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Detailed Instructions - Vizualogic RoadTrip RT-043A Manual

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Table of Contents
1. Bluetooth:
Bluetooth is a wireless technology for creating personal networks operating in the 2.4 GHz band, with a
range of 10 meters that enables portable electronic devices, including mobile phones, PDA, wireless
headphones, and notebook PC etc, to connect and communicate wirelessly. It's available bandwidth is
1Mhz , analogous to the IEEE 802.11 standard.
The device supports the functions as follows:
Hands Free Profile (HFP)
The device can be used hands free for a mobile phone with Bluetooth. You can use the device for
making telephone calls directly and answering the phone through the built in loudspeaker.
Not all Bluetooth equipment supports all the Bluetooth specifications. Please refer to the
specifications in the instruction manual for the Bluetooth device.
Under the default situation, the Bluetooth will start when the power is turned on.
2. Connecting the Bluetooth with your mobile phone:
1) Open Bluetooth : On the main menu, click the Bluetooth symbol to enter the Bluetooth interface:
2) Bluetooth setup: on the Bluetooth interface, click "settings" to enter the Bluetooth settings

Detailed Instructions

Bluetooth symbol
Settings Tab


Table of Contents

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