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11. Faq - Vizualogic RoadTrip RT-043A Manual

Rear view mirror with gps
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11. FAQ

What role does the electrical map play in the navigation system?
The electrical map is an application that integrates map data and navigation software, and the
navigation action is implemented with the help of the software and the navigation system.
How long will it take for the positioning to be completed after turning on?
The navigation system should meet the requirements of getting position parameters with 60 seconds.
But the time to position is affected sometimes by factors such as satellite signal shelter, SA interfere
back off of a mountain or building), climate, environment etc.
Why does the positioning take longer sometimes?
The time to position may be longer in the following situations:
Gps satellites distribute uneven over the local zone.
Gps signal can not pass through most opaque solid matters, and the signal receiving is interfered by
shelters above such as buildings, tunnels, trestles, trees, vehicle's blast ban membrane etc., as well as
weather conditions such as overcast and rainy days.
Is it free to receive GPS satellite signal with the navigation system?
Yes, the receiving the of GPS signal is free.
Can I obey completely the GPS navigation system during a trip?
The position and the route calculated by the navigation system is only for your reference, and you need
to pay attention to the local codes and the traffic symbols during driving.
How precise is the navigation system?
The precision of the GPS, which comes with the satellite position technique of the USA army, is
completely in the influence of the precision of USA's Gps satellite signal According to the official data
completely in the influence of the precision of USA's Gps satellite signal. According to the official data,
the precision is within 10 meters; and commonly, it may be more precise in 6 meters at more than 90%
What to do in case of abnormal shutdown of the navigation system.
1) Press the POWER Key on the panel of the device and observe if the restarting is normal.
2) Check your power supply cable fuse, change it if it is broken.
Why does my GPS not work?
Sometime your car sits in the sunlight for a long period of time, roll down your windows or turn on
you're a/c and let the car cool down. After the car has cooled down the mirror will come back on, this is
a safety feature.
Why is it that some movie files can be played, while others of the same format can not?
Incompatibility may occur, because there are different compilation modes and resolutions for the files
of the format at current websites. All you have to do is convert their format using recommended
conversion attached to the disk before playing them.



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