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Rear view mirror with gps
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4.1 Power On/Off
There are two ways to turn on/off the device
1) The device will turn on automatically as soon as you start your engine. It will also turn off
automatically as soon as you turn off the vehicle.
2) Press and hold the Power Button for more than 1 second, to turn the device on. When you want to
turn off the device, press and hold the same button for more than 1 second.
4.2 Instruction of the Main Menu
Navigation: To Navigate directly.
To be used as a Hands Free device.
Amusement: Music, Movie, Photo, Flash, etc.
To setup navigation, FM, volume, background light, time, language etc.

Quick Guide:

Brief device guide.
Quick Guide
When there is no power, the device will turn off automatically.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents