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Rear view mirror with gps
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The call log is from the cell phone, so some data can not be displayed because of incompatibility of
some mobile phones.
2) Answering the call through the Bluetooth:
After successfully pairing your mobile phone, when there is a incoming call, the system will display the
phones number automatically and play the ring tone of the mobile phone.
3) Switch the call to the mobile phone:
If you do not want to hear the call on the Gps device click the
on the touch panel and the call
will transfer to your mobile device.
4) You can still hang up the call with the
symbol on the interface, after you switch the call to
your cell phone.
5) If you need to use the touch pad to dial a extension you can touch the
symbol on the
6) After you touch the
symbol you will see the keypad pop up on the interface, as shown in the
picture below.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents