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JVC KW-ADV790 Instructions Manual

Dvd receiver with monitor
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Table of Contents
Digital Out
For canceling the display demonstration, see page 8.
Para cancelar la demonstraci6n en pantalla, consulte la pagina 8.
Pour annuler la demonstration des affichages, referez-vous
For installation and connections, refer to the separate manual.
Para la instalaci6n ylas conexiones, refierase al manual separado.
Pour !'installation et les raccordements, se referer au manuel separe.
0 0 0
la page 8.
KW-AVX71 0
KW-AVX71 0
c::::::7 c::::::7 c::::::7
For customer Use:
Enter below the Model No.
and Serial No. which are
located on the top or bottom
of the cabinet. Retain this
information for future
_Mo-,-,-d~el-,--,--No:...;.... - -_ _
Serial No.
LVT1778-001 A


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 For disposal or technician for help. recycling information, please contact your local Caution authorities or for USA, the Electronic Industries Changes or modifications not approved by JVC could Alliance: void the user's authority to operate the equipment. )3t' [European Union only]...
  • Page 3: How To Reset Your Unit

    • How to reset your unit • Your preset adjustments will also be erased. • How to forcibly eject adisc <'.>II/ATT TILT atthe ,ame time this does not work, reset the unit. • If • The monitor built in this unit has been produced with high precision, but it may have some ineffective dots.
  • Page 4: Playable Disc Types

    Playable disc types Recording format, file type, etc. Playable Disc type DVD Video (Region Code: 1 )*1 .10K DVD Recordable/Rewritable DVD Video (DVD-Rl-RW*2, +RI+RW*3) DVD-VR • DVD Video: UDF bridge DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2 .10K • DVD-VR • DivX/MPEGlIMPEG2IJPEG/MP3/ f-JP_E_G - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - l WMA/WAV: ISO 9660 levell, MP3/WMA/wAV level 2, Romeo, Joliet...
  • Page 5: Basic Operations

    Basic operations - Monitorpanel/touch panel Display <AV Menu> screen. page 47 Display <Source Menu> screen. page 9 Display and erase the Short Cut windows. Available functions vary among the sources. For details, see each source operation section. ..Ive LI7) / Adjust the volume.
  • Page 6: Installing The Battery

    Basic operations - Remote controller (RM-RK2S2) Installing the battery Main elements and features_ Insert the batteries into the remote controller by [ill matching the polarity and -) correctly. Battery shall not be exposed to excessive heat such [J]] as sunshine, fire or the like. [I§J •...
  • Page 7 [lID [J]]). Functions with other buttons (see Forward search • Forward slow motion (during pause) Changes the display information. [TI] Selects the source. For disc operations: For disc operations: • A/"f: DVD: Selects the title. Starts playback/pauses. DVD-VR: Selects the program/Playlist. For Bluetooth operations: Other discs (except VCD/CD): Selects the •...
  • Page 8: Before Operating The Unit

    Before operating the unit • You can cancel the demonstration on the screen and set the clock. • Non-available items will be shaded on the AV Menu screens. Indication language: In this manual, English indications are used for purpose of explanation. You can select the indication language.
  • Page 9: Common Operations

    On the monitor panel only: On the touch panel: ~ ~ ~ ~ diD O~ c:r:7 .JVC c:=:::7 • Each time you press D1SP, the display changes to show the various information. Ex. When the playback source is aDivX disc.
  • Page 10: When An Fm Stereo Broadcast Is Hard To Receive

    Listening the radio Preset no. -+-~ Band Sound mode (ILE page 45) page 45 1& Tuner indicators Buttons on the -; 8 , .."", 1 - - - - c:=:7 c::rJ /':;' touch paneL In the explanation, page 9 • 1&...
  • Page 11: Fm Station Automatic Presetting

    Tuning in to stations with FM station automatic presetting sufficient signal strength _ _ -SSM (Strong-station Sequential Memory) This function works only for FM bands. Once you have activated this function (selected <Local», it always This function works only for FM bands. works when searching for FM stations.
  • Page 12: Manual Presetting

    Manual presetting Selecting apreset station _ _ Ex.: Storing FM station of 92.5 MHz into preset number On the remote: 4of the FM1 band. Display the Preset List. On the unit: • To select directly on the touch panel Tune in to astation you want to preset. •...
  • Page 13: Disc Operations

