Samsung SCU-2370 User Manual

Samsung SCU-2370 User Manual

Positioning system
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Positioning System
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  • Page 1 Positioning System SCU-2370 SCU-9080 User Manual SCU-VAC...
  • Page 2: Warranty

    Samsung Techwin. Disclaimer Samsung Techwin makes the best to verify the integrity and correctness of the contents in this document, but no formal guarantee shall be provided. Use of this document and the subsequent results shall be entirely on the user’s own responsibility.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    If this product fails to operate normally, contact the nearest service center. Never disassemble or modify this product in any way. (SAMSUNG is not liable for problems caused by unauthorized modifi cations or attempted repair.) When cleaning, do not spray water directly onto parts of the product. Doing so may cause fi re or electric shock.
  • Page 4: Fcc Statement

    safety information Keep out of direct sunlight and heat radiation sources. It may cause fi re. Install it in a place with good ventilation. Avoid aiming the camera directly towards extremely bright objects such as sun, as this may damage the CCD image sensor.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    important safety instructions Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near warter. Clean only with dry cloth. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, or other apparatus (including amplifi...
  • Page 6 If the internal temperature is higher than -10ºC, the camera activates all Sequence and Turbo commands. Samsung Techwin cares for the environment at all product manufacturing stages to preserve the environment, and is taking a number of steps to provide customers with more environment-friendly products.The Eco mark represents Samsung Techwin’s...
  • Page 7: Product Specifications

    Camera ID DIP Switch Settings Preparing Adapter and Cables Product Confi gurations Camera Installation SETUP Interface Symbols Using and setting the menus OSD Menu Chart Camera Setup (SCU-2370) Camera Setup (SCU-9080/VAC) Sequence Setting P/T Setting OSD Setting Alarm Setting Initialize Status...
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Features Versatile protocols and coaxial communication Supports RS-422/485 communications and coaxial communication (Pelco-C). RS-422/485 (10 species) : SAMSUNG-T, SAMSUNG-E, Pelco(D/P), Panasonic, Honeywell, AD, Vicon, GE, Bosch. Coaxial Communications: Pelco Coaxitron Wide Range Auto Security Functions Multiple Preset Function Saving (SCU-2370) : Up to 12 camera image properities can be saved individually to provide high quality pictures.
  • Page 9: What's Included

    WHAT’S INCLUDED Check if the following items are included in the product package. Main Body Sunsheild/Screw (M5) X 2 L-type hexagon wrenches (4.0mm) Positioning System SCU-2370 SCU-9080 SCU-VAC User Guide Fuse (2EA) User Manual CD Manual Mount The following items are sold separately from the camera.
  • Page 10: Component Names And Functions

    COMPONENT NAMES AND FUNCTIONS Front ➌ ❶ ➋ (SCU-2370/VAC) (SCU-9080) ❶ Lens ❷ Wiper : Use it to wipe out the front glass of the housing. ❸ Sunshield  SCU-VAC models support various lens and camera installations upon user’s requirement.
  • Page 11 Back ❶ ➋ ➌ ➍ ❶ COM/ID Setup Switch ❷ Video Out Cable ❸ Communication Cable ❹ Power Cable  For the DIP switch settings, please refer to the on Pages 18~21. English - 11...
  • Page 12: Connection And Installation

    connection & installation SCU-VAC WIRING DIAGRAM Assembling Lens and Camera Lens Camera SLA-880 SHC-745 SLA12240 SCB-3000 SCB-4000 Basic Wiring How to connect (SHC-745) 485- 485+ Power module Communication / Control (485) How to connect (SCB-3000) Light Projector (Motion Detection) How to connect (SCB-4000) Power Module * The power adaptor (AC) has no polarity.
  • Page 13 How to connect (SLA-880) FOCUS_MOTOR LEVEL ZOOM_MOTOR CABLE 7Lines : Adjusting the zoom and focus Auto Iris Jack Lens Label Board Label GREEN (Far) FOCUS_MOTOR+ Focus BLACK (Near) FOCUS_MOTOR- YELLOW (Wide) ZOOM_MOTOR+ Zoom RED (Tele) ZOOM_MOTOR- How to connect (SLA-12240) AD_FOCUS_P FOCUS_MOTOR AD_ZOOM_P...
  • Page 14 & installation SCU-VAC/9080 Model SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 Protocol Lens Iris Type SCU-9080 SCB-9080 Samsung-T SHC-745 SLA-880 Samsung-T Video (SCU-VAC) SCU-VAC SCB-3000 SCB-4000 Samsung-E : ON : OFF Camera Cam I/F Board Camera Cam I/F Board Camera Cam I/F Board...
  • Page 15: Camera Wiring Interface Board

