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Miele CVA 6431 Operating And Installation Instructions

Built-in coffee machine
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Operating and installation instructions
Built-in coffee machine
CVA 6431 (C)
en - GB
To avoid the risk of accidents
or damage to the machine,
it is essential to read these
instructions before it is installed
and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 09 549 580



  Summary of Contents for Miele CVA 6431

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Built-in coffee machine CVA 6431 (C) en - GB To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the machine, it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.
  • Page 2: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing Disposal of your old machine material Electrical and electronic machines often contain valuable materials. They The packaging is designed to protect also contain materials which, if handled the appliance from damage during or disposed of incorrectly, could be transportation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Caring for the environment ......... . 2 Guide to the machine .
  • Page 4 Contents Changing the portion sizes ......... 32 Changing the portion size while making a drink .
  • Page 5 Contents Cleaning and care ..........45 Quick guide .
  • Page 6: Guide To The Machine

    Guide to the machine Exterior view a Controls and display b Handle c Plastic grille d Metal drip tray cover e Central spout f Inset for Cappuccinatore g Steam valve...
  • Page 7: Interior View

    Guide to the machine Interior view a Capsule plate (replace with the red descaling funnel when descaling is carried out) b Brew unit c Capsule carousel d Carousel runners e Water container f Drip tray with grid g Waste container h Central spout cover i Drip catcher...
  • Page 8 Guide to the machine Controls and display a On/Off sensor For switching the coffee machine on and off b "Profiles" For saving and editing profiles c "Two portions" ° For preparing two portions of a drink d Drinks sensors For dispensing .
  • Page 9: Accessories

    – GCEO dishwasher insert for cleaning the Cappuccinatore in a dishwasher These products and other useful accessories can be ordered via the internet, from Miele (see back cover for contact details) or from your Miele dealer.
  • Page 10: Warning And Safety Instructions

    They contain important information on installation, safety, use and maintenance. Miele cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with these Warning and Safety instructions. Keep these instructions in a safe place and ensure that new users are familiar with the content.
  • Page 11 Warning and Safety instructions Safety with children Caution. The central spout and the steam valve present a danger of burning and scalding. Children's skin is very sensitive and reacts to hot temperatures. Do not allow them to touch hot components of the coffee machine or to place any part of their body under the spouts.
  • Page 12 Warning and Safety instructions Technical safety A damaged coffee machine could be dangerous. Before building in the machine, check it for any externally visible damage. Do not use a damaged machine. Before connecting the machine to the mains supply, make sure the connection data (voltage and frequency) on the data plate corresponds to the household supply.
  • Page 13 Do not close the furniture door while the coffee machine is in use. Repairs may only be carried out by a Miele authorised service technician. Repairs and other work by unqualified persons can cause considerable danger to users.
  • Page 14 Warning and Safety instructions Only use genuine original Miele accessories with this appliance. Using spare parts or accessories from other manufacturers will invalidate the guarantee, and Miele cannot accept liability. Correct use Caution. The central spout and the steam valve present a danger of burning and scalding.
  • Page 15 Warning and Safety instructions Please note the following regarding water: – Only use cold, fresh tap water to fill the water container. Warm or hot water or other liquids could damage the machine. – Change the water every day to prevent a build-up of bacteria. –...
  • Page 16 – Descale the coffee machine regularly using the appropriate number of Miele descaling tablets for the water hardness level in your area. Descale the machine more frequently in areas with very hard water. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage arising from insufficient descaling.
  • Page 17: Preparing The Coffee Machine For Use

    The setting is now saved. – Date – Display (Time of day display) ^ Touch the On/Off sensor The welcome message "Miele - Willkommen" will appear in the display briefly. Selecting the language ^ Touch the arrow sensors until the language you want is highlighted.
  • Page 18: Water Hardness

    Preparing the coffee machine for use Water hardness Selecting the display You can choose from the following The water hardness level indicates how options: much calcium is dissolved in the water. The higher the calcium content, the – On: the display will always show the harder the water, and the harder the date and time (even when the water, the more often the coffee...
  • Page 19 Preparing the coffee machine for use Checking the water hardness level You can use the test strip supplied to check the water hardness level, or your local water supplier will be able to advise you on the hardness of the water in your area.
  • Page 20: Operation

    You are in the drinks menu when the display shows: Touch the OK sensor to confirm your selection. Miele Exiting a menu or cancelling an Cosi action Ristretto To exit the current menu, touch Roma "Back"...
  • Page 21: Filling The Water Container

    Filling the water container Warning. Bacteria can cause infection. It is important to empty and fill the container with fresh tap water every day to avoid the risk of bacteria building up. Only use fresh, cold tap water. Hot or warm water or other liquids ^ Open the front of the machine.
  • Page 22: Switching On And Off