    Disc operations The disc type is automatically detected, and playback starts automatically (for some discs: automatic start depends on its internal program). If a disc does not have any disc menu, all tracks on it will be played repeatedly until you change the source or eject the disc.
  • Page 14 '4l$)i1_t~, While playing the following discs, press • Each time you press the button, the display changes to show the different information. page 9) (1& Sampling frequency/Bit rate/Recorded signal channel no. Start and pause playback Stop playback Select chapter Press: Reverse/forward search*2 Hold: ..
  • Page 15 \Q':i!ii.:;:~, While playing the following discs, press • Each time you press the button, the display changes to show the different information page 9). (1tW For DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2: Folder no.lTrack no.lPlaying time For JPEG: Folder no.lFile no. Disc type --+--I! Sound mode--+-ii5l!! Total track no.
  • Page 16 Only for CD Text * Total track no. included on the disc · ~ ~f-~ ~ OI\II\n .:WT I.VIE!l.r c:::rJ Total playing time page 1& Start and pause playback Stop playback Select track Press: Hold: Reverse/forward search*4 MP3IWMA1 Folder no./Track no.lPlaying time Tag data appears only when it is recorded.
  • Page 17: Operation Buttons On The Screen

    Operation buttons on the screen You can display the following operation buttons while watching the playback pictures on the screen. • While the operation buttons are displayed, aspect ratio is fixed to <Full>. page 49) (1& • If no operation is done for about five seconds, the operation buttons disappear (except when adisc menu is displayed).
  • Page 18: Selecting Playback Modes

    Selecting playback modes You can use the following playback modes-Repeat or Random. Ex.: To select Track Repeat • You can also use AV MENU on the monitor panel. When one of the playback modes is selected, the corresponding indicator lights up on the source information screen.
  • Page 19: Selecting Tracks On The List

    Prohibiting disc ejection Selecting tracks on the list _ _ You can lock adisc in the loading slot. If adisc includes folders, you can display the Folder/ Track (File) Lists, then start playback. • You can also use AV MENU on the monitor panel. C>/I/ATT TILT atthesametime...
  • Page 20: Operations Using The Remote Controller-Rm-Rk252

    Operations using the remote controller-RM-RK252 B{\NDi. Stop playback. II : Start playback/pause (if pressed during playback). : Reverse/forward search*l (No sound can be heard.) Slow motion during pause*2 (No sound can be heard.) Select chapter (during playback or pause). ( . ) : Press: Reverse/forward search*3 (No sound can be heard.) Hold:...
  • Page 21 8t~NLH. Stop playback. II : Start playback/pause (if pressed during playback). Reverse/forward search*4 (No sound can be heard.) Forward slow motion during pause*5 (No sound can be heard.) • Reverse slow motion does not work. Press: Select chapter (during playback or pause). Hold: Reverse/forward search*6 Select program.
  • Page 22 Stop playback. Start playback/pause (if pressed during playback). Reverse/forward search*l (No sound can be heard.) Select track ( _ ) : Press: Hold: Reverse/forward search*2 (No sound can be heard.) • Select folder. • • Select aspect ratio. ••• • .,+ _ ..
  • Page 23 BAN[)i. Stop playback. Start playback/pause. (Slide show: each file is shown for afew seconds.) Shows the current file until you change it if pressed during Slide show. ( . ) Select file. Select folder. • Select aspect ratio. +( .)..i) ... : Select file (within the same folder).
  • Page 24 Stop playback. Start playback/pause (if pressed during playback). : Reverse/forward search*1 Select track. Press: Reverse/forward search*2 Hold: • •... i) ... : Select track. Search speed: x2 ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ Search speed: x2 ¢ MP3IWMAJ Stop playback. Start playback/pause (if pressed during playback), Also functions as CLR (clear): : Reverse/forward search*3 Erases amisentry if pressed...
  • Page 25: Operations Using The On-Screen Bar

    Operations using the on-screen Using the list screens You can use Original Program or Playlist screen anytime while playing DVD-VR with its data These operations are possible on the screen using recorded. the remote controller, while playing the follOWing discs-DVDNCD/DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG. Display the Original ProgramlPlaylist screen.
  • Page 26 On-screen bar oI.v· Information Operation [ \'----------=::--------~ Above example is of DVD Video. Items shown on the bar vary due to the disc type. Disc type Time indication [l] . DVD: Audio signal format Elapsed playing time of the disc •...
  • Page 27: Connecting A New Bluetooth Device

