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Welcome; Important Safety Information; Installation Instructions - Vizualogic RoadTrip RT-043A Manual

Rear view mirror with gps
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Congratulations on your purchase of a Vizualogic Rear view mirror with GPS that will provide you
with many years of enjoyment. This sophisticated product provides you with vehicle navigation with
Bluetooth and a backup camera input without altering the appearance of your vehicle's original interior.
Reviewing this owner's manual thoroughly prior to operation will provide you with the best
performance and help explain the simple requirements for proper care.
This video product is designed for front driver navigation only. The video portion of this unit should only
be used when the vehicle is parked with the emergency brake set. Driver distraction is a major cause of
accidents and for this reason many states specifically prohibit the viewing of motion video within view
of the driver while the vehicle is in motion.
For safety reasons, when changing the SD card it is recommended that the vehicle be stationary, and
that you do not allow children to unfasten seat belts to change SD cards or make any adjustments to the
system. System adjustments can be safely accomplished when the vehicle is in park. Enjoy your
Vizualogic Rear view mirror with Gps but remember the safety of all passengers is the number one
1) Remove factory mirror. (most factory mirrors will have a hex screw to remove it) Fig 1. Refer to your
1) Remove factory mirror (most factory mirrors will have a hex screw to remove it) Fig 1 Refer to your
vehicles owners manual for more detailed instructions.
1a) After you have loosened the hex screw remove the mirror by sliding it forward.
2) Mount your new GPS Mirror by sliding it over the factory windshield bracket and tightening the hex
Note: If you find that the mirror has a different mounting type bracket contact your Vizualogic dealer
and ask about different bracket availability.
3) Remove factory A Pillar (this should be done by a qualified technician)
4) Run the wire provided with the mirror and tuck it around the A Pillar and the headliner.
5) The yellow wire will need to be hooked up to a constant 12 v source.
6) The red wire will need to be hooked up to a accessory wire 12 v source.
7) The black wire will need to be hooked up to a vehicle chassis ground.
8) The green wire is for reverse sensor for the rear view camera.
9) Video 1 input wire is for aftermarket video input.
10) Video 2 input wire is for aftermarket video input.
11) Camera wire is for reverse camera input.


Important Safety Information

Installation Instructions

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