    Camera Wiring Interface Board For the camera wiring, please refer to the picture below. (When using coaxial communication, a separate control signal connection is not required.) Video Power Supply Communications/ Control Signal Alarm Input Lighting Power Alarm Output Communication/Control Signal Diagram RS-422 Communications RS-485 Communications RXD+...
  • Page 16: Camera And Appliances Wiring Diagram

    Connecting the power connector and GND incorrectly to the NC/NO and COM ports may cause a short circuit and fi re, damaging the camera. CAMERA AND APPLIANCES WIRING DIAGRAM Connecting with Samsung Techwin’s “Stand Alone DVR” RS-485 : Camera Stand Alone DVR...
  • Page 17 Connecting with the Samsung Techwin Controller SPC-6000 RS-485 : Camera RXD+ TXD+ TXD- RXD- RS-422 : Camera RXD+ TXD+ RXD- TXD- RXD+ <Controller> TXD+ TXD- RXD- To connect to Samsung PC DVR RS-485 : Camera PC DVR RXD+ RXD- SRP-1610/1650...
  • Page 18: Communication Protocol Dip Switch Settings

    1 ~ 4 Protocol Settings Transfer Method (RS-485/422) Settings Response Mode Settings Terminal Resistance TX Terminal Resistance RX TEST Factory Default Protocol Settings Select a communication protocol for the camera. Protocol SAMSUNG-T SAMSUNG-E Pelco-D Pelco-P Panasonic Vicon Honeywell Bosch connection & installation...
  • Page 19: Termination Settings

    Communication Method Settings Select a communication method for the camera. Function Transfer Mode Switch RS-422(4Wire) RS-485(2Wire) Communication Response Settings Select a communication response method for the camera and controller: Response or No Response. Function Response Mode Switch Response No Response Termination Settings To prevent the attenuation of communication signals between the camera and controller, the items at the end of line must be set up with the termination settings.
  • Page 20: Baud Rate Settings

    connection & installation Baud Rate Settings Select the transfer speed of a selected communication protocol. Baud Rate(BPS) 2,400 4,800 9,600 19,200  To use a third party controller with this product, please contact our After-Sales Service or Technology Department.  Controls Using Different Protocols AD Protocol VICON Protocol...
  • Page 21: Camera Id Dip Switch Settings

    CAMERA ID DIP SWITCH SETTINGS Assign a unique number for each camera to identify itself from others. For coaxial communication, it only works if the camera’s ID dip switch is set to OFF. By default, all switches are set to “1” initially. Each switch has a unique value, and the board ID is the sum of the values of the switches.
  • Page 22: Preparing Adapter And Cables

    connection & installation PREPARING ADAPTER AND CABLES Power Adapter Power adapter has the capacity of AC 24V/6A. (UL Listed Class 2 Adapter) Video Cable The camera’s video output port is connected to the monitor with a BNC coaxial cable, shown below : If the distance between the camera and the monitor exceeds the recommended maximum, please use an auxiliary video amp.
  • Page 23: Product Configurations

    PRODUCT CONFIGURATIONS RS-485 SRD Series RS-485 SRD Series Coaxial Communication SRD Series Coaxial Communication SRD Series CONTROLLER (MAIN) CONTROLLER (SUB) CONTROL LINE VIDEO LINE CONTROL/VIDEO LINE English - 23...
  • Page 24: Camera Installation

    connection & installation CAMERA INSTALLATION Pedestal Mount Wall Mount  Do not connect the camera to a power outlet until the installation is complete. Supplying power in the middle of the installation may cause fi re or damage the product. ...
  • Page 25 To install the light projector Fix 4 hex screws to secure the camera on the bracket through the holes prepared, from the bottom side of the bracket. To secure the light projector on the bracket, fi x 4 hex screws through the holes prepared on the boundary of the bracket, from the bottom side.
  • Page 26: Interface Symbols

    setup INTERFACE SYMBOLS Motion Detection Standby/Operation Display : When in standby mode, the “ ” in the upper right of the screen blinks and then changes to “ ” if motion is detected. Thermal Detect Standby / Operation Display: (SCU-9080) : When in standby mode, the “...
  • Page 27: Using And Setting The Menus