    Bluetooth operations - Cellularphone/audio player ® For Bluetooth operations, it is required to connect the 1 · Make sure "New Device" is selected. If not, press Bluetooth Adapter (KS-BTA200) to the CD changer jack [..] or to select it. on the rear. •...
  • Page 28 You can enter [0] - [9] only. To connect a special device <Special • [BS]: Erases the character before the cursor. Device> • [Del]: Erases the character on the cursor. Press [AY MENU] on the touch panel or AY • [Enter]; Confirms the entry.
  • Page 29: Using The Bluetooth Cellular Phone

    (~cr:J connected. dE:7 0 .JVC page 31 Adjust the volume of the incoming calls.*2 Buttons on the touch panel. In the [AV MENU] Hold: Activates <Voice Dialing> function explanation, they are indicated inside .[A T]...
  • Page 30: To Make A Call

    When aText Message comes in... If the cellular phone is compatible with Text Message, you can read the messages on the screen. • You cannot edit or send a message through the unit. When <Message Info> is set to <Auto>••• The unit rings and the following screen is displayed to inform you of a message arrival.
  • Page 31 To stop ringing (canceling the outgoing call} To redial previously dialed numbers Hold any button on the monitor panel (except <9/1 /ATT +/-). Entering a phone number • You cannot use the remote controller to enter phone numbers. You can enter [0] - [9], (up to 32 numbers) [*], [#] •...
  • Page 32 Presetting the phone numbers _ To call a preset number e. ~ ~ ~ You can preset up to six phone numbers. c:ifD c=:J Selert the phone number you want to preset <Recei v ed ::>~:~~~:~~R:~ial>, x"~ Press [AV MENU] on the touch panel or AV MENU on the monitor panel.
  • Page 33: Using The Bluetooth Audio Player

    • panel. Press it repeatedly. Start playback. ( _ ) : Reverse/forward skip .,',%""va. • Adjust the volume. Bluetooth Information: If you wish to receive more information about Bluetooth, visit the following JVC web site: <http://www. /> EXTERNAL DEVICES...
  • Page 34: Listening To The Cd Changer

    Listening to the CD changer Folder no.ITrack no.lPlaying time Ex. while playing an MP3 disc Disc no. Tag data appears only when it is recorded. Total track no. included on the disc ~ ~\IOlIICI' ~ "'; page 35 Press: Select track [~ ~] Hold: Reverse/forward search...
  • Page 35: Selecting Playback Modes

    Selecting playback modes You can use following playback modes-Repeat or Random. Ex.: To select Track Repeat for an MP3 disc Press [AV MENU] on the touch panel or AV MENU on the monitor panel. Press [Mode]. When one of the playback modes is selected, the corresponding indicator lights up on the source information screen.
  • Page 36 Before operating, connect either one of the following (separately purchased) to the CD changer jack on the rear of this unit. • JVC SIRIUS Satellite radio interface, KS-SRA 100, for listening to SIRIUS Satellite radio. • JVC Smart Digital Adaptor, XMDJVC 100, for listening to XM Satellite radio.
  • Page 37: Tuning In To Achannel You Want

    Tuning in to achannel you want Band Sound mode page 45) page 38 ====:====::=-;-+- Signal Reception indicator : Buttons on the touch panel. In the I---I-----V ; ~~~~ explanation, they are indicated inside ~page9 Only for SIRIUS • For SIRIUS Radio •...
  • Page 38: Storing Channels In Memory

    Selecting on the lists Storing channels in memory_ You can preset six channels for each band. You can select a channel using the lists-Category Ex.: Storing achannel into preset number 4 list/Channel list. Display the Preset List. Press [AV MENU] on the touch panel or AV MENU on the monitor panel.
  • Page 39: Changing Hd Radio Reception Mode

    Listening to the NO Radio Broadcast Before operating, connect HD Radio tuner box, KT-HD300 (separately purchased) to the CD changer jack on the rear of the unit. What is HD Radio Technology? HD Radio Technology can deliver high-quality digital sound-AM digital will have FM-like quality (in stereo) and FM digital will have CD-like quality-with staticfree and clear reception.
  • Page 40: Listening To The Ipod

    Listening to the iPod Sound mode --+-:::Ii page 45) [~ ~I] Press: Select track Buttons on the touch panel. In the Reverse/forward search Hold: explanation, they are indicated Enter player's menu [.A..l inside [ Start playback/pause •To resume, press again. It is reqUired to connect the Interface adapter for iPod (KS-PD100) to the CD changer jack on the rear.
  • Page 41 Selecting atrack from the Select an appropriate option. player's menu Press to enter the player's menu. "SEARCH" flashes on the screen during menu operations. • This mode will be canceled if no operations are done for about five seconds. Press [,..] or to select the desired item.
  • Page 42: Using Other External Components