    Switching on and off Switching on Switching off ^ Touch the On/Off sensor ^ Touch the On/Off sensor Tip: If you do not want the water from If coffee has been dispensed, the the rinsing process to flow into the drip coffee machine will carry out a rinse tray, place a suitable container automatically before switching off.
  • Page 23: Filling The Machine With Coffee Capsules

    Filling the machine with coffee capsules The Nespresso coffee capsules are – or, if you are using different types of loaded into the capsule carousel. The coffee, make sure you re-allocate the capsule carousel has five chambers, chambers (see "Allocating the types each holding four capsules.
  • Page 24: Taking Capsules Out Of The Capsule Carousel

    Filling the machine with coffee capsules The machine will now align the capsule carousel and check the chambers. You will be able to hear this happening. Taking capsules out of the capsule carousel ^ Pull the capsule runners out and remove the capsule carousel.
  • Page 25: Making Drinks

    Making drinks Making espresso or coffee After a while, if no drink is selected "Two portions °" disappears from the display. Cancelling preparation Drink preparation can be cancelled while "Stop" is showing in the display. ^ Touch the OK sensor. Preparation will be cancelled.
  • Page 26: Preparing Hot Milk, Milk Froth And Cappuccino

    Making drinks Preparing hot milk, milk froth and cappuccino Danger of burning and scalding on the steam valve. Steam and water produced are very hot. Do not place any part of your body under the steam valve when it is open.
  • Page 27: Dispensing Froth Directly Into The Cup

    Making drinks Milk can be frothed or dispensed straight into a cup, or heated or frothed into the cappuccinatore jug first and then poured manually into the cup. The spout must be pushed in or pulled out: ^ Place the cappuccinatore into the inset in the drip tray and place a cappuccino cup under the central spout.
  • Page 28: Preparing Cappuccino

    Making drinks Preparing cappuccino Preparing hot milk ^ Dispense milk froth into the cup, as ^ Turn the valve on the cappuccinatore anti-clockwise to }. described above. Fill the cup 2/3 full with milk froth. ^ Fill the cappuccinatore up to the ^ Touch the arrow sensors until the upper mark with cold milk and type of coffee you want is...
  • Page 29: Making Drinks Using A Profile

    Making drinks Making drinks using a profile By using the profiles you can make your coffee or espresso exactly the way you like it (see "Profiles"). If you have already set the machine up for a specific profile, you can select the profile first before dispensing a drink.
  • Page 30: Allocating The Types Of Coffee (Type Allocation)

    Allocating the types of coffee (Type allocation) Select type There are 16 different types of Nespresso coffee available for use in ^ Touch the arrow sensors until "Select this machine (as well as occasional type" is highlighted. Touch the OK "special"...
  • Page 31: Change Type

    Allocating the types of coffee (Type allocation) Delete type When you have finished making your entry and want to save it, You can only change the type of coffee ^ touch the arrow sensors until the tick for those types allocated in addition to is highlighted.
  • Page 32: Changing The Portion Sizes

    Changing the portion sizes Changing the portion size The flavour of the coffee produced depends on the type of coffee, how while making a drink finely the beans are ground and the Touch the ., / and y sensors for at quantity of water used.
  • Page 33: Setting The Portion Size From The Settings Menu

    Changing the portion sizes Setting the portion size from Changing portion sizes for the Settings menu different profiles ^ Touch You can change the portion sizes for espresso, coffee and long coffee for ^ Touch the arrow sensors until "Portion each individual profile.
  • Page 34: Setting Up Profiles

    When you have finished making your If you have already created a profile in entry and want to save it, addition to the standard Miele profile, you have the following options: ^ touch the arrow sensors until the tick symbol is highlighted. Touch the –...
  • Page 35: Select Profile

    This selection is only possible if you The most recently created profile is have already created a profile in selected as the current profile. addition to the standard Miele profile. ^ Touch the arrow sensors until "Delete Select profile profile" is highlighted. Touch the OK This selection is only possible if you sensor.
  • Page 36: Change Profile

    Setting up profiles Change profile You can programme the machine so that it always changes back to the Miele standard profile or so that it retains the most recently selected profile. This selection is only possible if you have already created a profile in addition to the standard Miele profile.
  • Page 37: Settings

    Settings Changing and saving settings You can use the Settings menu to customise the coffee machine to suit ^ Touch your requirements. ^ Select the setting you want with the arrow sensors and touch the OK Calling up the Settings menu sensor.
  • Page 38: Possible Setting Options

