when handling a Micro SIM / Nano SIM card. ASUS is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred to your Micro SIM / Nano SIM card.
  • Page 11: Installing A Memory Card

    CAUTION! Be extra careful when handling a memory card. ASUS is not responsible for any data loss or damage incurred to your memory card.
  • Page 12: Removing A Memory Card

    Removing a memory card CAUTION! • Be extra careful when handling a memory card. ASUS is not responsible for any data loss or damage incurred to your memory card. • Eject the memory card properly to safely remove it from device. To eject the memory card, tap > Settings > Storage&USB, then under Portable storage, click beside SD card. To remove a memory card: 1. Turn off your device. 2. Push a pin into the hole on the Micro SIM, Nano SIM / MicroSD combo card slot to eject the tray out.
  • Page 13 Charging your ASUS Phone Your ASUS Phone comes partially charged but you must charge it fully before using it for the first time. Read the following important notices and cautions before charging your device. IMPORTANT! • Use only the bundled AC power adapter and USB Type-C cable to charge your ASUS Phone. Using a different AC power adapter and cable may damage your device.
  • Page 14 ASUS Phone. • The input voltage range between the wall outlet and this adapter is AC 100V - 240V. The output voltage of the device +5V 2A, 10W. 4. When fully-charged, disconnect the USB cable from your ASUS Phone first before unplugging the AC power adapter from the power outlet. NOTES: • You can use your device while charging but it may take longer to fully charge the device.
  • Page 15: Sleep Mode

    Turning your ASUS Phone on or off Turning your device on To turn your device on, press and hold the power button until your device vibrates and starts up. Turning your device off To turn your device off: 1. If your screen is turned off, press the power button to turn it on. If your screen is locked, unlock the device screen.
  • Page 16: Starting For The First Time

    Wi-Fi, sync accounts, and configure your location services. Use your Google or ASUS account to set up your device, if you do not have a Google or ASUS account yet, go ahead and create one.
  • Page 17 Battery power conservation tips The battery charge is the lifeline of your ASUS Phone. Here are some battery power conservation tips that helps preserve the power of your ASUS Phone battery. – Close all running apps that are not in use.
  • Page 18: Using The Touchscreen

    Using the touchscreen Use these gestures on the touchscreen to launch apps, access some settings, and navigate your ASUS Phone. Launching apps or selecting items Do any of the following: • To launch an app, simply tap on it. • To select an item such as in File Manager app, simply tap on it. Moving or deleting items Do any of the following: • To move an app or widget, tap and hold then drag it to the location where you want it to be. • To delete an app or widget from the Home screen, tap and hold then drag it up to Remove. Chapter 1: Basics...
  • Page 19: Moving Through Pages Or Screens

    Moving through pages or screens Do any of the following: • Swipe your finger to the left or to the right to switch between screens or to flip through a Gallery of images. • Scroll your finger up or down to go through web pages or list of items. Zooming in Spread apart your two fingers on the touch panel to zoom in an image in Gallery or Maps, or zoom in a web page. Chapter 1: Basics...
  • Page 20: Zooming Out

    Zooming out Bring together your two fingers on the touch panel to zoom out an image in Gallery or Maps, or zoom out of a web page. NOTE: You may not be able to zoom in/out of some web pages as these pages may have been designed specifically to fit your mobile screen.
  • Page 21: There's No Place Like Home

    There’s no place like Home There’s no place like Home Zen Home features Home screen Get reminders of important events, app and system updates, weather forecasts, and text messages from people who really matter to you, right from your Home screen. Swipe down this area once to display System notifications Swipe down this area twice to display Quick settings Tap to display Time settings...
  • Page 22 Understanding notification icons These icons are shown on the status bar and will guide you of the current status of your ASUS Phone. Mobile network Shows the signal strength of your mobile network. SIM card 1 Shows that a micro SIM card is inserted into the micro SIM card slot.
  • Page 23: Quick Settings

