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Canon color printer service manual
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8-2. Major Functions
(1) Paper thickness lever (at the bottom front of the printer)
The head-to-paper distance can be adjusted using the paper thickness lever.
<Possible problems with this function>
- The ink cartridge rubs against the paper when the amount of paper curl is large.
-> Flatten curled paper (to less than 3 mm).
-> In print modes other than borderless printing, conduct printing in the print quality assurance
area of the top and bottom edges. (Top margin 38.3 mm, bottom margin 31.2 mm)
(2) Quiet mode
The printer has a quiet mode function.
Compared with the normal mode,
Acoustic noise level:
Audible overtone level:
Print speed:
<Possible problems with this function>
- The operation sound does not become quieter.
-> The audible sound becomes only slightly quieter.
- Printing is slow.
-> Disable the Quiet mode.
(3) Remaining ink level detection function
The printer has a function to detect the remaining ink level.
Detection method: Dot counting (Counted for each BK/CL ink cartridge)
Display method:
<Possible problems with this function>
- When a once-used ink cartridge is installed, the actual remaining ink level is not detected, and an
error indicating the remaining ink amount is unknown occurs.
Pressing the Resume/Cancel button will clear the error, and printing can be done. However, the
function to detect the remaining ink amount is disabled (ink status is not displayed).
e.g.: An ink cartridge was once used in another printer.
Slightly lower. (HQ normal approx. 43.7 dB, Quiet approx. 42.8 dB)
Sound quality changes, and sound becomes quieter.
CL cartridge: The remaining ink level is detected by total counted dot values
of 3 colors of ink.
Displayed on the Status Monitor (at 4 levels listed below for each BK/CL ink
Level 1: Approx. 70% of ink remaining
Level 2: Approx. 40% of ink remaining
Level 3: Indication of "!" mark (Remaining ink level is low)
Level 4: Indication of "X" mark (No ink remaining)
Note: Remaining ink detection function displays the status only, and does not
cause errors.
The margin of error of detection accuracy is +/-10% in normal printing.
The margin of error is likely to be large in the following specific print patterns:
When printing continuously using any one of the CMY colors of ink
-> As the remaining ink level is calculated by the counted dot value of the
least remaining ink of 3 colors, if any of the C/M/Y inks is heavily
consumed, the margin of error for remaining ink increases.
When performing continuous BK solid printing
-> With continuous printing, ink flow from the tank to the ink chamber can be
interrupted, after which ink remains unused in the tank.

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