    USING AND SETTING THE MENUS OSD (On-screen Display) Indicators Camera Setting Has submenu Focus & Zoom White Balance Has no submenu ------ ------ Operating Your Camera Panning and Tilting : Use the joystick of the controller or its direction buttons. Controlling Zoom : Move the joystick clockwise (Tele) or counterclockwise (Wide), or use the zoom buttons.
  • Page 28: Osd Menu Chart

    Others Swing SEQ. Group SEQ. Sequence Setting PTZ Trace Auto Run Power On Resume Pan Limit MD Dwell Time (SCU-2370/VAC) TD Dwell Time (SCU-9080) Tilt Limit Area Setting Area Masking (SCU-2370/VAC) P/T Setting Housing Load (SCU-VAC) Wiper (SCU-2370/VAC) Prop.P/T (SCU-2370)
  • Page 29: Camera Setup (Scu

    CAMERA SETUP (SCU-2370) The camera setting section in this manual is explained based on SCU-2370. For SCU-9080, refer to page 40. For SCU-VAC products, refer to the own user manual provided separately. Focus and Zoom Settings Focus Mode Main Menu AUTO : Performs continuous auto-focus.
  • Page 30 setup Zoom Tracking Through this menu you can set up the camera’s focus mode when zooming. Mode Main Menu AUTO : Auto-focuses when zooming. Camera Setting TRACKING : Focuses manually when zooming. Sequence Setting OFF : Disable the focus modes when zooming. (Full manual P/T Setting mode) OSD Setting...
  • Page 31: White Balance

    White Balance The White Balance menu adjusts the balance of the screen colors under different lighting conditions. Main Menu ATW : Adjusts the screen color automatically. Camera Setting INDOOR : Adjusts the screen color to be optimal in an indoor environment.
  • Page 32 setup Exposure The Exposure settings are to control the camera’s exposure meter. Brightness : Adjusts the screen brightness. Main Menu (Over 50: Brighter, Under 50: Darker) Camera Setting Iris Sequence Setting AUTO : Automatically adjusts the exposure meter. P/T Setting MANUAL : Enables manual adjustment of the exposure OSD Setting meter.
  • Page 33 Back Light Unlike other cameras, Samsung Techwin’s unique W-V DSP chip gives you a clear image of the subject even with bright backlight. Back Light Mode Main Menu OFF : Disables the Backlight mode. Camera Setting HLC : Activates the High Light Compensation mode.
  • Page 34 setup HLC Masking Area <HLC ON> <HLC OFF> Level : Adjusts the HLC sensitivity level. Mask Color : Adjusts the mask color on the high lighted area.  Even if HLC is on, car license plates may not be detectable depending on the location and angle of the camera as well as the lighting condition.
  • Page 35 AGC(Auto Gain Control) AGC (Automatic Gain Control) adjusts the camera’s gain control and the screen brightness if the camera has captured an object under low-light conditions. OFF: Main Menu AGC does not function. Camera Setting LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH: Sequence Setting As the level increases to HIGH, brighter the captured screen in a P/T Setting dark lighting.
  • Page 36: Ssnr(Samsung Super Noise Reduction)