    ASUS Phone. Each of these features are represented by a button. To launch the Quick settings panel, swipe down from the upper right corner of your ASUS Phone. NOTE: A blue button indicates that the feature is currently enabled while a gray button indicates a disabled feature.
  • Page 24: System Notifications

    To add or remove existing buttons from the ASUS Quick Settings notification panel: 1. Launch Quick settings then tap 2. Tap the box beside the feature to add or remove it from the ASUS Quick Setting Notification Panel. NOTE: A checked box indicates that the feature's button is accessible via the ASUS Quick Settings Notification Panel while an unchecked box means the opposite.
  • Page 25: Personalizing Your Home Screen

    Personalizing your Home screen Stamp your own personality on your Home screen. Select an attractive design as your wallpaper, add shortcuts for quick access to your favorite apps, and add widgets for a quick review of important info. You can also add more pages so you can add and quickly access or view more apps or widgets on your Home screen.
  • Page 26: Wallpapers

    Grouping your app shortcuts in a folder Create folders to organize your app shortcuts on your Home screen. 1. On your Home screen, tap and drag an app onto another app and a folder will appear with an automatically assigned name. 2.
  • Page 27: Easy Mode

    Easy Mode Navigate your ASUS Phone better with Easy Mode, an intuitive interface with large icons, buttons, and font size for better readability and easier user experience . You can also quickly do your core tasks such as making calls, sending messages, and more in Easy Mode.
  • Page 28: Adding Shortcuts

    Adding shortcuts In Easy Mode, you can add up to thirty six (36) app shortcuts on the Home screen. 1. Swipe to the right of the Home screen, then tap 2. From the All apps screen, select the app that you want to add to the list. Removing shortcuts Do the following: 1.
  • Page 29: Setting Up The Date And Time

    Set up the sound for your phone ringtone, notifications such as text messages, emails, and event alerts. You can also choose to enable or disable the dial pad touch tones, touch sounds, screen lock sound, or you can choose to have your ASUS Phone vibrate when you tap on it. To set up the sound settings: 1. Launch the Settings screen by doing any of the following:...
  • Page 30: Lock Screen

    2. Scroll down the Settings screen and select Lock screen. 3. In the next screen, tap Screen lock. 4. Tap the screen lock option you would like to use. NOTE: For more details, see Securing your ASUS Phone. Chapter 2: There’s no place like Home...
  • Page 31: Customizing The Quick Access Buttons

    Customizing the quick access buttons By default, your lock screen includes quick access buttons for these apps: Phone, Messaging, and Camera. Change this default settings and customize these buttons to launch other apps on the lock screen using the following steps: 1. Launch Quick settings then tap 2. Scroll down the Settings screen and select Lock screen. 3. Tap Quick Access under Display. 4.
  • Page 32: Fingerprint Id Sensor

    Fingerprint ID sensor Fingerprint ID sensor prevents others from using your ASUS phone without your permission. You can use your fingerprint to unlock your device, access your phone calls and data. When you set up your fingerprint ID, you also need to set up your screen lock method for device startup.
  • Page 33: Setting Up Fingerprint Id From Settings

    Setting up fingerprint ID from Settings To set up your fingerprint ID from Settings: 1. Ensure that the fingerprint scanner and your finger are clean and dry. 2. Launch the Settings screen by doing any of the following: • Launch Quick settings then tap • > Settings. 3. Scroll down the Settings screen and select Fingerprint. 4.
  • Page 34 5. Tap Manage Fingerprints and select the screen lock option you would like to use, and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the screen lock function. NOTE: For more details, see Securing your ASUS Phone. 6. Click Add a fingerprint.
  • Page 35: Work Hard, Play Harder

    If you don’t have a Google account, register for one. NOTE: For details on creating a Google account, see Gmail. IMPORTANT! Before doing any Internet surfing or Internet-related activities, ensure that your ASUS Staying connected.
  • Page 36: Adding A New Tab