    Settings Possible setting options The factory setting for the option is shown in bold. Option Available settings Language Deutsch, English and other languages Country Set the date Year/Month/Day Time of day Display Off / On / Night dimming Clock format 12 h / 24 h Timer Timer 1...
  • Page 39 Settings Option Available settings Lighting Brightness Machine switched on / machine switched off Switch off after Info Number of drinks Total no. of portions / Espresso / Coffee / Long coffee / Steam No. of uses until descaling System lock On / Off Water hardness Soft...
  • Page 40: Language

    Settings Language Setting the time You can select the language (and Use the arrow sensors to set the hours country variant of that language) for all and minutes. the display text. Date Tip: If you select the wrong language by mistake, follow the flag symbol F to Use the arrow sensors to set the year, find the Language option again.
  • Page 41: Selecting A Timer

    Settings Selecting a timer Switch off after The options are: The timer function "Switch off after" is only available in Timer 1. – Timer 1 Switch on at, Switch off at, Switch off If none of the sensors have been after touched or no drink has been –...
  • Page 42: Activating And Deactivating The Timer

    Settings Lighting Activating and deactivating the timer If the timer is activated for "Switch on You have the following options: at", the symbol and the desired – You can set the brightness when the switching-on time appear in the display machine is switched on.
  • Page 43: Info (Display Information)

    Settings Info (Display information) Water hardness In the "Info" option, the number of Please see "Preparing the coffee portions prepared for each individual machine for use" for information about drink can be displayed. water hardness. You can also see whether more than 50 Display brightness portions can be dispensed before the machine needs to be descaled ("No.
  • Page 44: Showroom Programme (Demo Mode)

    Settings Showroom programme (Demo mode) Do not activate this setting for domestic use! The coffee machine can be demonstrated in the showroom or at exhibitions in "demo mode". In this mode the machine lights up but no drinks are prepared or actions carried out.
  • Page 45: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Quick guide Clean the coffee machine every day to prevent a build-up of bacteria. Recommended What do I have to do? frequency After dispensing milk if it is Rinse the lid of the cappuccinatore going to be more than an hour until milk is dispensed again Clean the cappuccinatore...
  • Page 46: Rinsing The Coffee Machine

    Cleaning and care Rinsing the coffee machine Danger of burning. If coffee has been dispensed, the Always allow the machine to cool coffee machine will carry out a rinse down before cleaning. Please be automatically before switching off to aware that water in the drip tray will remove any remaining coffee residue.
  • Page 47: Waste Container

    Cleaning and care Waste container Drip tray with grid Clean the drip tray and waste Clean the drip tray every day to container every day to avoid avoid unpleasant odours and unpleasant odours and mildew. mildew. The waste container will usually contain A message will appear in the display some residual water from the rinsing when the drip tray is full and needs to...
  • Page 48: Grille With Drip Tray Cover

    Cleaning and care Grille with drip tray cover ^ The drip tray and grid can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand using hot water and a little washing-up liquid. Dry all parts thoroughly. Make sure that the metal contact discs on the drip tray are cleaned and dried properly.
  • Page 49: Capsule Carousel And Carousel Runners

    Cleaning and care Capsule carousel and carousel runners ^ Also clean the area under the carousel runners. ^ Open the front of the coffee machine. It is particularly important to clean Pull the carousel runners out as far as the sensor which is used to recog- possible and remove the capsule nise the capsule chambers as well carousel.
  • Page 50: Central Spout Cover And Drip Catcher

    Cleaning and care Central spout cover and drip ^ Push the cover back onto the central spout. catcher ^ Open the front of the coffee machine. Interior Take all removeable parts out of the interior and ^ clean the interior with a solution of lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid.
  • Page 51: Capsule Plate

    Danger of burning and scalding. Miele dealer or Miele (see "Optional Even when the coffee machine is accessories"). switched off, hot steam and liquid can escape.
  • Page 52: Cappuccinatore

    Cleaning and care Cappuccinatore Clean the cappuccinatore regularly, preferably once a day after use. The lid of the cappuccinatore can be dismantled for cleaning. It is best to clean the cappuccinatore in the dishwasher if possible - all parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Page 53: Machine Front

    Cleaning and care Machine front If soiling is not removed promptly it could cause the surface of the machine to alter or discolour. Remove any soiling immediately. Make sure that water cannot get in behind the display. All external surfaces are susceptible to scratching.
  • Page 54: Maintenance

    The capsule hopper in the brew unit needs to be replaced after approx. 15,000 coffee capsules have been dispensed. Replacement capsule hoppers are available from your Miele dealer or from Miele (see "Optional accessories"). ^ Touch ^ Touch the arrow sensors until "Maintenance"...
  • Page 55: Descaling

    They are available dispensed. from Miele (see back cover for contact The coffee machine will remind you details) or via the internet from when the descaling programme needs
  • Page 56 Descaling When "Remove capsule plate Insert Only use the Miele descaling descaling funnel and close the door" tablets. Other types of descaling appears, agents will damage the coffee machine and affect the taste. ^ Follow the instructions given in the display.
  • Page 57: Descaling Without Being Prompted By The Display

