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Canon Pixma iP1600 Pixma iP1200 Service Manual page 20

Canon color printer service manual
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A current ink cartridge is removed from the printer. -> A new ink cartridge is installed. ->
The removed ink cartridge is installed again after removing the new ink cartridge.
- Due to the specific print pattern, the actual remaining ink level does not match the indicated
remaining ink level.
This is because a detection error can be large in specific print patterns (such as continuous
printing using any one of the CMY colors of ink or continuous solid printing, etc.).
(4) Start of printing before receipt of the complete print data
The printer RAM is not enough to store the complete print data for 1 scanning, so printing starts before the
entire print data for 1 scanning is stored in the buffer.
<Possible problems with this function>
- Printing is slow.
- Lines or streaks appear on printouts.
-> Increase the print quality (from Standard to High).
(5) Deep cleaning
The printer has a deep cleaning (refreshing) function.
Deep cleaning (refreshing):
<Possible problems with this function>
- Excessive ink consumption when conducting deep cleaning repeatedly. (The amount of ink used is
approx. 4 times the normal manual cleaning amount.)
<Reference> Cleaning types, amount of ink used, and time required
Manual cleaning
Dot count cleaning
Timer cleaning (24 hours to 2 months)
CL ink cartridge replacement
Cleaning on arrival at user
BK ink cartridge replacement
Timer cleaning (2 to 3 months)
Cleaning when the print head is not capped at printer power on
Timer cleaning (3 to 6 months)
Deep cleaning
Timer cleaning (6 months or more)
(6) Print head alignment
The printer has a print head alignment function (print head position adjustment function). As it is not
necessary to perform print head alignment at setup or installation of the printer, the function is only briefly
introduced at installation.
Print head alignment:
This is a deep cleaning function in order to resolve print failure due to ink clogging
the nozzles. (The black ink is pigment-based, and clogs easier than other
dye-based ink.)
Perform from the printer driver Maintenance.
Cleaning type
This is a function to correct displacements between the nozzle lines of the
print head, and incorrect print position at bi-directional printing.
The adjustment is conducted using the printed head position adjustment
Alignment of cyan nozzle inclination
Amount of ink used
BK: Approx. 0.10 g
CL: Approx. 0.10 g
BK: Approx. 0.15 g
CL: Approx. 0.15 g
BK: Approx. 0.30 g
CL: Approx. 0.30 g
BK: Approx. 0.45 g
CL: Approx. 0.45 g
Time required
Approx. 40 sec.
Approx. 45 sec.
Approx. 55 sec.
Approx. 60 sec.

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