    3. Tap the account or app that you want to use as medium in sharing the page. Clearing the browsing data Clear the browsing data that are temporarily stored in your ASUS Phone to improve the loading performance of your Chrome browser. The browsing data includes browsing history, cache, cookies/site data, saved passwords, and autofill data.
  • Page 37: Gmail

    4. Enter your email address. To create a new Google account, tap Or create a new account. 5. Follow the next steps to sign in to your Google account. NOTE: If you want to set up your work account on your ASUS Phone, ask for the email settings from your network administrator.
  • Page 38: Google Calendar

    Google Calendar Bring your schedule to life and keep track of all your important events or reminders. Events that you create or edit will automatically sync with all Google Calendar versions that you’ve logged into. Creating events To create an event: 1. From the Home screen, tap Google > Calendar. then tap Event.
  • Page 39: Creating Reminders

    Creating reminders To create a reminder: 1. From the Home screen, Google > Calendar. 2. Tap then tap Reminder. 3. Enter your reminder name and tap DONE. 3. Set the date and time for the reminder. You may set the reminder as an all-day or recurring reminder.
  • Page 40: Do It Later

    Calling later You can set a task to call someone at your convenient time from the Do It Later. To call later: 1. From the Home screen, tap ASUS > Do It Later. 2. Tap then tap 3. Find the contact that you want to call later.
  • Page 41: Deleting To-Do Tasks

    To access the internal storage: 1. Tap ASUS > File Manager. 2. Tap > Internal storage to view the contents of your ASUS Phone then tap an item to select. Accessing the external storage device To access the external storage device: 1. Insert the MicroSD card into your ASUS Phone.
  • Page 42: The Cloud

    Cloud account such as ASUS WebStorage, Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. ASUS WebStorage Register for or sign in to ASUS WebStorage and get free cloud storage. Automatically upload newly captured photos for instant sharing, sync files among different devices, or share files via your ASUS WebStorage account.
  • Page 43: Zenfone Care

    ZenFone Care Find answers from FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) or directly interact with other Zen UI users to find and share solutions about ZenUI 3.0 apps. To access ZenFone Care: 1. Tap > ZenFone Care 2. Tap ZenUI FAQs, then select the app that you want to find answers for. Chapter 3: Work hard, play harder...
  • Page 44: Keeping In Touch

    Renaming your SIM cards Change the names of your micro SIM / Nano SIM cards on your ASUS Phone so that you can identify them easily. To change the names of your SIM cards, tap SIM1 name: SIM1 or SIM2 name: SIM2 then key in the names for your SIM cards.
  • Page 45 Assign a SIM card as your preferred SIM for voice calls and data services. SIM card for voice calls When you make a call, your ASUS Phone automatically uses the preferred SIM card to connect the call. To assign a SIM card for voice calls, tap Voice call then tap the SIM card that you want to use.
  • Page 46: Making Calls

    Making calls Your ASUS Phone offers you many ways to make a call. Call your friends from your contacts list, smart dial to quickly place a call, or enter a speed-dial number to call your frequently-called contact. NOTE: Organize your contacts in the Contacts app. For details, see Managing contacts.
  • Page 47 Auto-dialing an extension number You can insert a short or long pause after dialing the main number, then the extension number is dialed automatically. 1. From the Phone app, enter the main number. 2. To insert a pause, tap and hold * until a comma (,) appears. 3.
  • Page 48: Home Dialing

    Deleting a speed dial entry To delete a speed dial entry: 1. From the Phone app, tap > Speed dial to launch the Speed Dial screen. 2. Tap and hold a speed dial entry, then tap Remove. 3. Tap OK on the confirmation message. Replacing a speed dial entry You can replace the contact assigned to a speed dial key with another contact.
  • Page 49: Receiving Calls

    3. Tap to end the call. Receiving calls The touch screen of your ASUS Phone lights up when there is an incoming call. The display of the incoming call also varies, depending on the status of your ASUS Phone. Answering calls There are two ways to answer a call depending on the status of your ASUS Phone: • If your device is active, tap Answer or to reject a call, tap Dismiss.
  • Page 50: Blocking Calls

