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If You Think Something Has Gone Wrong - Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel JT-SB216JSH-W-E Instruction Manual

Hand dryer
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If you think something has gone wrong

Perform the following checks and fixes.
No air blows even if
hands are inserted
Air does not stop
Stops operating
during hand drying
Air is cold
Air does not
warm up
The lamp does not
light up even when the
power is switched on.
The display section
lamp flashes
Crack like shapes can be
seen around the nozzle
The operating sound is too
loud (Air blow is too strong)
I want to reduce power consumption
(want to turn off the heater)
(Only for JT SB216JSH model)
Are any lamps in the display on?
Has a blackout occurred?
Are you putting your hands in all the way?
Was the power switched turned on while your hands
or an object was inside the hand drying area?
Is the sensor blocked by dirt or dust?
Is the black wall area in the hand drying area white with dirt?
Has the dryer been used continually for
more than 30 seconds?
Are any lamps in the display flashing?
The heater lamp is off.
(Only for JT SB216JSH type)
Air conditioning is not working.
Check the model name of the product.
Is the room temperature too high?
Has a blackout occurred?
The ground fault circuit interrupter is
This may flash if there is a malfunction
in the power supply.
There is no unevenness, even when touched by hand.
(No feeling of cracking)
Contact your dealer for any changes
to settings or adjustments etc.
Costs are as agreed with the dealer.
If the above fixes do not work, turn off the power and the ground fault circuit interrupter, and have
your dealer inspect and if necessary repair the appliance. (Costs are as agreed with the dealer.)
Turn the ground fault circuit interrupter on.
Turn the power switch "ON".
Place your hands all the way inside the hand drying area.
Turn the power switch "OFF", and when the
display lamps all go out, remove any foreign
substances or dirt. Wait for at least 1 minute
after turning the power switch "OFF", and then
turn it back "ON" again.
If the hand dryer is used continually for more than 30 seconds,
the power lamp flashes, and the dryer automatically stops.
To continue using the hand dryer, remove your hands, and
then re insert them.
Contact the dealer about any changes to the
settings. Costs are as agreed with the dealer.
The air may not feel warm if the room temperature is less than
18 ºC .
(The JT SB216KSN type is not equipped with a simple heater)
The JT SB216KSN model is not equipped with an
internal heater, and therefore hot air does not blow.
If the room temperature is above 30ºC, the heater will stop
working to prevent the temperature from rising too high.
Turn the ground fault circuit interrupter on.
Turn the power switch "OFF", check that all of the
lamps on the display section are off, and then wait
for 1 minute before switching the power back "ON".
This pattern occurs when the product is molded (manufactured).
It does not affect product performance, and is not a malfunction.
Do not attempt to modify or
disassemble this appliance yourself.


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