    SSNR(Samsung Super Noise Reduction) SSNR significantly reduces the amount of low luminance noise. OFF : Disables the noise reduction function. Main Menu LOW : Reduces only a small amount of noise, but generates almost no afterimage. Camera Setting MEDIUM : The most commonly used mode. Reduces a suitable Sequence Setting amount of noise while generating a subtle afterimage.
  • Page 37 SSDR(Samsung Super Dynamic Range) SSDR illuminates darker spots of an image while retaining the same light level for brighter spots to even out the overall brightness of the image with high contrast between bright and dark spots. Main Menu Camera Setting...
  • Page 38: Day & Night

    setup Day & Night The Day & Night function allows the camera to switch between the Color and B/W modes. MODE Main Menu AUTO : Operates in Color mode most times, and switches Camera Setting to B/W mode if a low light level is detected during nighttime.
  • Page 39 Others Sync : Enables selecting Internal Synchronization or the Main Menu external Line Lock. Camera Setting INTERNAL : Synchronizes the camera’s output timing to the Sequence Setting internal crystal. P/T Setting LINE LOCK : Synchronizes the camera’s output timing to the AC adapter power to synchronize multiple OSD Setting cameras.
  • Page 40 Alarm Setting Initialize Status Lens Type (SCU-VAC) FEEDBACK / NON F/B /SLA-12240 / SLA-880: Select a model if using a Samsung product Camera Setting (SLA-12240/SLA-880); select a model that Protocol Type SAMSUNG-T supports feedback if using a third-party Lens Type SLA 880 product.
  • Page 41 Open Camera Menu (SCU-9080) You can access the camera setup menu .  The OSD language of the camera setup menu does not sync with the positioning system.  The communication settings should be confi gured in accordance with the camera specifi cation. Otherwise, the product may not work properly.
  • Page 42 INFO : Display the operation status and software version. INFO TV TYPE : Current TV type TV TYPE [NTSC] PROTOCOL : Current protocol PROTOCOL [SAMSUNG-T] CAMERA ID : ID of the current camera CAMERA ID [001] BAUDRATE : Current baud rate BAUDRATE [9600]...
  • Page 43 IMAGE You can adjust the image settings to your preference. MAIN MENU CONTRAST : Adjust the contrast level to between 0 and 32. SYSTEM SHARPNESS : Adjust the sharpness level to between 0 and 32. ► IMAGE COLOR BRIGHTNESS : Adjust the brightness level to between 0 and 32. AE MODE BYPASS: Do not adjust the contrast and brightness levels, IMAGE...
  • Page 44 setup COLOR Confi gure the color settings for the temperature indication. MAIN MENU PALETTE : Specify the color for each specifi c temperature. SYSTEM BW : White indicates an area with a high temperature while black indicates a low-temp area. IMAGE WB : Black indicates an area with a high temperature while ►...
  • Page 45 DISPLAY You can confi gure the OSD (On Screen Display) settings to your preference. MAIN MENU CAMERA ID : Specify the display of the camera ID. SYSTEM DZOOM MAG : Specify the display of the digital zoom IMAGE factor. COLOR ►...
  • Page 46: Sequence Setting

    setup Sequence Setting Preset This function enables the memorization of a selected location and activates the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom functions at that location. Saved locations can be recalled using the Preset Execute command. Setting Up Preset Numbers : Main Menu Selecting the Preset Setting menu brings up a screen as shown Camera Setting below.
  • Page 47 PTZF Setting (SCU-VAC) If you open the PTZF setup menu, you will see the following PTZF Setting window. You can use the joystick to select a desired number. Preset = 001 (1~255) Select a preset number and press ENTER. You will move to the setup screen.
  • Page 48 setup Preset Edit (SCU-9080) This feature performs editing and saving preset settings of SCU-9080.  After Action : You can specify the operation to be performed when the camera reached preset position. Preset Edit [001] - OFF : No operation is performed when reached the position. 000/000 - TD : Performs Thermal Detection when reached the position.
  • Page 49 Preset Name Setting Main Menu Using this function, you can add names to preset locations. Camera Setting up to 12 characters. Sequence Setting Once a name is entered, use the joystick and the Enter key to P/T Setting perform the Set command and save the name. OSD Setting ..
  • Page 50 setup Home Position Preset Sets one of the currently configured preset positions as the home PTZF Setting position. Edit 001H 001H Home Position Execute Clear Status Execute Preset Recalls a saved preset location. PTZF Setting While in Sequence mode operation, the actual movement can be Edit 001H slower than the specified when moving the camera in the direction...
  • Page 51: Swing Seq