    2. Select a call log, then tap > Call later. 2. To retrieve the call, tap ASUS > Do It Later from the Home screen. Blocking calls You can add a number or call from your call log to your block list.
  • Page 51: Other Call Options

    Other call options During an active call, tap and tap any of the possible call options for when a call is in progress. Microphone Turns the microphone for the active call on or off. When the microphone is off or in mute mode, you can hear the caller but the caller can’t hear you.
  • Page 52: Managing Multiple Calls

    Managing multiple calls Your ASUS Phone provides you the convenience of making or taking two calls. You can also set up a conference call that suits for business meetings, party lines, and other group calls. Answering another call While you are talking on your ASUS Phone, you can hear a beeping sound, indicating of another incoming call.
  • Page 53: Setting Up A Conference Call

    Setting up a conference call Your ASUS Phone, together with its GSM capability, can set up a conference call of up to five (5) people. During a call, you can add more contacts and merge all calls into one conference call.
  • Page 54: Managing A Conference Call

    Managing a conference call During the conference call, you can separate the contact from the conference group for private conversation, or disconnect a contact from the conference call. 1. From the Conference call screen, tap Manage conference call to open a list of contacts in the conference call.
  • Page 55: Recording Calls

    Recording calls Your ASUS Phone allows you to record a conversation for future reference or information. 1. Call a contact or dial a number. 2. Tap to record the call. IMPORTANT! Before recording a call, ensure that you ask for permission from the other party or parties.
  • Page 56: Managing Contacts

    1. Launch the Contacts app then tap Set up my profile or ME. NOTE: ME appears when you’ve set up your Google account on your ASUS Phone. 2. Fill in your info such as mobile or home number. To add other info, tap Add another field.
  • Page 57: Adding Contacts

    Adding contacts Add contacts to your device, corporate, Google, or other email accounts and fill in more important contact information such as contact numbers, email addresses, special events for VIPs, and more. 1. Launch the Contacts app then tap 2. Select Device. NOTES: • You can also save the contact to your SIM card or an email account.
  • Page 58: Setting Up Your Vips

    Customizing your contact’s profile Edit your contact’s info, add a photo, set a ringtone, or take a photo as a cover for your contact’s profile. 1. Launch the Contacts app then select the contact whose info or profile you want to edit or customize.
  • Page 59: Marking Your Favorite Contacts

    • You can also set a favorite contact as a VIP. For more details, refer to the section Setting up your VIPs. Importing contacts Import your contacts and their respective data from one contact source to your ASUS Phone, email account, or a micro SIM card. 1. Tap ASUS > Contacts then tap > Manage contacts. 2. Tap Import/export then select from the following importing options: a.
  • Page 60: Exporting Contacts

    Exporting contacts Export your contacts to any of the storage accounts in your ASUS Phone. 1. Tap ASUS > Contacts then tap > Manage contacts. 2. Tap Import/export then select from the following exporting options: a. Export to SIM 1 card/Export to SIM 2 card b. Export to storage 3. Tap to select the contacts from the following accounts:...
  • Page 61: Social Networking With Your Contacts

    IMPORTANT! Before you can integrate social network accounts of your contacts, you need to log in to your social network account and sync its settings. Syncing your social network account Sync your social network account to add the social network accounts of your contacts to your ASUS Phone. 1. Do any of the following to launch the Settings app: •...
  • Page 62: Linking Your Contacts' Info

    2. Tap then tap Backup call log. 3. Tap Backup call log to device to save the call log backup in your ASUS Phone. To email the call log backup, tap Backup call log to device and send out. 4. Key in a backup file name then tap OK. After the backup is successful, tap OK.
  • Page 63: Call Settings

    Set up the ringtone for your SIM 1 or SIM 2 card. Vibrate when ringing Tick when you want your ASUS Phone to vibrate when it rings. Call forwarding Use this feature if you want to send calls to another number on any of these conditions: Always forward, Forward when busy, Forward when unanswered, and Forward when unreachable.
  • Page 64: Send Messages And More

