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Cleaning the door gasket
• Regularly do a check of the door gasket. The
door gasket is around the frame of the oven
cavity. Do not use the appliance if the door
gasket is damaged. Contact the Service
• To clean the door gasket, refer to the general
information about cleaning.
Shelf supports
You can remove the shelf supports to clean the
side walls.
Removing the shelf supports
Pull the front of
the shelf support
away from the side
Installing the shelf supports
Install the shelf supports in the opposite se-
The rounded ends of the shelf supports
must point to the front.
Aqua cleaning
The Aqua cleaning procedure uses steam to
help remove remaining fat and food particles
from the oven.
1. Put 300 ml of water into the Aqua cleaning
container at the bottom of the oven.
2. Set the oven function
3. Set the temperature to 90 °C.
4. Let the appliance operate for 30 minutes.
5. Deactivate the appliance and let it cool
6. When the appliance is cool, clean the inner
surfaces of the oven with a cloth.
Pull the rear end
of the shelf support
away from the side
wall and remove it.
Warning! Make sure that the appliance is
cool before you touch it. There is a risk of
Oven lamp
Warning! Be careful when you change the
oven lamp. There is a risk of electrical
Before you change the oven lamp:
• Deactivate the oven.
• Remove the fuses in the fuse box or deacti-
vate the circuit breaker.
Put a cloth on the bottom of the oven to
prevent damage to the oven light and glass
Always hold the halogen lamp with a cloth to
prevent grease residue from burning on the
1. Turn the glass cover counterclockwise to
remove it.
2. Clean the glass cover.
3. Replace the oven light bulb with an applica-
ble 300 °C heat-resistant oven light bulb.
Use the same oven lamp type.
4. Install the glass cover.
Cleaning the oven door
The oven door has two glass panels. You can
remove the oven door and the internal glass
panel to clean it.
The oven door can close if you try to re-
move the internal glass panel before you
remove the oven door.
Caution! Do not use the appliance without
the glass panels.



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