    Using otherexternal components AV-INPUT You can connect an external component to the LINE IN/VIDEO IN terminals. Assigned title page 46) Sound mode page 45) (1& (1& You can easily access to <Aspect> setting menu by pressing [SHORT CUT] on the touch panel, then...
  • Page 43: Navigation Screen

    Navigation screen You can also connect aNavigation System to the VIDEO IN terminal so that you can watch the navigation screen. Preparation: <Navigation> <AV Input>. Make sure is selected for page 52) (IrE To view the navigation screen (and listen to the navigation guidance*) Press DISP on the monitor panel repeatedly.
  • Page 44 EXT-INPUT You can connect an external component to the CD changer jack on the rear using the Line Input Adapter-KS-U57 (not supplied) or AUX Input Adapter-KS-U58 (not supplied). Assigned title (I@" page 46) Sound mode --+-:::11I. (I@" page 45) Buttons on the touch panel. In the explanation, they are indicated inside [ Preparation: <External>...
  • Page 45: Sound Equalization

    Sound equalization While playing back any source other than "Bluetooth PHONE," you can easily <Equalizer> access menu by pressing [SHORT CUT] on the touch panel, then ..Ive • Storing your own adjustments <Userl You can store your adjustments into >, <User2>, and <User3>.
  • Page 46: Assigning Titles

    Assigning titles the sources In the explanation, buttons on the touch panel are indicated inside [ You can assign titles as follows. • Assign atitle. FM/AM stations Up to 16 characters-up to 30 stations. AV-IN Up to 16 characters EXT-IN •...
  • Page 47: Menu Operations

    Menu operations The following steps are one of the fundamental • procedures. Some of the settings do not open the sub-setting window, but just selecting an option will change the setting. • The display indications may change according to change of the specifications. Ex.: Changing the <AV Input>...
  • Page 48 ( The procedure for setting an item is shown on page 47. ) Selectable settings, [reference pagel Off: Cancels. Activates the demonstration on the screen. To stop it temporarily, touch the screen. You can select the background picture of the screen. Horizon, Metal, Art, Plain You can select the color of the background picture.
  • Page 49 Initial: Underlined Selectable settings, [reference pagel You can change the aspect ratio ofthe picture. Aspect ratio of incoming signal 16:9 Regular: For 4:3 original pictures Full: For 16:9 original pictures Auto: • For "015(": Aspect ratio is automatically selected to match to the incoming signals. •...
  • Page 50 ( The procedure for setting an item is shown on page 47. ) Selectable settings, [reference page] Select your residential area from one of the following time zones for clock adjustment. Alaska, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, Newfoundland Activates this if your residential area is subject to OST. Off: Cancels.
  • Page 51 Initial: Underlined Selectable settings, [reference pagel Select the signal format emitted through the DIGITAL OUT (optical) (~also terminal. page 61) PCM : Select this when connecting an amplifier or adecoder incompatible with Dolby Digital, DTS, or MPEG Audio, or when connecting to arecording device.
  • Page 52 ( The procedure for setting an item is shown on page 47. ) Selectable settings, [reference pagel You can determine the use of LINE IN and VIDEO IN terminals. [42,43] Off: Select when no component is connected ("AV-IN" is skipped while selecting the source).
  • Page 53 • Initial: Underlined •• • Equalizer •• • • ••••• ••••• Flat/Hard RockJR&B/Pop/Jazz/Dance/Country/Reggae/ClassiclUser1/User2IUser3 [45] aGE' Selectable settings, [reference pagel Adjust fader-speaker output balance between the front and rear speakers. • Upmost-front only (F6) • Downmost-rear only (R6) (~). When using atwo-speaker system, set the fader to the center Adjust balance-speaker output balance between the left and right speakers.
  • Page 54 [ The procedure for setting an item is shown on page 47. ) List For "DISC": Folder List and Track List (Il-F page 19) For "CD-CH": Disc List, Folder List, and Track List (1rW page 34) For "SAT": Category List and Channel List (1& page 38) •...
  • Page 55 The Bluetooth software and hardware versions are shown. Selectable only for "Bluetooth PHONE." Only for the cellular phone connected for "Bluetooth PHONE." Not selectable when "New Device" is selected. Ifyou wish to receive more information about Bluetooth, visit the following JVC web site: <http://www.jvc-victor.> SETIINGS...
  • Page 56: Maintenance