    Send messages and more Google Messenger Google Messenger, an intuitive and delightful app, lets you send/receive SMS/MMS messages, as well as send group texts, photos, or audio messages. You can add emojis or stickers to your messages, share your location, archive your messages, and easily block SMS senders. You can also take photos or record videos and easily share these files.
  • Page 65: Fun And Entertainment

    Fun and entertainment Fun and entertainment Using a headset Have the freedom to do other things while you’re in a call or enjoy listening to your favorite music, using a headset. Connecting the audio jack Insert the 3.5mm headset jack into the audio port of your device. WARNING! • Do not insert other objects into the audio jack port.
  • Page 66: Google Play Music

    Sign in to your Google or Gmail account to be able to use Google Play Music. Once you've signed in to your acccount, all music files on your ASUS Phone, including the uploaded or purchased ones from Google Play, are added to your library.
  • Page 67: Fm Radio

    FM Radio Listen to your favorite local radio stations using your ASUS Phone. 1. Connect the bundled headset with your ASUS Phone. 2. Tap > FM Radio. Tap and select any of these three options: Turn on speaker, Sleep timer, and Band Selection Tap to turn off the FM Radio...
  • Page 68: Scanning For Local Stations

    Scanning for local stations To scan for stations in your area, tap to automatically scan for your local radio stations. The available local stations are displayed on the FM Radio screen. Tuning to another frequency Do the following if you want to listen to a specific radio station: 1. From the FM Radio app, tap the current radio station. 2.
  • Page 69: Your Precious Moments

    Tutorial If it is your first time to use your ASUS Phone’s camera, you will encounter the following tutorial screen after launching the Camera app. Refer to the following steps to proceed from this screen. 1. On the Tutorial screen, tap Skip if you want to skip viewing or Start to view the basic tutorial about using Camera.
  • Page 70: Camera Home Screen

    Your ASUS Phone’s camera is equipped with auto-scene detection and auto-image stabilizer features. It also features a video stabilization function that helps prevent shakiness while video recording. Tap the icons to start using your camera and explore the image and video features of your ASUS Phone. Adjust settings...
  • Page 71: Image Settings

    Image settings Adjust the appearance of your captured images by configuring your camera’s settings using the steps below. IMPORTANT! Apply the settings first before taking images. 1. On the camera’s home screen, tap > 2. Scroll down and configure the available options. Image Configure the image quality using these options.
  • Page 72: Video Settings

    Video settings Adjust the appearance of your recorded videos by configuring your camera’s settings using the steps below. IMPORTANT! Apply the settings first before taking images. 1. On the camera’s home screen, tap > 2. Scroll down and configure the available options. Image Configure the video quality using these options.
  • Page 73: Advanced Camera Features

    Have fun during and after taking photos of your family and friends using the Beautification feature of your ASUS Phone. When enabled, this feature allows you to make live beauty enhancements on your subject’s face before you press the shutter button.
  • Page 74: Low Light

    Take well-lit photos even on night time or on low-light situations using the Night feature of your ASUS Phone. NOTE: Keep your hands steady while before and while the ASUS Phone is capturing the image to prevent blurry results. Capturing Night photos 1.
  • Page 75: Gif Animation

    > Selfie. 3. Tap to choose how many people should be included in the photo. 4. Use the rear camera to detect faces and wait for your ASUS Phone to start beeping, counting down until it captures the photo. 5. Tap to save the photo.
  • Page 76: Time Rewind

    Simulate the tilt-shift effect of DSLR lenses via the Miniature feature. Using this feature allows you to focus on specific areas of your subject, adding a bokeh effect that can be used on both photos and video using your ASUS Phone. Capturing Miniature photos 1.
  • Page 77: Smart Remove

