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JVC CS-CN100 Brochure
JVC CS-CN100 Brochure

JVC CS-CN100 Brochure

Arsenal 8000 series; arsenal 7000 series; ars series


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Add-On Components
Rear-View Camera
• Ultra-Compact - CMOS Sensor technology,
A 2-way center-channel speaker that incorporates
which is also used in many digital cameras,
superior sound quality and directivity
allows for a small frame structure with
into a simple profile design.
excellent video quality.
• 60W Max. Music Power
Dimensions: 13/16" W x 13/16" H x 15/16" D
• Cloth Glass Fiber Oblique
Weight: 0.07lbs
(excluding cables)
Cone Woofer
• Easy to Set Up - Install anywhere
• Soft Dome Tweeter
• Supersensitive - Clear vision
• Neodymium Magnet
day and night
Peripheral Steering
Sirius Satellite Radio Interface
Wheel Control Interface
• Direct LInk Sirius Satellite Radio Interface for
The PESWIAKJ works with all
SAT-Ready and Sirius-Ready JVC Stereos
Steering Wheel Remote Ready
JVC stereos and retains use of
• Sirius SC-C1 Universal
steering wheel audio controls on most vehicles. It
Sirius Tuner Box Required
even maintains heater and A/C controls on equipped
• Also works with Sirius
GM Vehicles. This unit connects to the rear of the
SC-VDOC1 for Integra-
JVC unit and even provides an input for an external
tion with Sirius Plug
wired remote control.
and Play Units
Audio Streaming
Adapter for iPod
Transmitting high quality sound, this unit connects to most
iPods and provides Bluetooth
wireless audio streaming
for JVC Bluetooth® stereos.* Play/Pause and Skip iPod
Music directly from the JVC stereo. Uses the iPod's internal
battery power – no charging required. Perfect fit to iPod®
Nano 2nd generation.
* Also works with JVC Ready
Available through Peripheral Electronics:
For Bluetooth
stereos when or call 800-477-2267
connected to the KS-BTA200
HD Radio
Add-On Tuner Box
• Provides HD Radio
Tuning to JVC HD Radio
• Includes Tuning Bands
for FM, AM, and
HD Radio
For more information on these products and technologies visit
JVC Mobile Company of America
5665 Corporate Ave., Cypress, CA 90630
Consumer Information Center 1.800.252.5722
All product specifications and features are subject to change. Printed in USA.
Center Speaker
USB Video Cable for iPod
Provides full charging and video display for iPod®
video. Allows full audio iPod® category and song
function operation with the stereo controls.
Wireless Technology
• Hands-Free Calling
No need to hold your cell phone
• Audio Control & Streaming
Listen to your DAP or iPod
without cables
• Text Message Service
Instant text message display on LCD
• Phonebook Transfer
Up to 5000 numbers
• Voice Recognition Dialing
Arsenal Headunits
Dial hands-free
are Steering Wheel
Remote Ready
* May require additional Bluetooth accessories
* * Requires voice recognition-compatible cell phone
KS-PD100 Interface
Adapter for iPod
XM Translator Box*
Direct Link Tuner for XM-Ready
• Information Display with the
and SAT-Ready JVC head units.
Same Categories and Layers
Available from most authorized
as iPod
JVC Dealers or
• Battery Recharge for
Connected iPod
• Space-Saving Hideaway Unit
Adapter Ready Models:
KD-NX7000 • KD-NX5000 • KD-ADV49
KD-ABT22 • KD-AHD39 • KD-APD89 • KD-AR390
JVC Company of America
1700 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ 07470
© 2008 JVC Company of America. All Rights Reserved.
JVC is the Trade Mark or the registered Trade Mark of Victor Company of Japan, limited.
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Summary of Contents for JVC CS-CN100

  • Page 1 KD-ABT22 • KD-AHD39 • KD-APD89 • KD-AR390 JVC Company of America 1700 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ 07470 © 2008 JVC Company of America. All Rights Reserved. JVC is the Trade Mark or the registered Trade Mark of Victor Company of Japan, limited.
  • Page 2 Built-In HDD Advantages • Installs 460 CD Albums • Plays Various Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, JVC Lossless* • Copy CD Music onto HDD** • Extensive Maps * JVC’s Lossless Encoder offers original CD-quality music ** Speed-copying of MP3 files (60-minute CD album in 1 Benefits of the RDS-TMC Tuner The KW-NX7000 and KD-NX5000 feature a...
  • Page 3 Voice Dial enables immediate dialing by simply saying the name of the call recipient (Depending on cell phone model) Phone Book: Phone book entries can be stored and accessed on the JVC stereo* Text Message Display/Notification Allows text message notification by displaying SMS messages on-screen**...
  • Page 4 USB Port which eliminates loss in sound quality during the transfer phase. 2) JVC’s High grade D/A converter internally converts the signal to analog before the amplification stage resulting in better sound reproduction and less noise in the final KD-AR390 output signal.
  • Page 5: Feature Comparison Chart

    Kit (optional), which provides level control from the front seat of the vehicle. — — Providing powerful performance, wrapped up in a smooth, sleek package • • • • - JVC Arsenal Amps are built strong with unique and exceptional style. • • • • • • •...
  • Page 6 Arsenal 8000 and 7000 Series Multi-Mount Smart Trim Ring provides flexible mounting options Regular Mounting Inverted Mounting Sophisticated Design – Powerful & High-grade T3 Chassis (Thermal Transfer Technology) Arsenal 8000 and 7000 Series Transfers heat away from the voice coil to the woofer’s aluminum basket by connecting the motor structure to the basket using a layer of heat transfer silicon.
  • Page 7 CS-AW8240 5”x7” / 6”x8” 2-Way Component Speakers 240W Max. Music Power/80W RMS Glass Fiber Laminated Hemp Cone 1” Titanium Hard Dome Tweeter Solid Neodymium Disc Magnet (Woofer) Neodymium Magnet (Tweeter) T3 Chassis (Thermal Transfer Technology) Radiating Equalizer Santoprene Surround Air Vented Aluminum Cast Basket Illuminated Crossover Network (0dB/-3dB/-6dB) 5”x7”/ 6”x8”...
  • Page 8 Detachable Face T/I Burr-Brown 24bit DAC With JVC head units, you can easily remove the control panel and take it with you for The cutting-edge T/I Burr-Brown 24-bit DAC provides higher resolution (equivalent to security. They are provided with a convenient compact carrying case.