    Swing SEQ The Swing function commands the camera to move between 2 selected locations, monitoring the route. Main Menu Pan Swing : Camera Setting Activates the Pan function for the Swing operation. Sequence Setting P/T Setting Tilt Swing : OSD Setting Activates the Tilt function for the Swing operation.
  • Page 52: Group Seq

    setup Group SEQ Selecting Group SEQ recalls a group of multiple preset locations in a consecutive manner. Up to 6 groups can be defined and up to 255 presets can be memorized for each group. Main Menu Camera Setting Setting : Using the joystick,enter desired preset numbers into the PSET Sequence Setting section.
  • Page 53: Ptz Trace

    Using other protocols Representative Stop saving the Sequence Setting Protocol Model trace Preset PELCO-D/P KDB300A Ack, Iris Open Swing SEQ SAMSUNG-E SSC-5000 OSD ON, Iris Open Group SEQ PANASONIC WV-CU161C OSD ON PTZ Trace VICON V1300X-DVC Iris Open Auto Run...
  • Page 54: Auto Run

    setup Auto Run If there is no controller operation by the user for a certain time, the sequence operation designated by the user will be executed. Main Menu Mode : Camera Setting HOME : Auto run Home Position (Refet to the Preset Menu.) Sequence Setting PRESET : Auto run a selected preset number.
  • Page 55 Sequence Setting action when the power is reconnected. P/T Setting MD Dwell Time (SCU-2370/VAC) : OSD Setting When Motion Detection under the Preset Edit menu is Alarm Setting selected, MD Dwell Time performs the Group function.
  • Page 56 setup P/T Setting Pan/Tilt Limit The moving ranges in the Pan/Tilt directions can be limited. Position : Selecting the Position menu brings up the following screen if it is for the Pan Limit setting. Move the joystick left and right to select a movement range from the Main Menu starting point to the end.
  • Page 57: Area Setting

    Area Setting The Area Setting menu enables selecting certain locations in the course of the Pan and Tilt operation, and then display the areas with the OSD (On Screen Display) texts when the camera passes through them. Up to 8 areas can be selected. Area Name : You can add names to selected areas.
  • Page 58 Area Masking (SCU-2370/VAC) If a monitoring location includes a highly private area, the area can be selectively excluded from monitoring. Main Menu Position : As shown in the picture below, move the joystick to select the upper Camera Setting left corner and lower right corner of an area.
  • Page 59 Wiper (SCU-2370/VAC) You can use Wiper to wipe out the front glass of the housing so as to secure a clear view. To activate Wiper, set the menus below to your preference. Main Menu Pump Enable: Camera Setting Activate or deactivate the pump function.
  • Page 60 Prop. P/T (SCU-2370) This commands the camera to change the Pan and Tilt speed Main Menu automatically according to the current zoom ratio. Moving the joystick clockwise (Tele) slows down and counterclockwise (Wide) Camera Setting accelerates the Pan and Tilt speed, allowing detailed adjustments.
  • Page 61 Image Hold (SCU-2370) While in Group Trace, this will display still image of the last preset Main Menu video until the camera moves to the next preset position. This is useful to help the screen observer keep sharp eyes and to Camera Setting monitor multiple locations within a network.
  • Page 62: Osd Setting

    setup OSD SETTING In this menu, you can configure the OSD (On Screen Display) settings. Camera ID : Main Menu Displays or hides Camera ID in the upper left of the screen. Camera Setting Camera Name : Sequence Setting Add a name to the camera. (First check the Note.) P/T Setting OSD Setting Preset Number :...
  • Page 63: Alarm Setting

    ALARM SETTING Setting Up Alarm Input Alarm Enable : Main Menu On/Off : Enables or disables the Alarm function. Camera Setting Sequence Setting Enables selecting an Alarm Input method. P/T Setting - NO (Normally Open) OSD Setting Alarm Setting Initialize IN 1.2.3 IN 1.2.3 Status...
  • Page 64: Alarm Output

    setup P(Priority) : Set the priority of Alarm Inputs. If more than one alarm is simultaneously activated, the alarm with the highest priority activates before the others. Once the alarm is canceled, the next highest priority alarm activates. SEQ. : Enables setting up a sequence action for the camera in response to an alarm.
  • Page 65: Aux Output