    Time lapse The time lapse video feature of your ASUS Phone allows you to capture stills for automatic time lapse playback. In effect, events seem to move in a fast-forward manner though they actually occured and were recorded between long intervals.
  • Page 78: Using The Gallery

    View images and play videos on your ASUS Phone using the Gallery app. This app also allows you to edit, share, or delete image and video files stored in your ASUS Phone. From Gallery, you can display images in a slideshow or tap to view the selected image or video file.
  • Page 79: Viewing The Photo Location

    Viewing the photo location Enable the location access on your ASUS Phone, and get the location details on your photos. Your photos’ location details include the area where the photos are taken, as well a map of the location via Google Map or Baidu (in China only).
  • Page 80: Sharing Files From The Gallery

    Editing images The Gallery also features its own image editing tools that you can use to enhance images saved on your ASUS Phone. 1. From the Gallery screen, tap the folder where the files are located. 2. After opening the folder, tap the image you want to edit.
  • Page 81: Using Minimovie

    Using MiniMovie Turn photos into a theme-designed movie or general slideshow video using the MiniMovie app. To create a MiniMovie: > MiniMovie to launch the MiniMovie app. 1. From your Home screen, tap 2. Tap Allow to allow MiniMovie to access the photos in your phone. 3.
  • Page 82 5. Select the folder containing the photos for the movie or slideshow that you want to create. Tap to select photos from the cloud services Tap to select a photo folder Tap to select a photo and tap again to deselect it Tap to deselect the selected photos...
  • Page 83: Photocollage

    PhotoCollage Use the PhotoCollage app to create a collage from your collection of photos. from your Home screen then tap PhotoCollage. To launch the PhotoCollage app, tap Tap to create magazine-style collages Tap to use more photo effects Tap to create collages with differents grids Tap to design your own stickers Tap to get more stickers Chapter 6: Your precious moments...
  • Page 84: Staying Connected

    • For more details on your mobile network charges/fees and setttings, contact your mobile service provider. Wi-Fi The Wi-Fi technology of your ASUS Phone gets you connected to the wireless world. Update your social media accounts, browse the Internet, or exchange data and messages wirelessly from your ASUS Phone. Enabling Wi-Fi 1. Launch the Settings screen by doing any of the following:...
  • Page 85: Connecting To A Wi-Fi Network

    Quick Settings screen. Bluetooth® Use the Bluetooth feature of your ASUS Phone to send or receive files and stream multimedia files with other smart devices over short distances. With Bluetooth, you can share your media files with your friends’ smart devices, send data for print with a Bluetooh printer, or play music files with a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Page 86: Pairing Your Asus Phone To A Bluetooth® Device

    Pairing your ASUS Phone to a Bluetooth® device Before using the Bluetooth feature of your ASUS Phone in full scale, you have to pair it first with the Bluetooth device. The ASUS Phone automatically stores the pairing connection of the Bluetooth device.
  • Page 87: Tethering

    Tethering When Wi-Fi service is not available, you can use your ASUS Phone as a modem or turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot to get Internet access on your laptop, tablet, and other mobile devices. IMPORTANT! Most mobile service providers may require a data plan for you to be able to use the tethering function.
  • Page 88: Bluetooth Tethering

    4. From the Tethering screen, slide Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to ON. 5. Connect other devices to your ASUS Phone’s hotspot connection the same way you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth Tethering Enable Bluetooth on your ASUS Phone and use it as a modem for Internet access on your Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices such as a laptop or a tablet.
  • Page 89: Travel And Maps

    Travel and Maps Travel and Maps Weather Get real-time weather updates straight from your ASUS Phone using the weather app. Using Weather, you can also check other weather details from around the world. Launching the Weather app From your Home screen, launch the Weather app using either of the following options: • > Weather.
  • Page 90: Weather Home Screen

    Weather home screen Set up and get your current location’s weather updates as well as other parts of the world. You can display the weather updates or daily weather forecast on the Calendar app. Tap to find the city’s top attractions Tap to search for a city’s weather info Tap to get the area’s current weather info, refresh the weather info, edit the location list, or configure the...
  • Page 91: Clock