    Maintenance • Moisture condensation • To keep discs clean Adirty disc may not play correctly. Moisture may condense on the lens inside the unit in If adisc does become dirty, wipe it with the following cases: asoft cloth in astraight line from center •...
  • Page 57: More About This Unit

    More about this unit Playing Recordable/Rewritable discs • General • This unit can recognize atotal of 5000 files and 250 Turning on the power folders (a maximum of 999 files per folder). • By pressing SOURCE on the monitor panel, you •...
  • Page 58: Playing Jpeg Files

    * <.mod> is an extension code used for the MPEG2 • This unit cannot play back the following files: files recorded by JVC Everio camcorders. - MP3 files encoded with MP3i and MP3 PRO • The stream format should conform to MPEG system/ format.
  • Page 59: Bluetooth Operations

    Warning messages for Bluetooth operations • DivX!MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG/MP3/wMAlWAV 21_3_~ ~-lfJ • Connection Error: The device is registered but the r---_ _ ,)rT'~'·'·«":';;.TIME OO:OO:14/~J connection has failed. Use <Connect> to connect 2/3 - Track: 6/14 (TolaI41)-' (~page the device again. M,,~ic Cloudy.mp3 4\f_IIIIIIIIII- - ~1fiftiM01&1%t~BiI*~ •...
  • Page 60: Satellite Radio Operations

    • Satellite radio operations Notice: When operating an iPod, some operations may not • You can also connect the JVC SIRIUS radio PnP (Plug be performed correctly or as intended. In this case, and Play), using the JVC SIRIUS radio adapter, KS-...
  • Page 61 • Sound signals emitted through the rear terminals Through the analog terminals (Speaker out/REAR OUT} 2-channel signal is emitted. When playing multi-channel encoded disc, multi-channel signals are downmixed. • DTS sound cannot be reproduced. Through the DIGITAL OUT terminal Digital signals (Linear PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG Audio) are emitted. •...
  • Page 62 • Preset equalizing values 60 Hz 150 Hz 400 Hz 1kHz 2.5 kHz 6.3 kHz 15 kHz • Language codes (for DVD/DivX language selection) Code Language AA:: Abkhazian ,J\fTi~'i~~':',::: 'AP , Ameharic AR . . 'ArabiC Assamese :lY:':",AYrll~ra, Azerbaijani ;.,:.':,. a~::';:8ash~ir ::B6"...
  • Page 63 • The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by "j the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks ' " by Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) is under U U 0 license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
  • Page 64: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting What appears to be trouble is not always serious. Check the following points before calling aservice center. For operations with the external components, refer also to the instructions supplied with the adapters used for the connections (as well as the instructions supplied with the external components). Remedies/Causes Insert afinalized disc.
  • Page 65 '$,mpt~ms· Remedies/Causes ;.,Thtrpl'aybackpictuieisnot,<:learand legible. Adjust items in <Picture Adjust> menu. page 48) (1tW " ' , ' . ' . " , ' . " , " ' . , , . ' " " . ' '~S(}UJl9 andpictures'ares()Jllefimes' . •...
  • Page 66 Symptoms Remedies/Causes • Reduce the distance between the unit and the Bluetooth • Phone sound quality is poor. cellular phone. • Move the car to place where you can get abetter signal reception. • Reduce the distance between the unit and the Bluetooth •...
  • Page 67 SymptQms Remedies/Causes • "CAU 1-888"'539-SIRIUSTO SUBSCRIBE" Starts subscribing SIRIUS Satellite radio. page 36) (1& appears on the monitor. Move to an area with stronger signals. •. "NoSigoal"0r"NO SIGNAl" appears on the monitor. • /lNo Antenna" or "ANTENNA" appears on the Connect the antenna firmly.
  • Page 68: Specifications

