Safety Information - Honda BK4542 Operator's Manual

Honda power equipment grass bagging kit and side blower operator's manual
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For your safety and the safety of others, pay special attention to these precautions:
Operator Responsibility
Keep the tractor in good operating condition. Operating a tractor in poor or questionable condition
could result in serious injury.
Be sure all safety devices are in working order and warning labels are in place. These items are installed
for your safety.
Know how to stop the engine and attachments quickly in case of emergency. Understand the use
of all controls.
Be sure that anyone who operates the tractor receives proper instruction. Allowing anyone, especially
children, to operate the tractor without proper instruction may result in injury.
Allowing passengers to ride on the tractor or any of its attachments may cause the tractor to tip over.
Full grass bags may unbalance the tractor on steep hills. Before going up a hill, make sure the grass
bags are no more than half full.
Wear sturdy, full coverage footwear. Operating the tractor barefoot, or with open-toe shoes or sandals
increases your risk of injury.
Dress sensibly. Loose clothing may get caught in moving parts, increasing your risk of injury.
The blower drive belt and pulleys can injure you. Be sure the blower belt cover is in place before operating
the tractor.
Be alert. Operating the tractor when you are tired,
result in serious injury.
Keep all persons and pets away from the operating area.
Child Safety
Serious injury or death can occur if a child falls off the tractor or runs into the tractor's path and is run
over by the machine.
Allowing children to ride as passengers on the tractor can be dangerous.
Never assume that children will remain where you last saw them. Be alert, and turn the machine off
if children enter the area. Use extreme care when backing up, and when approaching corners, shrubs,
trees, and other obstructions that might hide a child from sight.
or under the influence of alcohol or drugs may



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