    Clock Customize the time zone settings of your ASUS Phone, set alarms, and use your ASUS Phone as a stop watch using the Clock app. Launching Clock Launch the Clock app using either of the following options: • > Clock. • From your ASUS Phone’s home screen, tap the digital clock display.
  • Page 92: Alarm Clock

    Alarm clock to access the alarm clock settings of your ASUS Phone. Tap this to access the settings of the alarm clock feature. Tap this to delete any of the previously set alarms. Tap this to set a new alarm time.
  • Page 93: Timer

    You may set multiple timer options for your ASUS Phone. To do this, follow the steps below: Setting the timer 1. Tap to access the timer feature of your ASUS Phone. Tap this to access the settings of the timer feature. Tap to set the ringtone for the timer. Tap this to delete the preset timer.
  • Page 94: Zenlink

    Share and receive files, apps, or media contents with Android mobile devices using Share Link app (for ASUS mobile devices) or SHAREit app (for other mobile devices) via a Wi-Fi hotspot. With this app, you can send or receive files that are larger than 100 MB and lets you share or receive multiple files at the same time.
  • Page 95: Receiving Files

    3. Tap the files that you want to send then tap Done. 4. After your ASUS Phone detects the other devices, tap the device that you want to share your files with. Receiving files To receive files: then tap Share Link. 1. From your Home screen, tap 2.
  • Page 96: Zen Everywhere

    Special Zen Tools Flashlight You can turn your ASUS Phone to an instant flashlight by launching your Quick settings panel from any screen or any open app. From the Quick settings panel, simply tap on the Flashlight icon to activate its function.
  • Page 97 Flashlight menu options Tap this to enable or disable the flashlight mode. Tap this to enable or disable the SOS mode. Tap any of these icons to toggle between the flashlight’s speed while blinking. Tap this to access the Flashlight settings. Tap this to turn on or turn off the light.
  • Page 98: Calculator

    Calculator One-swipe and a tap is all it takes to launch your Calculator. When you open the Quick settings panel, the Calculator icon is there visibly on top of the list. Tap it to get started with your computations. Tap this to enable the calculator Calculator screen Chapter 10: Zen Everywhere...
  • Page 99: Quick Memo

    Creating a sticky note You can turn Quick memo notes into a sticky note so you can view them wherever, on your ASUS Phone. To create a sticky note, just tap on the pin icon on the upper right corner of Quick memo after creating your note.
  • Page 100: Sound Recorder

    Sound Recorder Record audio files using your ASUS Phone by enabling the Sound Recorder app. Launching Sound Recorder > Sound Recorder. To launch Sound Recorder, tap Tap to customize the Sound Recorder settings Tap to view the list of saved audio recording files...
  • Page 101: Recording List

    Pausing a recording During a paused recording, you can choose to resume, delete, or save the recording. Tap to delete the recording Tap to resume the recording Tap to save the recording Recording List From the Recording List, you can play, rename, share, or delete a saved audio recording file. To view your recording list, tap from the Sound Recorder main screen.
  • Page 102: Audio Wizard

    Audio Wizard AudioWizard allows you to customize the sound modes of your ASUS Phone for a clearer audio output that fits actual usage scenarios. Using Audio Wizard To use AudioWizard: 1. Tap > Audio Wizard. 2. In the AudioWizard window, tap the sound mode you want to activate then tap Done to save and exit.
  • Page 103: Splendid

    Splendid ASUS Splendid allows you to easily adjust the display settings. It enriches the color of your screen with its preset screen color modes. Using Splendid To use Splendid: 1. From your extended Home screen tap Smart Tools > Splendid. 2. Select any of these screen color modes: Balance, Bluelight filter, Vivid, and Customized.
  • Page 104: Vivid Mode