    Specifications J:4..20 WRMS x 4 Channels at 4 nand Power Output: l%THD+N . • 80 dBA (reference: 1Winto 4 Signal-to-Noise Ratio: CEA-2'~ rltl~ 40 (40 to 80 allowance) load Impedance 60 Hz, 150 Hz, 400 Hz, 1kHz, 2.5 kHz, Equalizer Control Range: Frequencies: 6.3 kHz, 15 kHz...
  • Page 69 Screen Size: 7inch wide liquid crystal display Number of Pixel: 336960 pixels: 480 3(horizontal) 234 (vertical) Drive Method: TFT (Thin Film Transistor) active matrix format Color System: NTSCIPAL Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (wide) Power Requirement: Operating Voltage: DC 14.4 V(11 Vto 16 Vallowance) Grounding System: Negative ground Allowable Storage Temperature:...
  • Page 70 Having TROUBLE with operation? Please reset your unit Refer to page of How to reset your unit Still having trouble?? USA ONLY Call 1-800-252-5722 We can help you! ..lye EN, SP, FR 1207MNMMDWJEIN © 2008 Victor Company of Japan, Limited...
  • Page 71 12 Va masse NEGATIVE. Si votre VI!hicule n'offre pas ce este sistema, sera necesario un inversor de tension, que puede ser voltage inverter is required, which can be purchased at JVC car audio type d'alimentation, il vous faut un convertisseur de tension, que vous adquirido en los concesionarios de JVC de equipos de audio para dealers.
  • Page 72 • If you are not sure how to install this unit correctly, have it installed herramientas para instalacion, consulte con su concesionario de kits d'installation, consulter votre revendeur d'autoradios jVC ou une by a qualified technician. JVC de equipos de audio para automoviles a una compania que compagnie d'approvisionnement.
  • Page 73 ELEaRICAL CONNEalONS RACCORDEMENTS ELEaRIQUES CONEXIONES ELEaRICAS To prevent short circuits, we recommend that you disconnect the Pour eviter tout court-circuit, nous vous recommandons de debrancher Para evitar cortocircuitos, recomendamos que desconecte el terminal battery's negative terminal and make all electrical connections before la borne negative de la batterie et d'effectuer tous les raccordements negativo de la bateria y que efectue todas las conexiones electricas installing the unit.
  • Page 74 _ .._ - - < To the remote lead of other equipment AI conductor remoto de otro equipo Au fil de teIecommande de l'autre appareil JVC Amplifier Rear speakers ::>}=~~~ Amplificador de JVC ...- -+-1 Altavoces traseros JVC Amplificateur Enceintes arriere Front speakers...
  • Page 75 Connections for external component playback Conexiones para la reproducci6n del componente externo Connexions pour un appareil de lecture exterieur --lr~~~~~I~ft3~~ Luces de marcha atras Reverse lamp Feux de recul Crimp connector (not supplied)*5 Extension lead (not supplied) Conector de sujecion (no suministrado)*5 Cable prolongador (no suministrado) AV amplifier or decoder Raccord...
  • Page 76 -.Antes de coneaar loscbrtlponentes externos. asegureseoeque " ' '0( , este apagada.-.: , . ", : unidad You can connect the following JVC components to the CD changer Puede conectar los siguientes componentes JVC al jack del jack. cambiador de CD. $:".· , COm~"'_ Nc:,··,.t+'~J'/$~l;l,;...
  • Page 78 LVT1672-002A • The countries where you may use the Bluetooth® function • Die Lander, in denen Sie die Bluetooth" Funktion verwenden • Lond !Jar sem hCEgt er aCl nota Bluetooth" konnen • Riigid, kus on v6imalik kasutada Bluetooth" funktsiooni • Bluetooth" fonksiyonunu kullanabileceginiz ulkeler •...
  • Page 79 This form is for Product Registration purposes only. Failure to return this form does not diminish your rights during the warranty period. THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING THIS JVC PRODUCT REGISTER ONLINE AT: WWW.JVC.COM...
  • Page 80 Email Address: Thank you! We appreciate your responses to this questionnaire. The information you choose to share with us will be used by JVC to offer you product information and other communications that may interest you. If you prefer not to be contacted about these special offers, please check here. { }...
  • Page 81 JVC Nom du Proprietaire: produit JVC, distribue au Canada par JVC et vendu product distributed in Canada by JVC and sold by Owner's Address par un detaillant JVC autorise.
  • Page 82 (I) Tous dommages occasionnes par Ie feu, (e) Any JVC products on which the serial num- (e) Tout produit JVC dont Ie numero de serie a ete ( I) Any defects caused by fire, flood, lightning, inondation, eclair, surtension ou autres ber has been defaced, modified or removed.
  • Page 84 : WHAT WE WILL DO: : If this product is found to be defective within the warranty period, JVC will repair or replace defective parts with new or : rebuilt equivalents at no charge to the original owner. Such repair and replacement services shall be rendered by JVC during normal business hours at JVC authorized service centers.

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