     Connecting the power connector and GND incorrectly to the NC/NO and COM ports may cause a short circuit and fi re, damaging the camera.  The maximum power capacity of the built-in relay is 30VDC/2A, 125VAC/0.5A, and 250VAC/0.25A. Operating the camera beyond the capacity may decrease the camera’s lifespan and damage it.
  • Page 66: Power On Reset

    IR Illuminator Settings (SCU-2370/VAC) With IR Illuminator, you can control the red-infrared lighting. Main Menu Camera Setting On/Off : Sequence Setting Activate or deactivate IR Illuminator. P/T Setting Time: OSD Setting Operates the infrared illuminator for the time specifi ed by user Alarm Setting (1 second ~ 60 hours).
  • Page 67 Camera Default Set : (SCU-2370) Initialize This mode can be used if the camera module has been Power On Reset replaced and you want to keep the camera’s existing settings Factory Default Set for the new module. Camera Default Set To reset the camera, first replace the old module with a new camera module.
  • Page 68: Troubleshooting

    troubleshooting TROUBLESHOOTING If the product does not function properly, please see the below for trouble shooting. Problem Cause and Solution Page ► Check if the camera and peripheral devices are properly connected. Controller does not work. ► Verify the setups of ID, protocol, and baud rates. 18~21 ►...
  • Page 69 Problem Cause and Solution Page ► Check the White Balance. ► Adjust Color Menu in Image Adj. Picture’s colors are not good. ► Check if the cover or the camera lens is dirty or smudged. If it is, clean the dirt off. ►...
  • Page 70 troubleshooting Problem Cause and Solution Page ► Make sure that the camera and monitor are installed within the recommended distance. When coaxial communication is ► Use the video amplifier equivalent to coaxitron if the recommended not available. installation distance is exceeded. ►...
  • Page 71 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS <SCU-2370> SCU-2370N SCU-2370P Video Imaging Device 1/4” Exview HAD CCD Total Pixels 811(H) x 508(V) 795(H) x 596(V) Effective Pixels 768(H) x 494(V) 752(H) x 582(V) Scanning System 2:1 Interlace Synchronization Internal / Line Lock Internal / Line Lock Frequency H : 15.734KHz / V : 59.94Hz...
  • Page 72: Product Specifications

    Communication RS-485, Coaxial Control ( SPC-300 Compatible ) Coax : Pelco-C ( Coaxitron ) Protocol RS-485: Samsung-T, Samsung-E, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Panasonic, Vicon, Honeywell, AD, GE, Bosch Environmental Operating Temperature / -50°C ~ +55°C (-58°F ~ +122°F) / Less than 90% RH...
  • Page 73 Preset Accuracy Operational 1~255 Camera ID Off / On Motion Detection Coax : Pelco-C ( Coaxitron ) RS-485: Samsung-T, Samsung-E, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Panasonic, Vicon, Honeywell, AD, Protocol GE, Bosch 3 In, 2 Out Alarm 1 Out Environmental Operating Temperature / -50°C ~ +55°C (-58°F ~ +122°F) / Less than 90% RH...
  • Page 74 Coaxial Control ( SPC-300 Compatible ) & RS-485 Communication Coax : Pelco-C ( Coaxitron ) Protocol RS-485: Samsung-T, Samsung-E, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Panasonic, Vicon, Honeywell, AD, GE, Bosch Environmental Operating Temperature / Humidity -50°C ~ +55°C (-58°F ~ +122°F) / Less than 90% RH IP66...
  • Page 75 EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (SCU-2370/VAC/9080) English - 75...
  • Page 76 INTERNAL DIMENSIONS (SCU-2370/VAC/9080) product specifications...
  • Page 77 Wall Mount 72.1 153.7 496.8 Pedestal Mount 72.1 154.7 English - 77...
  • Page 78: Declaration Of Conformity

  • Page 79 MEMO...
  • Page 80 SAMSUNG TECHWIN AMERICA Inc. SAMSUNG TECHWIN EUROPE LTD. 100 Challenger Rd. Suite 700 Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 Samsung House, 1000 Hillswood Drive, Hillswood Business Park Toll Free : +1-877-213-1222 Direct : +1-201-325-6920 Chertsey, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM KT16 OPS Fax : +1-201-373-0124 TEL : +44-1932-45-5300, FAX : +44-1932-45-5325

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