    Move to adjust the yellow tint Tap to reset to factory defaults Vivid mode This mode provides a fine-tuned color preset that enriches the screen color of your ASUS Phone. Tap to reset to factory defaults Move to adjust the color temperature...
  • Page 105 Customized mode This mode allows you to adjust the screen display based on your preferred color temperature, hue, and saturation. Move to adjust the color temperature Move to adjust hue Tap to reset to factory defaults Move to adjust saturation NOTE: You can also quickly set the Splendid screen mode from the Quick settings panel.
  • Page 106 Configuring the ASUS Cover settings To configure the ASUS Cover settings: 1. Tap > Settings > ASUS Cover. 2. Tick the box beside Show Cover View. Chapter 10: Zen Everywhere...
  • Page 107: Maintain Your Zen

    You can store data, apps, or files on your ASUS Phone (internal storage), on an external storage, or on an online storage. You need an internet connection to transfer or download your files on an online storage. Use the bundled USB cable to copy files to or from the computer to your ASUS Phone.
  • Page 108: Securing Your Asus Phone

    Use the security features of your ASUS Phone to prevent unauthorized calls or access of information. Unlocking your screen When the screen is locked, you can open it with the security unlocking options that the ASUS Phone offers you. 1. Tap then tap Settings >...
  • Page 109 Key in at least four numbers to set a PIN. IMPORTANT! Ensure to remember the PIN that you created to unlock your device. Pattern Slide your finger on the dots and create a pattern. IMPORTANT! You can create a pattern with a minimum of four dots. Ensure to remember the pattern that you created to unlock your device.
  • Page 110 • Instant camera: Slide the Instant camera switch to ON to launch the Camera app even if your ASUS Phone is in idle mode by pressing the volume button twice. • Owner info: Tap this to edit and key in the information that you want to appear even when your screen is locked.
  • Page 111 Know your ASUS Phone’s identity such as serial number, IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, or model number. This is important, as when you may lose your ASUS Phone, you can contact your mobile carrier and provide the information to blacklist the unauthorized use of your ASUS Phone.
  • Page 112: Appendix

    Notices EC Declaration of Conformity This product is compliant with the regulations of the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC. The Declaration of Conformity can be downloaded from CE Mark Warning 2200 CE marking for devices with wireless LAN/ Bluetooth This equipment complies with the requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC of the European Parliament and Commission from 9 March, 1999 governing Radio and Telecommunications Equipment and mutual recognition of conformity.
  • Page 113: Prevention Of Hearing Loss

    H05VV-F, 2G, 0.75mm ASUS Recycling/Takeback Services ASUS recycling and takeback programs come from our commitment to the highest standards for protecting our environment. We believe in providing solutions for you to be able to responsibly recycle our products, batteries, other components as well as the packaging materials. Please go to
  • Page 114 Model name: A SUS_Z017D (ZE520KL), ASUS_Z017DA (ZE520KL) for TW/JP/HK/SG, ASUS_Z017DB (ZE520KL) for IN/ID/TH Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Address: 4F, No.150, LI-TE RD., PEITOU, TAIPEI 112, TAIWAN Authorised representative in Europe: ASUS Computer GmbH Address: HARKORT STR. 21-23, 40880 RATINGEN, GERMANY...
  • Page 115: Index

    - timer 93 - unpairing 86 - world clock 91 Bluetooth Tethering 88 Cloud 42 - see also Tethering 87 - ASUS WebStorage 42 Conference calls 54 Contacts 56 - adding 57 Calculator 98 - adding an extension number 57...
  • Page 116 - accessing the internal storage 41 Fingerprint 32 Setting up fingerprint ID from Settings 33 Messaging 64 Starting your ASUS phone for the first time MicroSD 11 - Installing a memory card 11 First-time startup 16 - Removing a memory card 12...
  • Page 117 - see also Advanced camera features 73 - launching apps or selecting items 18 - moving or deleting items 18 - moving through pages or screens 19 - zooming in 19 Panorama 75 - zooming out 20 - see also Advanced camera features 73 VIPs 58 Quick Memo 99 - setting up from the contact’s screen 58...