    Descaling Descaling without being When "Rinse the water container and fill with fresh water up to the k symbol" prompted by the display appears, ^ Touch ^ remove the water container and rinse ^ Use the arrow sensors to highlight it carefully with clean water.
  • Page 58: Problem Solving Guide

    The manufacturer cannot be held liable for unauthorised work. If you cannot resolve the problem following these instructions please contact Miele (see back cover for contact details). Messages in the display ^ Follow the instructions to remedy the problem.
  • Page 59 ^ Insert the capsule plate and close the front of the coffee machine. If the message appears again or if you cannot remove the capsule, contact Miele. Fault 73 The coffee capsule was not pushed onto the capsule plate correctly and could have been damaged.
  • Page 60 ^ Try to remove the coffee capsule from the upper area of the brew unit using a wooden spoon handle or similar. ^ Replace all parts and close the machine front. If the message appears again or if you cannot remove the capsule, contact Miele.
  • Page 61 Problem solving guide Message Possible cause and remedy Fault 75 The sensors which recognise the waste container are dirty. ^ Remove the waste container and clean the interior where it is located. Ensure that the space to the top right and left is clean.
  • Page 62 ^ Close the machine front. If the message appears again or if you cannot remove the capsule, contact Miele. "Push water The water container has not been correctly positioned inside the machine.
  • Page 63 The main fuse has tripped due to a problem with the coffee machine, the electricity supply or another appliance. ^ Switch off at the wall socket and unplug it. ^ Contact a qualified electrician or Miele. The coffee machine The switching off time programmed using the timer has switches off been reached.
  • Page 64 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause and remedy The coffee machine The system lock is activated. does not switch ^ Deactivate the system lock (see "Settings - System lock"). itself on, although the "Switch on at" The day of the week has not been selected. setting has been ^ Check the timer settings and change these if necessary activated for the...
  • Page 65 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause and remedy Drinks are not The water container is not positioned correctly inside the dispensed, even machine. though there are ^ Remove the water container and replace it. coffee capsules in the capsule A coffee capsule has jammed in the capsule carousel. carousel and there ^ Open the front of the coffee machine.
  • Page 66 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause and remedy Milk (steam) and The energy-saving Eco mode is activated. In this mode, the espresso / coffee steam system is heated up for preparing hot milk or milk cannot be prepared froth. After preparation the steam system will cool down at the same time.
  • Page 67 Problem solving guide Problem Possible cause and remedy The steam valve The steam valve is blocked. has been pushed ^ Open the front of the coffee machine. downwards and ^ Push the steam valve back down again, and pull the has engaged with rubber sleeve off.
  • Page 68 Problem solving guide Unsatisfactory results Problem Possible cause and remedy Coffee residue is The capsule plate is dirty. left behind in the ^ Clean the capsule plate (see "Cleaning and care"). coffee cups. The coffee is not The cup has not been pre-heated. hot enough.
  • Page 69: After Sales / Guarantee

    In the event of a fault which you cannot correct yourself, or if the appliance is under guarantee, please contact: – your Miele Dealer – Miele (see back cover for contact details). Please note that telephone calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes (UK only).
  • Page 70: Saving Energy

    Saving energy Changing the following settings from their factory default will increase the energy consumption of the coffee machine: – Eco mode – Lighting – Time of day display – Timer When altering these settings, the message "This setting increases energy consumption"...
  • Page 71: Electrical Connection U.k., Za, Irl

    Electrical connection U.K., ZA, IRL All electrical work should be carried out Non-rewireable plugs BS 1363 by a suitably qualified and competent The fuse cover must be refitted when person only, in strict accordance with changing the fuse, and if the fuse cover current national and local safety is lost, the plug must not be used until a regulations (BS 7671 in the UK).
  • Page 72: Installation

    Installation Building-in and combination options This machine is designed to be builit into a tall unit or in a wall unit.
  • Page 73: Ventilation

    Installation It can also be combined with other Miele built-in appliances. If the coffee machine is to be built in above another appliance, there must be a full-width, closed shelf between them. Ventilation Ensure that the back of the coffee...
  • Page 74: Adjusting The Hinges

    Installation Ad usting the hinges ^ Connect the machine to the electrical supply. If the machine front becomes difficult to ^ Push it all the way into the niche until open or close after installation you can you feel resistance. adjust the hinges to realign it: Take care not to damage the electrical connection, when pushing...
  • Page 76 Alteration rights reserved / 1313 M.-Nr. 09 549 580 / 00 CVA 6431, CVA 6431 C...

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