Important Message - Honda BK4542 Operator's Manual

Honda power equipment grass bagging kit and side blower operator's manual
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YOUR CHILDREN'S SAFETY IS VERY IMPORTANT to Honda. That's why we urge you to read this message
before letting your youngster operate a lawn tractor and mowing equipment. Lawn tractors and mowing
equipment are tools, not toys. As with any equipment, bad judgments can result in serious injuries. You
can help prevent accidents by making good decisions about i t when, and how your youngster operates
this equipment.
The first question you'll need to ask is whether your youngster is capable of operating this equipment
safely. Remember, young people vary widely, and AGE IS NOT THE ONLY FACTOR.
Physically, a youngster must be LARGE ENOUGH AND STRONG ENOUGH to easily control the tractor's
direction. The youngster also needs enough size, strength, and coordination to comfortably reach and
operate the controls.
Another tougher question you need to ask is if your youngster has enough MATURITY AND
RESPONSIBILITY to safely operate this equipment. Does the young person think through problems and
come to logical solutions? Be honest! Anyone who takes unnecessary risks and doesn't obey rules should
not operate this equipment.
If you decide that your son or daughter can handle this equipment safely, CAREFULLY READ THE OWNER'S
MANUALS with your youngster; read the owner's manual supplied with your Honda lawn tractor in addition
to this one. Make sure you both understand all instructions and warnings. Also, be sure your youngster
wears sturdy shoes and other protective clothing when operating this equipment.
SUPERVISION is also very important. Closely supervise your youngster during the first few minutes of
mowing. Even after the youngster has become confident with the mower, do not let the young person
use this equipment without good adult supervision. An adult should also be present during refueling and
maintenance. In fact, it's up to parents to make sure that all equipment is properly maintained and kept
in safe operating condition.
always placing safety first, your youngster will acquire useful skills and a sense of accomplishment.
And you'll both get the best results from your equipment.



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